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Offline Data Entry Services

Many businesses in some specific sectors have a large number of operations which produces a sizable amount of documents in the form of invoices, receipts, bills, accounting, etc. These documents have to be organized in a database in an effective manner in order for them to be efficiently used.

One way to do this is through offline data entry, whereby scanned copies of hard documents such as invoices, bills, receipts, forms, etc. are entered into a database. Because such tasks are tedious in nature and are a non-core part of your business, the most cost-effective and efficient decision is to outsource such projects to an outsourcing firm such as ASL BPO.

We are one of the leading BPO firms in Bangladesh and provide quality service in the area of online and offline data entry in any kind of project irrespective of the volume and complexity it may have. 

Offline Data Entry Services | ASL BPO

Our scope of services include:

  • E-books Entry

  • Offline Catalog & Product Entry

  • Data Collection

  • Offline Form Processing

  • Offline Excel Data Entry

  • Data Entry of Invoices, Bills, etc.

  • Data Maintenance

  • Offline Data Capture

  • Entry from Handwritten Docs

  • Offline Conversion of formats

  • URL list collection

  • Data Entry from Images

  • Offline Data Entry of Documents

  • Medical Record Data Entry

  • Data Entry into Databases

  • Data Entry from lists & websites

  • Offline Sorting and Indexing

  • Payroll Processing

Advantages Of Choosing Our Offline Data Entry Services

Below are some of the advantages that you will have when you outsource to us:

1) We have experience in providing cost-effective and efficient offline data entry services. In comparison to offline data entry companies in India, we are more reliable, trustworthy, and are more cost-efficient.

2) Our service is scale-able and flexible. Meaning, if you have ongoing data entry projects but the volume of work fluctuates, it won't be an issue for us. Our team is flexible, so even if the work volume suddenly increases or decreases by a large margin, we will be able to accommodate to best suit your business needs.

3) We have stringent security in place, ensuring your data is safe with us. To learn more about our security, go to our primary page for all data entry services.

4) We have a Quality Assurance (QA) department that continuously quality controls all running projects as well as diligent employees, to ensure that the quality of work is above 99% accuracy.

5) When working with a large volume of data from multiple sources, there is always a chance of data being duplicated and corrupted. Through our Data Clean up services, we ensure to fix and correct any incorrect, corrupted, duplicate, or incomplete data before delivery.

6) Our data entry team is managed and supervised by the managers to ensure that tasks are completed with the given deadlines.

7) All work is done in an office with no home-based employees. Ensuring that your work is being completed in a supervised and monitored environment in a professional manner.

Know About Our Amazing Team

You don't only hire a data entry clerk from us, you hire an employee who is a university graduate, well versed in English communication and a fully trained professional who can meticulously check every part of the data entry work before delivery to ensure high quality.

Skilled Workforce

Let's face it, there are so many other Virtual Assistant services, so why hire us? Well, we are one of the best-rated BPO firms of Bangladesh in  We ensure that our employees are highly skilled and that you get the best of services at fairly competitive prices.

Shoeb ASL BPO Data Entry Team Member
ASL BPO Offline Data Entry Team

Capable Of Handling Large Volumes

Our team has the professional capability to handle large volumes of data with ease without any drop in quality or delay in delivery occurring. 

24/7 Customer Service

Our team works 24/7 throughout the year. When you hire our data entry team, we ensure to deliver our services within the mutually agreed upon delivery time. We also ensure to keep you regularly updated on the progress of the project.

Shofiqul ASL BPO Data Entry Team Member

Why Outsource To ASL BPO?

ASL BPO is one of the top BPO firms in Bangladesh to outsource offline data entry services to. We have clientele from the USA, Canada, UK, France, and China. From 2014, we have industry experience in providing data entry outsourcing solutions to businesses worldwide. Our Data Entry team can handle offline data entry projects of all sizes by acting as an extension of your in-house office team. When you hire us, we ensure that you get cost-effective prices, faster turnaround on the projects at 99.99% quality. 

Get in touch with our sales team and share what your needs are, we guarantee to provide you solutions tailored to your needs.

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