Customer Care & Support Outsourcing Services

Why Outsource Customer Care?

You want your business to focus on core part of its operations rather than build infrastructure on non-core part and drive up the costs.

By outsourcing your customer care to a specialized outsourcing company such as ASL BPO, you ensure that your customers get the support they need from a professional support team. Experienced service providers like us also have the ability to adjust to dramatic shifts in the demand and are able to scale up or scale down better than in-house customer care supports.

We Ensure Customer  Satisfaction

With more than 95% CSAT

24/7/365 Support

We provide 24/7 support round the year

Firm Communication Skills

All agents are fully skilled in English communication

Flexible & Scalable

We are flexible with drastic demand changes and scalable as well

Better Brand Loyalty

Help you increase your brand loyalty

Omni Channel Support

We provide call, e-mail, live chat support as well as social media and mobile app support

How Are We Different?

Customers judge your brand through the customer care service that you provide. A good customer service can go a long way to improving brand image, increasing customer retention and getting positive reviews . At ASL BPO we understand this and want to go above and beyond in the services we provide. All of our agents are very professional, friendly and easy to understand. The agents connect with the customer to understand why they are calling, to solve the underlying issues and queries and give them a great customer experience along the way.

All of our customer care agents are extensively trained and equipped to exceed customer expectations. They not only can resolve any current and any future downstream issues but they also have the ability to take decisions and make exceptions if need be, helping to drive the resolution faster.

Our services are customized based on the business needs you want us to address. We use innovative technology and have the ability to seamlessly integrate with any customer support platforms.

We Provide Support Across Multiple Channels

Provide support to customers through multiple channels with lightning fast responses. Whether they be for product & service inquiries, simple requests or complex technical support, we offer 24/7 support to your customers  to show that you care, whenever or wherever they be.

  • Turn frustrated customers into satisfied ones

  • Provide real-time support whether they be in-app or through chat/calls

  • Give customers they feeling that they are being cared through personalized support

  • Provide lightning fast responses in chat and email

  • Minimize and mitigate incidents that may happen in social media & help protect your brand reputation

  • Provide actionable support to customers 

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