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Outsource Online Data Entry Services

As a business entity, you might often need various types of online data entry services for your back-end operations. These services comprise a wide array of tasks that are done with the use of the internet. The tasks that fall under this category include, downloading and uploading specific images, indexing of various documents, scrapping information from online, cataloging products on a web-based system, and much more.

Such projects need high accuracy and may consume significant time to complete and if large volumes are involved may quickly become very daunting to complete. This is why one of the best solutions is to hire an online data entry company such as ASL BPO to ensure that your work is done in a cost-effective way by professionals while maintaining excellent quality.

To fulfill all of your data management requirements, we have a data entry team that works 24/7 and has a separate QC department, ensuring not only that delivery of work is done on time but also that they are of the highest quality with zero margins for errors.

ASL BPO provides a wide range of online data entry solutions. With experience since 2014 in serving small to large sized businesses from countries such as USA, Canada, UK, France and China, we are one of the top online data entry sites for clients to find their cost-effective solutions from.

Scope of Online Data Entry Services Includes:

Image Data Entry

This involves, scrapping pictures from the internet, uploading and downloading pictures, etc. Such projects are critical for many businesses such as ecommerce, retail and wholesale in order to improve their website traffic. 

Online Copy, Paste, Sorting, and Indexing

As an online data entry service provider we scrape and index data from online to build databases for client. 

Audio Transcription Entry

Audio transcription involves typing transcripts on audio dialogs, which is a must for any video blogs and immensely helps a video blog to be ranked higher in SERPS.

Data Export and Import

Business with online platforms may need to export and import data to their site, outsource such online data entry projects to us at cost effective prices.

Online Data Capture

Business with online platforms may need to export and import data to their site, we help them in such projects at cost efficient prices.

Entry of Product Registration & Catalogs

For ecommerce sites, we assist with updating product and catalog items at efficient and cost-effective prices.

Entry of Receipts & Invoices

We help with accounting through entry of receipts and invoices in databases or in accounting software.

Image and Documents Indexing

Businesses often need to sort and index scanned documents on online databases for later use. We help with indexing scanned images, documents, e-books and e-magazines as well.

Web-Based Indexed Document Retrieval

We manage document databases for clients, whereby we index, sort, and label documents.

eCommerce Data Entry

For businesses that work in ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, or any other. We provide cost-effective solutions.

Order Entry & Follow up

For businesses that have to generate online work orders, we help with creating and assigning them. 

Data Entry of Credit Card Applications

As an online data entry service provider, we do data entry of credit card applications for financial institutions. We also help with indexing any other kind of  documents as well. 

Why Choose ASL BPO for your Online Data Entry Services?

  • We are among the top 10 online data entry companies and have vast experience in data entry projects.

  • Our strict quality control management ensures that we deliver you results at over 99.99% accuracy.

  • We strictly adhere to Government of Bangladesh Information Security Manual (GoBISM) which is equivalent to ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002. 

  • We have clients who hire us for data entry from around the globe, including China, UK, France and USA. These clients range from small to medium sized companies to large corporations and we have the ability to fulfill all their needs.

  • Our online data entry team alone handles hundreds of thousands documents annually and we have full capability to scale up  depending upon your data entry volume.

  • We provide cost effective solutions at competitive rates while our services remain at high quality.

ASL BPO Team Member

Our Online Data Entry Operators & Clerks

Each individual data entry clerk and data entry operator in our team is a professional with experience in the field. They are extensively trained to ensure that they are highly proficient in their work. 

Separate QC Department

We provide Quality assurance to our clients through providing a dedicated quality control team for the data entry division. They ensure that all online data entry projects are double checked before submitting to clients.


Online Data Entry Testimonials

ASL BPO's aim is to provide services that are above and beyond our competitors. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction proven by the fact that many of our clients give testimonials about us. Head over to our clients section to read more!

Khan Osmany - ASL BPO

Difference between ASL BPO & Online Data Entry Companies in India & Other Countries

It is a well-established fact that there are many online data entry companies in India, Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia and even in USA, UK and Australia. But as startup outsourcing company in Bangladesh, we are distinct and different than our competitors. Notably, not only do we provide drastic cost effective prices than our competitors in first world country, we ensure to provide the same quality and the same client support that they give in the areas that we are specialized in. 

Furthermore, as a startup company, we provide extra care to our clients and try to go above and beyond with our services with the clients, something that maybe lacking with many outsourcing giants in India and Philippines. We strive to work hard for our clients so that they get 100% satisfaction in our work. This is proven through the fact that many of our clients recommend our services rather than a competitor and that alone says a lot about us.

Difference Between Online Data Entry Platforms and Us

Among the top ten online data entry sites are Upwork, freelancer, Guru and Fiverr. Many clients are often inclined to hire freelancers from these online data entry platforms / marketplaces. A key disadvantage in hiring freelancers from marketplaces is that most freelancers work from home and are not being supervised by a management, there is no quality control either. This means that there is always a risk for getting poor quality work. 

In contrast, all of ASL BPO's employees work from office and are not home based. They work in a fully supervised work condition in a professional manner. There is a quality control department that QCs all work by the employees to minimize errors. This makes ASL BPO's data entry solutions have a clear advantage than what you get from marketplaces.

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