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Back Office Service Solutions

A one-stop solution for your back office operations that helps you to minimize costs and increase your revenue

Our Back Office Services Optimize Your Operations Improve Performance & Minimize Your Costs.

Our back office service solutions are a one-stop solution that is tailored to ensure the success of your business. We provide professionals with great expertise, and flexibility as well as lower your operational costs by a substantial amount.


Expertise & Efficiency:

Our outsourced teams are based in Bangladesh and have great expertise and are highly efficient at what they do. Our center of excellence continually improves our back-office outsourcing Service solutions in order to take our services to newer heights. 


Scalable & Flexible Teams:

Our back office solutions provide you with easily scalable & flexible teams that enable your business operations to stay agile in accordance with changes in the market & unexpected events


Lower Operational Costs

When you outsource your back office, your main aim is to lower your operational costs while achieving high quality. Our solutions are aimed to provide you with exactly that: cost minimization while maintaining high quality.

How Does Our Back Office Service Works ?

Hiring Process of ASL BPO Virtual Assistants

1. The First Contact

Email us or call us directly to start with our services. We will set up a meeting to discuss your business needs entailing the size of the team that you want to hire and a potential timeline from when you want to start.


After the meeting, we send you a tailored price quotation to match your budget. You can ask for additional information to help you decide whether we are the right choice for your business.

Train your Virtual Assistant ASL BPO

2. The Hiring Process

Once you decide to onboard with us, we sign the required agreements and you give us the time to recruit the back office team for you. Our recruitment will be based on the criteria that you set for us. 

Once the recruitment is done you start training the new recruits for the project.

Monitoring by Supervisors of your Virtual Assistants

Monitoring & Daily Reports

We drive the efficiency and profitability of the back office team through rigorous monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Our team leads and project managers plan & strategize to ensure the back office team has a high KPI score that to provide you a high quality service.

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Is Your Business Tackling Operational Issues?

Let us help you with your business by providing you with our back office support services that are tailored for your business needs. Book a free consultation today! 

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What Our Clients Say About Our Service!

Ian Tulloch Accordion Group Australia.jpg

Ian Tulloch

Founder, Accordion Group

"We're impressed with their flexibility, customer-centric approach, and teamwork."

Sam Petrakis, Kairos Living

Sam Petrakis

Investments Associate, Kairos Living

"Last night was a good example of ASL succeeding to make our lives easier. At the end of the business day, we needed property data on about 100 properties. Since it was the end of the day we didn't have capacity so we sent it to ASL who spent the next 5 hours completing it and got it to us that same night"


William "Bill" Kincaid

CEO, USA Property Preservation Services

"They continue to train their employees in making sure that there are no errors in submitting the work orders"

What is Back Office Service Solutions?

Back office service facilitates the front office by streamlining a company's non customer-focused activities. Solutions that intend to automate the functions of the back office are called back office service solutions.

Ask yourself three questions to understand if a particular function of your business belongs to the back office or front office.

  • What is the aim of this service?

  • How does this function benefit your company? 

  • Does this function involve direct interaction with the customers?

Benefits of Back Office Service Solutions

Benefits of back office service solutions.jpg

Our back-office service solutions are one-stop solutions that are tailored to ensure the success of your business. We provide professionals with great expertise, and flexibility as well as lower your operational costs by a substantial amount.

List of Back Office Support Services That We're Ready to Provide

The back office of a company covers varied tasks starting from administrative to managing accounting and finance. We are flexible to shield the unique needs of our clients to improve back-office operations.

Back Office Human Resource (HR)

Our back office service solutions intend to organize human resources to focus on more strategic tasks. The functions of HR involves recruitment, training, performance, management, compensation and benefits, personal well being of the employees.

Back Office Data Management

Data management is another essential part of back-office operations. The back office service solutions by ASL BPO are able to take full responsibility as a data administrator. We provide data collection, curation, and security services for error-free data management.

Back Office Market Research

Our back office executives are masters at market research. They can assist your sales team by conducting lead generations through progressive market research. Get more convertible market strategies by outsourcing back-office service solutions.

Back Office Accounting and Finance

Accounting and bookkeeping services are also included in a company's back-office service solutions. We take care of account payables, receivables, inventory management, payroll, and other financial transactions.

Back Office IT Support

Data security is the most significant benefit of back-office IT support. Our IT support services secure databases from cyber attacks, integrate software solutions, automate help desks, and provide advisory services.

  • What is Back Office Customer Service ?
    Customer service typically belogs to the front office. However, they are to be supported by the back office to function efficiently. Back -office customer service integrates the technical support and automation needed to assist customers more effectively.
  • What is Back Office in Business ?
    In business, a back office means the department that is responsible for combining all business activities.
  • Why is The Back Office so Important ?
    Back office plays an important role in every business as the success of other core functional offices are dependent on the back office.
  • What is Back Office Outsourcing ?
    Back office outsourcing occurs when a company appoints a third party ( known as business process outsourcing) to look after their back office operations.
  • What is The Difference Between Middle and Back Office ?
    The middle office gets involved with managing corporate risks and building strategies. The back office is more concerned with functions such as technical and IT support.
  • Do I Have To Sign a Long Term Contract?
    No, you do not have to sign any long term contract hiring a virtual assistant from ASL BPO. We try to keep our plan client-friendly and as flexible as possible.
  • Will I Get an Option to Select My Virtual Assistant?
    You will. The way our system works - we hire the virtual assistants on behalf of our clients . Then, we let our clients assess the VAs to find they are the best fit. So, you can select your own VA from our selected number of qualified candidates.
  • Will the virtual assistant be fluent in the English language?
    Our virtual assistants are fluent in English with both verbal and written communication skills.
  • Can your virtual assistants work in the night shift?
    Yes. We have a round the clock office operating system. Our virtual assistants are capable of working both night and day shifts.
  • Do your virtual assistants work from home?
    Quality is our first priority. So, we do not allow our VAs to work from home. All of your virtual assistants work from the office so that we are able to monitor their tasks with full efficiency.
  • How Do We Communicate Effectively With Our VA?
    In order to better serve our customers, we employ a wide range of methods of contact, including email, in-call service, Skype, messenger, screen-sharing, and project management software. You can also let us know if you require any special arrangements.
  • What is Back Office Customer Service ?
    Customer service typically belongs to the front office. However, they are to be supported by the back office to function efficiently. Back-office customer service integrates the technical support and automation needed to assist customers more effectively.
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