Outsource Online Data Entry


Online data entry comprises of a wide array of tasks that is done with the use of the internet. The tasks that fall under this category includes, downloading and uploading specific images, indexing of various documents, scrapping information from online, cataloging products on a web based system, and much more.

Tasks of this nature are very tedious and time consuming and can drive operation costs significantly if done in-house. This is why one of the best solutions is to hire a data entry firm such as ASL BPO to ensure that your work is done in a cost-effective way by professionals while maintaining excellent quality.

Scope of Online Data Entry Services Includes:

  • Image Data Entry

  • Online Copy, Paste, Sorting and Indexing

  • Online Data Capture

  • Entry of Receipts & Invoices

  • Image and Document Indexing

  • Order Entry & Follow up

  • Audio Transcription Entry

  • Data Export and Import

  • Entry of Product Registration & Catalogs

  • Web Based Indexed Document Retrieval

  • Data Entry from e-books & e-magazines

  • Data Entry of Credit Card Applications

Why Choose ASL BPO for your Online Data Entry Services?

1) We are one of the top rated BPO companies in Bangladesh and have vast experience in data entry projects.

2) Our strict quality control management ensures that we deliver you results at over 99% accuracy.

3) We strictly adhere to Government of Bangladesh Information Security Manual (GoBISM) which is equivalent to ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002. 

4) We have clients who hire us for data entry from around the globe, including China, UK, France and USA. These clients range from small to medium sized companies to large corporations and we have the ability to fulfill all their needs.

5) Our online data entry team alone handles hundreds of thousands documents annually and we have full capability to scale up  depending upon your data entry volume.

6) We provide cost effective solutions at competitive rates while our services remain at high quality.

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