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Accounting & Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services

All businesses need accounting & bookkeeping done in a proper way in order to have proper records of monthly revenue, profit and costs. But sometimes, it can be tedious and hard for small to medium sized companies to have a proper accounting department / person who will handle the day-to-day tasks such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, managing finances in a competent way. In fact, some businesses tend to fail because no proper accounting was in place for the company to keep track of its financial records! One of the key features of any business is that it keeps track of its monthly revenue, costs and profit. 

Instead of keeping an inhouse accountant as a full time employee, it is sometimes best to hire an accounting outsourcing company like ASL BPO who provides Bookkeeping outsourcing services. We have outstanding virtual accountants in our team who have the full capability to keep track of your financial records and provide you with comprehensive reports. What's more, is that our services are cost-effective, guaranteeing 30-50% cost reduction.

Scope of Our Accounting Outsourcing Service

As an accounting outsourcing firm we have virtual accountants who are trained and certified experts, they are capable of everything that most accounting departments have to handle. Below are some of the scope of work that they do for our current clients:

  • Handling Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Payroll Processing

  • Vendor Bill Payment

  • Transaction Processing in Real Time

  • Reporting to Management

  • Budgeting, KPI monitoring

  • Sales Invoicing

How Does Our Service Work?

Hiring Process of Accounting Services | | ASL BPO

1. The Hiring Process

After you contact us, we setup a meeting with you to discuss your needs. Once we understand more, we choose a candidate, best suited to your needs, either from our available free staff or through new recruitment.

2. Training Period

Once you hire our virtual accountant, the first phase will be to make him familiar with your business needs and requirement, so that our employee fully understands what his daily tasks will be and what the expectations are from him.

Train your Virtual Assistant ASL BPO
Monitoring by Supervisors of Our Accounting Assistants | ASL BPO Client

3. Efficient Service at Cost Effective Price

Once our employee is fully accustomed to what his daily tasks are, he will make sure to perform them diligently, without error. There will be a manager who will be responsible for overseeing and supervising his work, to whom you will have direct contact to for any queries. Your dedicated virtual accountant will send you daily reports summarizing the work he has performed each day.

ASL BPO | Accounting Outsourcing Service
ASL BPO | Accountant for Bookkeeping outsourcing
ASL BPO | Accountant for accountant outsourcing

Why Choose Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services?

Many businesses today are starting to hire accounting outsourcing companies to handle their accounting department. The major reason behind that is that in an overtly competitive world, most businesses find it cumbersome to invest resources and infrastructure on keeping a full time accounting department if they can find a reliable and trustworthy bookkeeping outsourcing company whom they can hire.  If you can hire an accounting expert through outsourcing at lesser cost, who can give you the same, or higher quality service in comparison to an in-house employee, why wouldn't you outsource?

Reason to Hire Accounting Outsourcing Firms

The below are some of the reasons why you may want to use accounting outsourcing services such as ours:

1) You have to spend a substantial amount of time to manage your business' accounting which leads you to possibly neglect the more important aspects of your business.

2) It is hard to manage accounting by yourself, so you do not have exact records of your costs and profits.

3) You need a dedicated virtual accountant or a bookkeeper but hiring in-house is costly.

4) You need financial reports which summarizes information professionally for you to understand at a glance.

Accounting Outsourcing Benefits

Finance and accounting outsourcing has many benefits to businesses, some of which are:

Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution

Keeping an in-house accountants can be very costly, you not only have to give salary, but sometimes other additional benefits as well. This is one of the main reasons why most small to medium sized business owners tend to handle bookkeeping on their own. However, you might not be a professional accountant, and having other responsibilities, there might be times where you cannot keep track of your bookkeeping accurately. This is why outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping can be one of the best solutions to your business. You not only get to hire a certified professional for the job, but you also get it at much lesser price than if you had chosen not to outsource.

No Loss of Information

If your business accountant ever resigned from the job suddenly, not only would hiring a replacement immediately would be a daunting task, but it would be extremely tiring to have the replacement get all the information left by the previous employee and have him take things from there. In short, there would be risks of information getting lost. Hiring an outsourcing partner eliminates this risk, as even if our employees quit we always make sure no data loss of the client's work occurs.

Security and Confidentiality

One of the biggest concerns you may have is data security. You would be pleased to know that ASL BPO follows a stringent data security protocol for its clients equivalent to international standards. We take our client's data security as one of the most important aspects of our work

FAQ About Our Service

How Much Does Our Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services Cost?

At ASL BPO, to hire one of our Virtual Accountants, the minimum price for our service at $525 per month for a part-time. Price increases based upon the number of hours needed per day and on the complexity of the accounting work for your company.

Are Your Accountants Experienced?

Yes, all of our virtual accountants are fully certified QuickBooks professional, who can help you manage your business finance.

Is there a Contract?

We do not hold our clients to a contract. Our accounting outsourcing services are month-to-month and you use us as long as you are happy with our services. 

What is Included in The Monthly Fee?

When you hire a virtual accountant from ASL BPO, you get the full accounting package with us. Our accountants are QuickBooks Pro Certified and have full accounting educational background. They will be using the most current accounting tools to manage the accounting of your business.

Any Hidden Charges?

No, we don't have any setup fees, or extra charges. You only pay what you agreed to.

Is ASL BPO Trustworthy?

ASL BPO has been in business since 2014 and is one of the best accounting outsourcing company in Bangladesh. We have a 4.7 rating out of 5 in and have been servicing clients in USA, Canada, UK, France and China. Read reviews from our clients to know how satisfied they have been with our service.

Why Should You Outsource Accounting Services to ASL BPO?

When it comes to choosing an accounting outsourcing service provider undoubtedly there are many large giants such as Accenture and Wipro. Not to mention that there is an abundance of other outsourcing companies in India, Philippines, and in other countries as well. So why choose ASL BPO as your outsourcing partner for your accounting work?

Well first of all, outsourcing companies such as Accenture and Wipro deal mostly with mega corporations. But most businesses are small to medium sized, and neither Accenture nor Wipro cater to their needs. In contrast, ASL BPO focuses on helping small businesses bring their costs down and run successfully. We have certified and professional accountants to handle your finance, and provide detailed reports to keep you updated about your business's finance. We act as your accounting department, just virtually.

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