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23 Types of Virtual Assistants ( Virtual Assistants & Their Tasks)

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

I’ve already explained before what a virtual assistant is and why should you hire a virtual assistant. It is quite convincing that a virtual assistant comes with a lot of benefits for any type of business. You might be confused about the services you can bring to work with.

Virtual assistants have a wide array of jobs. The list of tasks they are able to cover will be endless. This article explains the most common 23 types of virtual assistant services & their tasks.

23 Types of Virtual Assistant Services

1. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The day of a real estate agent involves a lot of tasks, like administrative tasks, client appointments, property listing, visiting properties, and more.

There are more tasks that do not require expertise but are time-consuming for you. A real estate virtual assistant helps to assist the agents in getting their monotonous jobs done.

 Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  • Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Order Processing

  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

  • Property Lead Generation

  • Real Estate Appointment Management

  • Real Estate Cold Calling

2. Administrative Virtual Assistant

As a business grows, administrative tasks increase by leaps and bounds. Many successful businessmen have embraced virtual assistants to save their valuable time from non-delegating tasks.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an Administrative Virtual Assistant

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Organizing central business meetings

  • Assist employees with administrative queries

3. Data Entry Virtual Assistant

No offense! But data entry is one of the most unexciting tasks that everyone wishes to delegate to someone else. Unfortunately, the value of data will not allow you to ignore the entry tasks completely. Hire a virtual data entry assistant to save your life.

 Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Data Entry Virtual Assistant

4. Website Management Virtual Assistant

A website is absolutely essential for any business in today's digital age. Website management VA is assigning the responsibilities of running your website to a virtual assistant.

Website Management Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Website Management Virtual Assistant

  • Content management

  • Cyber security management

  • Updating website information

  • Optimizing search engine performance

5. Research Virtual Assistant

A virtual research assistant is a remote employee who is prepared to manage online research-related chores for your company. They are qualified and have past experience in carrying out research responsibilities.

Research Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Research Virtual Assistant

  • Lead generation

  • Product and market research

  • Database research

  • Web research

  • Company analysis

  • Compiling Research Data

  • Legal procedure research

6. eCommerce Virtual Assistant

As businesses expand, the owners of e-commerce platforms face increasingly difficult challenges. They are responsible for everything, from order fulfillment to communicating with customers. The Virtual eCommerce Assistant helps to manage the overwhelming workload of eCommerce businesses.

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an eCommerce Virtual Assistant

  • eCommerce listing

  • Inventory management

  • Order processing

  • Customer support

  • eCommerce website maintenance

7. Graphics Design Virtual Assistant

Any company or individual could benefit significantly from the services of a graphic design virtual assistant. Everyone needs a professional-grade design every now and then, but not everyone possesses the technical abilities to create something on their own. Virtual graphic design assistants are capable of transforming your imaginative designs into reality.

Graphics Design Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

  • Brand profile graphics

  • Social media visuals

  • Motion graphics

  • Technical illustration

  • Infographics

  • Website and blog graphics

8. Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

An Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant mainly takes care of the tasks related to Amazon FBA stores. An experienced Amazon seller virtual assistant can save you countless hours that you can then devote to what actually matters.


Tasks of an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

  • Amazon FBA webstore setup

  • Product listing and keyword research

  • FBA shipment planning

  • Review generation

  • Paid ad campaigns

9. Accounting and Bookkeeping VA

Maintaining an accurate database of your day-to-day monetary transactions is not an easy job. A bookkeeping virtual assistant has the expertise and experience needed to handle all finances, whether you're a small business trying to do your own accounts or a CPA firm in need of additional accounting or bookkeeping support.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

  • Management Reporting

  • Budgeting

  • KPI monitoring

  • Invoicing

  • Payroll Processing

10. Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Developing your company's digital marketing plan requires your undivided attention, but the implementation of the strategy can be exhausting unless you get a professional involved. A digital marketing virtual assistant handles all areas of your digital marketing, making sure of your expected marketing KPI.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Digital Marketing VA

  • Website SEO optimization

  • Keyword research

  • Social media management

  • Content marketing

  • Paid ad campaigns

  • Backlink and guest posting

  • Website sales funnel

11. Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Healthcare virtual assistants are mostly employed in the sector to facilitate better clinical workflows and assist in managing non-essential administrative tasks. A virtual assistant can improve patient care and outcomes by bringing the appropriate facts to the attention of healthcare professionals and enabling them to do their jobs more effectively.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Healthcare Virtual Assistant

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Medical billing documentation

  • Medical coding documentation

  • Patients insurance claims

  • EMR/ EHR documentation

  • Referral coordination

12. Travel Virtual Assistant

Travel VAs are helpful to those who wish to travel but lack the time to make the arrangements. A virtual travel assistant assists travelers to plan their trips on a budget, manage bookings, and make other travel arrangements.

Travel Virtual Assistant

Tasks of a Travel Virtual Assistant

  • Trip planning

  • Travel expense budgeting

  • Ticketing and bookings management

  • Promoting tour packages

  • Travel blog and vlog management

13. Virtual Customer Support Assistants

Being available to your customers is good business practice. A virtual customer support assistant deals with customer direct and indirect interactions on different platforms within a business. They ensure that you are easily accessible to your customers, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Virtual Customer Support Assistants

Tasks of a Virtual Customer Support Assistant

  • Streamline customer communication platforms

  • Respond to inquiries

  • Schedule meetings and calls

  • Send reminders of new updates

  • Manage customer database

14. Appointment Management Virtual Assistant

Appointment scheduling may sound like a simple task until you have more appointments than usual working hours in a day. You need an appointment management VA who recognizes the priority of your tasks and sets them accordingly.

Appointment Management Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an Appointment Management VA

  • Instant appointment scheduling

  • Setting appointment reminders

  • Calendar management

  • Setting up automated emails

15. Expense Management Virtual Assistant

Strategic planning of expense management benefits everyone, whether you are a small business or a solo entrepreneur. You need to keep track of your spending well in order to reduce it. Hire a virtual assistant for expense management purposes.

Expense Management Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an Expense Management VA

  • Regular expenditure monitoring

  • Prepare weekly or monthly reports

  • Sending budget reminders

16. Human Resources Virtual Assistant

Companies can't function without their human resources. Only having human resources is not sufficient. A company has to place the right people in the right jobs to gain maximum employee productivity. An HR virtual assistant assists with a company’s recruitment and employment processes.

Human Resources Virtual Assistant

Tasks of an HR Virtual Assistant

  • Job posting

  • Recruitment arrangements

  • Conducting interviews

  • Payroll management

  • Employee record management

  • Wages and compensation management

17. Construction Virtual Assistant

Construction companies often want to boost their work process without increasing ground capacity. A Construction virtual assistant is able to deal with most of the administrative tasks related to a construction project remotely.

Construction virtual assistant

Tasks of a construction virtual assistant

  • Project coordination

  • Preparing estimates

  • Equipment tracking

  • Maintenance scheduling

18. Affiliate Marketing virtual assistant

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting other company's products and earning a commission per sale. Affiliate marketers have to use multiple platforms to market the products. A virtual assistant professionally handles the tasks of an affiliate manager. It increases revenue, saves time, and ensures cost-effective marketing.

Affiliate Marketing virtual assistant

Tasks of an Affiliate Marketing Virtual Assistant

  • Social media promotion

  • Paid ads campaigns

  • Blog & content marketing

  • Product review vlogging

  • Email marketing

19. LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site. This is the best place to meet potential b2b clients. You have to update your profile regularly to get insights from LinkedIn. However, many professionals do not have time to manage their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn virtual assistant assists them to optimize their profile for greater benefits.

LinkedIn virtual assistant

Tasks of a LinkedIn virtual assistant

  • Content writing

  • Cold outreach

  • Customer care support for the business page

  • Job posting

  • Product/service community share

20. Public Relations Virtual Assistant

Public relations enables businesses to use their marketing more effectively. It will help you to improve your brand image faster and add more value to your product or service. PR relation firms have a list of tasks for which the most cost-effective option will be assigning them to virtual assistants.

Public relations virtual assistant

Tasks of a Public Relations Virtual Assistant

  • Press release

  • Social media management

  • Event planning

  • Outreach

  • Influencer management

21. Tax Preparation Virtual Assistant

CPA firms are overloaded with preparations during tax season. They have to ensure all the finance is handled without any error since a minor mistake can cause a penalty. Having your taxes prepared by virtual tax preparation services are highly experienced certified professionals who assist CPA firms during tax season to run all preparations smoothly.

Tax preparation virtual assistant

Tasks of a tax preparation virtual assistant

  • File taxes details

  • Data entry

  • Tax consulting

  • Amendment Assistance

  • Corporate tax preparation

22. Legal Transcription Virtual Assistant

Legal transcription is the job of preparing written documents of legal records. They have to gather information recordings and then transcribe them for the legal professionals accordingly.

Legal transcription virtual assistant

Tasks of a legal transcription virtual assistant

  • Speech-to-text data entry

  • Legal data filing

  • Video captions and subtitle preparation

23. Content Marketing Virtual Assistants

These virtual assistants can help with content marketing tasks such as writing blog posts, creating social media content, and managing email marketing campaigns.

Tasks of a legal transcription virtual assistant

  • Manage social media accounts

  • Create email marketing campaign

  • Manage customer reviews

  • Optimize website content

  • Track website traffic

  • Manage SEO

End note

There are endless options if you wish to hire virtual assistant services. They differ by the tasks they are provided and trained with. Some of the virtual assistants also have customized plans and packages for unique tasks.

You don’t even have to think so much about the workloads that you can replace with a virtual assistant. Sounds interesting? Contact ASL BPO to hire your multipurpose virtual assistants.

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