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Broker Price Opinion and Comparative Market Analysis Outsourcing Services

We provide exclusive Broker Price Opinion and CMA Order Processing & Data Entry services to Agents, Brokers and Asset Management Companies. 

Comparative Market Analysis Sample
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About Our BPO/CMA Order Processing Service

Processing BPO / CMA Orders Since 2014

ASL BPO assists real estate and asset management companies in processing BPO and CMA work orders. Broker Price Opinion companies want quick turn around times of work orders and accuracy in assessment of properties and in data entry.

For a real estate broker or realtor who regularly gets BPO orders, one of the easiest way to increase their work volume is to have smaller turn around time and have quality in submission of work.  Through hiring a broker price opinion virtual assistant from us, you not only achieve this, but you also save time and costs through using our services. 

Interested to see a sample work? Click here to download a sample of a completed broker price opinion form. 

Pulling Comparable | CMA

Pulling Comparables

Using MLS site, we pull comparable properties (recent sales and currently listed properties) to accurately estimate the current price of the subject property.

BPO / CMA data entry services | ASL BPO

BPO / CMA Data Entry

We complete the data entry part by inputting all information in BPO / CMA Forms.

Upload photos to BPO Order | ASL BPO

Uploading Photos

On Client site, we upload the photo results taken by the agent / broker of the property to the BPO order.

BPO CMA Order submission | ASL BPO Client

Order Submission

Once the BPO / CMA order is complete, we submit it in client site. Through 24/7 support, we ensure quick turnaround time and through Quality control we help ensure quality of our order submission

Why Hire Our Broker Price Opinion Virtual Assistant?

ASL BPO goes above and beyond when in providing services to its clients. We provide free resources such as on how to start a broker price opinion business and list of broker price opinion companies to whom you can apply to get BPO and CMA work. We provide great importance in providing quality submission of work orders and accurate evaluation of properties. 

When evaluating properties to get a fair market value, we don't only look at property appraisals. To properly justify our estimates, we take in various parameters that affect a property's value to accurately gauge the market price of the subject property. 

More over, here are a few additional things that you can look up to when hiring us for our services:

Data Security

We understand that some of our client's information, such as MLS site info, and client vendor logins can be extremely sensitive data. That's why we ensure that your data is absolutely safe with us.

24/7 Service

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and other such institutions are sometimes extremely strict with the turn around times of work orders. So through providing 24/7 support we ensure that the BPO / CMA orders are submitted in a timely manner with turn around times being from 6-12 hours max.

Quality Research & Evaluation

We ensure that we accurately evaluate the property's value when doing a broker price opinion by taking in all factors that come into play. We ensure to do thorough research of the comparable and the subject property to complete our BPO / CMA report.

Experienced Team

Our team of BPO assistants are the best professionals on board. They have vast experience with completing broker price opinion forms and evaluating properties and will provide you with the best of services when completing your orders.

BPO / CMA Software

Our team uses broker price opinion software as required by our client. This often ensures automation and a smooth flow of work to increase efficiency.

Single Point Contact

To ensure smooth communication with our clients. We assign dedicated person for communication to assist our clients when ever there is any need.

Comparative Market Analysis

  • Comparable Closed Sales

  • Comparable Active Sales

  • Tax Records

  • 24 hour turn around time

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Quality Control

  • Customer Support

  • Rush Order Submission

Price: $8 per Order

Broker Price Opinion

  • Exterior/Drive By BPO

  • Interior BPO

  • Tax Records

  • Comparable Data Entry

  • Photo Upload

  • 24 hour turn around time

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Quality Control

  • Customer Support

  • Rush Order Submission

Price: $8 per Order

Call us : 909-809-5951
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