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Virtual Assistant for Construction Company

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Construction companies have complicated management systems. Contractors have to be proactive and put all the entities of the projects together to streamline construction management. This industry often faces manpower0. shortages.

Hiring and managing the labor takes so much time that the contractors hardly have time to watch over the administration. A construction virtual assistant is extremely helpful to support the industry's streamlined processes.

What is Construction Virtual Assistant?

What is a Construction Virtual Assistant ?
What is a construction virtual assistant ?

A construction virtual assistant assists in the coordination of construction-related tasks, from supplies to project completion. The services provided by a construction VA simplify management tasks, improve workplace safety, maintain project completion time, reduce task oversights, etc.

It will let the contractors work stress-free, resulting in better management of the entire project.

Construction Virtual Assistant Services

Construction Virtual Assistant Services
Construction Virtual Assistant Services

The biggest perk of having virtual assistants is the dynamic range of services they offer. They can work directly or indirectly on a project from start to finish. They have so many options for services that you do not have to think much to find the ones you require.

I hope this article will help you to decide better regarding the services you can procure from a construction virtual assistant.

Construction Project Management Virtual Assistant

Construction Project Management Virtual Assistant
Construction Project Management Virtual Assistant

  • Construction Administrative Assistant: All operational activities on the construction site are coordinated. A construction administrator carries out documentation and scheduling, facilitates customer service, and manages the workflow of inbound projects.

  • Virtual Project Coordinator: Project coordinator virtual assistants work closely with project managers. The VA has to check on the progress of the project, find drawbacks, and inform the project manager to make decisions.

  • Construction RFI Manager: A Request for information (RFI) defines the project's communication process. An RFI helps to deliver any missing information left by a contractor. It is a digital solution handled by RFI software. A virtual assistant working as an RFI manager prepares all the informative materials, updates them on the company's cloud, and makes sure all the information is deliverable on demand.

  • Virtual Submittal Manager: Design drawings, mock-ups, diagrams, and detailed information on materials and equipment needed to complete the construction project are all included in submittals. Most of the construction projects are handled by submittal software. A virtual assistant helps to run the software smoothly.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory management is an integral part of the construction business. Construction site locations are often far from administrative locations. Thus, the total inventory management process takes time. Inventory management tasks include maintaining inventory items, tracking items, ordering finishing supplies, and getting the supplies on time. A construction virtual assistant can monitor the inventories while contractors perform more core tasks.

Construction Documentation Virtual Assistant

construction documentation virtual assistant
construction documentation virtual assistant

  • Document Control Specialist: A document control specialist handles forms, data entry, and all other documentation related to the construction business. Your virtual assistant will prepare the documents and catalog them according to company standards.

  • Insurance Manager: The construction industry involves a lot of risks. All the contractors and labor have to be covered by insurance to mitigate the risks. You have to renew the insurance, make a claim if any incident occurs, and send in the insurance premiums on time. Your workload may cause you to overlook some insurance-related tasks. Hire a virtual assistant to manage your insurance.

  • Preparing estimates: Construction estimation is budgeting the cost of projects and making sure that the project does not exceed the budget. Big companies may have an entire estimation department, but for a small project, the budget for hiring may not be that big. A construction virtual assistant estimates the cost for the construction manager without cutting a large portion of your employment budget.

  • Construction bookkeeping: Like all other businesses, the construction industry also requires bookkeeping. Bookkeeping tasks need lots of focus to avoid errors and mistakes while making financial statements. Onsite bookkeeping assistance is an additional burden for construction companies. A bookkeeping virtual assistant takes care of the invoices, financial statements, transactions, etc., without occupying office space.

Construction Task Scheduling Virtual Assistant

construction task scheduling virtual assistant
Construction task scheduling virtual assistant

  • Track materials and equipment: Regular tracking of materials and equipment is mandatory for construction businesses. One missing piece of equipment can shut down the entire project if not followed accordingly. Assign a virtual construction assistant to monitor your project materials and equipment.

  • Maintenance schedule: The maintenance of construction equipment is commonly done by third parties. A virtual assistant recognizes the necessary maintenance around the project. Then, the VA will schedule the maintenance with an authorized contractor as per requirement.

Construction Customer Support Virtual Assistant

construction customer support virtual assistant
Construction customer support virtual assistant

  • Emergency call support: A calling agent always has to be on standby to handle emergency calls on construction sites. Virtual assistants are excellent communicators when it comes to customer service.

  • Email and chat support: Contractors need to maintain regular communication with the vendors, investors, and clients of their business. It’s good to let a virtual assistant handle such mundane tasks rather than do them on your own.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, a construction virtual assistant is the most cost-effective option that can replace multiple tasks in construction projects. They are the best at most of the services they offer. Besides saving the budget, it will also boost the productivity of your project, reduce downtime, and balance all the tasks smoothly around it. Want to check live results?

Contact us to hire your virtual assistant today.

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