Legal Document Data Entry Services

Law firms, attorneys and lawyers have to process a lot of legal documents on a daily basis. Going through piles of paper for specific information can be a tedious and very time consuming task. However, this can be made easier by converting them into a digital format through manual or automatic means. 

This process of data entry of legal documents can be expensive and thus it is sometimes best to hire an outsourcing company like ASL BPO for data processing of these legal documents. We are one of the top rated data entry companies in Bangladesh, who has been operating since 2014 and we guarantee that your work will be done with over 99% accuracy along with maintaining stringent data security in place.

Legal Document Data Entry Services We Offer

  • Property Related Documents

  • Immigration Documents

  • Power of Attorney forms

  • Arbitration and Litigation Forms

  • Shipping Documents

  • Business Agreements

  • Court Forms

  • Legislation Scans

  • Purchase and Sales Deals

  • Data Entry of Case Details

  • Insurance claim Recrods

  • Bare Act and Citations

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Documents Data Entry to ASL BPO

Below are some of the advantages that you will have when you outsource to us:

1) Data Security: We understand that legal documents can be extremely confidential in nature and have placed very strict security in our office to ensure security of client's data. Our company strictly follow Data Security laws mandated by the government on the ICT industry. The manual of guidance to which we must follow to abide by the law is called GoBISM which is equivalent to the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002. can be fully reviewed by any potential client on this link.

2) Competitive Prices: Our prices for data entry for legal documents is very affordable and competitive and we guarantee that you will save your operation costs by a wide margin if you hire us.

3) Quality and Accuracy: We have a dedicated Quality Control department that QCs all work done by the employees and this ensures that our accuracy is over 99% in processing legal documents.

4) Timely Delivery: Time can be of critical essence to our clients and so we always  ensure that assigned work is always completed by deadline.

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