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Legal Data Entry Services For Law Firms

Law firms, attorneys and lawyers have to process a lot of documents on a daily basis. Going through piles of paper for specific information can be a tedious and very time consuming task. To ensure data files are not kept unstructured in the thousands, risking misplacement of files. it is thus, most convenient to  convert them into a structured digital format through manual or automatic means of data entry. 

This process of data entry for law firms can be expensive if done in-house. So, it is sometimes best to hire an legal outsourcing company like ASL BPO for data processing of these documents. We are one of the top rated BPO Firms in Bangladesh, who has been operating since 2014, whilst providing legal process outsourcing and data entry services to our clients. We guarantee that your work will be done with over 99.99% accuracy along with maintaining stringent data security in place.

Our data entry team has the expertise to provide legal data entry services and legal back office support to law firms, lawyers, attorneys and other experts. We strictly adhere to confidentiality of all data while assisting law firms to extract, digitize and structure data. Clients send us documents such as industrial and residential leases, agreements, trusts, court forms, deeds and insurance claim forms as scanned images or PDFs from which we key in the data in required fields in software. We are able to easily manage the data no matter what the volume of work is.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing?

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) refers to law firms and corporations, specially in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, outsourcing part of its operation to a legal outsourcing firm. Most of these offshore outsourcing firms are in Bangladesh, India, and Philippines. The LPO industry started in the 1950s with law firms initially outsourcing patent related work. Overtime, with technological advancements, law firms started to outsource a lot more part of their operations offshore and the industry since then has been constantly growing with each passing year. In fact, as of 2018 the market share for legal outsourcing was about $5.2 billion and was projected to grow by 31.8% in 2019.  


Legal Outsourcing firms offer a wide array of services to law firms based on their expertise. These services include among others, data entry of various forms and documents, database management, typing and transcription, back office support, secretarial & virtual assistance support, marketing, and research work.


ASL BPO is one of the outsourcing firms in Bangladesh that specializes in providing legal data entry outsourcing services & back office support. We do data entry for attorneys, lawyers and law firms and have the expertise to provide law firms cost-effective legal outsourcing solutions on various services. Read below to know more!

Legal Data Entry Services We Offer

Below are some of the type of documents and forms for which we help law firms to do data entry for.

  • Property Related Documents

  • Immigration Documents

  • Power of Attorney forms

  • Arbitration and Litigation Forms

  • Legal Document Processing

  • Business Agreements

  • Court Forms

  • Legislation Scans

  • Purchase and Sales Deals

  • Data Entry of Case Details

  • Insurance claim Recrods

  • Bare Act and Citations


Other Services We Offer to Law Firms

Legal Back Office Outsourcing

We provide Back Office Support and Virtual Assistance to Law Firms and Lawyers in areas such as accounting & finance, marketing, secretarial support, client relations, web research, document production & review and much more!

Database Management

Law Firms may need to manage their database portal and regularly input and update information. This can be in the form of inputting information of lawyers, attorneys, and of client documents. We can aid firms in managing these data efficiently.

Court Form Processing

While working on cases in courts, many forms and documents maybe generated which needs to be digitized and kept in an orderly manner for future uses. We help with managing online databases of these forms and will do data entry of them on online. 

Legal Research Outsourcing

Law Firms and Lawyers may often need to do web research while working on cases. You may need to research on attorneys, specific information on the web for cases, etc. As a company that provides legal outsourcing services, our team can handle such meticulous job for you.

Litigation Form Processing

When one party decides to take legal action, a lot of data is generated in the process of such actions. Such data sets needs to managed and inputted correctly in order to prevent missing information being created which may hamper a case to proceed. With ASL, you can trust on us to correctly do data entry to ensure this does not happen.

Omni-Channel Support

Law Firms may need customer care support service for their businesses. They can hire our agents to support them over the phone, through chat and through email for their clients. To read more about this, go to our customer care support service page.

Legal Typing Outsourcing

Law firms often may need to outsource the tedious work of typing of documents. Our team ensures that you receive 100% error free documents at cost-effective prices for such projects. 

Legal Transcription Outsourcing

As a legal outsourcing firm, we also provide transcription services similar to law firms to ease their work load and make their work flow more efficient. 

Legal Secretarial Services

Through the process of combining remote employees, technology and expertise from around the world, you can easily high a virtual secretary for your law firm through us. This ensures you save money and time and increases productivity of your business  through cost effective choices.

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Data Entry to ASL BPO

Below are some of the advantages that you will have when you outsource to us:

1) Data Security: We understand that documents can be extremely confidential in nature and have placed very strict security in our office to ensure security of client's data. Our company strictly follow Data Security laws mandated by the government on the ICT industry. The manual of guidance to which we must follow to abide by the law is called GoBISM which is equivalent to the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002. can be fully reviewed by any potential client on this link.

2) Competitive Prices: Our prices for data entry for documents is very affordable and competitive and we guarantee that you will save your operation costs by a wide margin if you hire us.

3) Quality and Accuracy: We have a dedicated Quality Control department that QCs all work done by the employees and this ensures that our accuracy is over 99% in processing legal documents.

4) Timely Delivery: Time can be of critical essence to our clients and so we always  ensure that assigned work is always completed by deadline.

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