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Real Estate Data Entry & Outsourcing Services

Realtors and real estate firms and agents have to deal with enormous amount of data that comes from different business associated sources, these data includes property listings, property valuation details, comparative market analysis reports, legal files, and other types of information as well.


There is a lot of back end operations as well such as calling potential customers, creating BPOs and CMAs to evaluate properties, maintaining databases and much more.

For these real estate businesses, data management and back-end operations are two of the most important aspects that needs to be run efficiently in order for the businesses to succeed. 

ASL BPO provides a wide array of real estate outsourcing services to its clients. Our services include providing virtual assistants, who can help with online marketing, underwriting, prospecting for new clients, giving phone support and coordinating with lending, buyers and potential customers, all aimed to reduce the operational costs and provide our clients business solutions at cost-effective prices.

Data Entry Services | ASL BPO

The Scope of Our Real Estate Outsourcing Services

We provide a wide scope of outsourcing services to the Real Estate Industry, our long experience in this industry has provided us the capability to provide support in almost all areas of their back-end operation.

Social Media & Online Marketing

Post property listings on Facebook and other social media, upload photos and property details on websites for listing, help with social media & online marketing. 

Organizing, Scrubbing & Qualifying Leads

We organize and maintain the customer management relationship (CRM) tool.  This includes scrubbing and qualifying leads through either email and/or phone calls.

Database Management

Real Estate companies have to manage a large database of properties, clients and prospects. Our Virtual Assistants can help you to manage and update your database as needed.

Prospecting For Potential Clients

Through active outreach and outbound communication (email marketing & cold calling) we can initiate contact with prospects and generate clients for real estate companies.

Co-Ordinate With Lender & Title Company

Our Virtual Assistants can help to coordinate with the lender and the title company when signing contracts and deeds. They can help closing dates, updating lender info, or any other work as a liaison between you and them.

Co-Ordinate With Buyers

We also can help schedule showings with buyers. Our Virtual Assistant can work as a client coordinator for you and help manage your calendar to schedule times so that you can meet with your  prospects and current clients.

Scheduling Contractors

We help schedule contractors if a property needs to be cleaned, repaired or have professional photos taken before it is being put to market.

Real Estate Underwriting

During the process of reviewing the properties, there are lot of database management and data entry work that needs done. Our VAs can provide support in these tasks.


We provide support to Real Estate companies in tasks such as where they need to do a comparative market analysis on prospective properties to estimate the after-repair value (ARV) or the rent of the property.  

Image Editing

We provide photo editing services to real estate businesses to make their pictures more professional. Our services include, using photoshop for photo enhancement, retouching, image blending and color correction.

Some Of Our Clients

Innovative Property Solutions | ASL BPO Client
Stone Ridge Properties | ASL BPO Client
Kairos Living  | ASL BPO Client
FixREO Asset Management  | ASL BPO Client

Client Case Studies

  • Kairos Living was looking for a one stop solution in their outsourcing partner whereas the partner could handle any all types of back office support that was needed by Kairos. Additionally, they also needed a firm that was familiar with the real estate industry and could do broker price opinions as well. ASL BPO is partnered to Kairos since 2019 and is providing it support in all areas. Among the many tasks that we handle for Kairos each day, we help with database management, underwriting, completing broker price opinion, estimating the After Repair Value (ARV) of properties, emailing to prospects, handling calls and doing cold call to outreach prospects.

  • FixREO Asset Management needed corporate real estate outsourcing services. ASL BPO acted as extension to support it in some specific areas of its operation. This included hiring contractors to maintain properties, scheduling with them, doing data entry and database management. Since 2016, ASL BPO has saved 30% of annual costs that FixREO would otherwise have incurred in hiring in-house employees for the work.

  • Innovative Property Solutions hired ASL BPO strictly for data entry, database management, and to partially help with accounting. Since 2016 we have successfully been assisting them in the required areas to help them grow their business.

  • Paul Anthony Real Estate was a client that worked with commercial properties and hired ASL BPO from 2014 - 2016. We completed several projects successfully for them which included email marketing, CRM management, lead generation, and database management. The client was happy with the services entailed and with how much cost they had been able to save in the projects by hiring ASL BPO.

FAQ On Our Service

Why choose us as your outsourcing partner for your Real Estate Operations?

ASL BPO has been deeply involved with providing outsourcing solutions to the Real Estate industry since 2014, this has given us a deep understanding of the industry's needs and has enabled us to provide the most efficient solutions. 


Our employees are highly experienced and are capable of providing any type of back office support that you may require. Furthermore, our prices are competitive and highly affordable. 

ASL BPO Office

Why Outsource Part of Your Real estate Operations

 A major part of the back end operations for real estate companies is data management, doing property evaluations, etc. Why invest on building in-house resources for these when you can outsource to experts at reduce business costs by a large margin? This also helps you to focus on your core part of the business, to expand and generate more income. 

Who are Suitable to Needing Our Service?

Anybody working in the real estate industry who is looking for assistance! Whether you are a Real Estate Company, a Real Estate Owner, Broker, a Real Estate Agency or a Realtor, we can help your business to flourish. 

ASL BPO Team Meeting

Why Outsource to You Instead of in the Philippines or India?

Costs in both these countries have been rising, so many businesses are actually looking elsewhere to outsource.


Couple this with the fact that we provide the same high quality work, hiring us means you get to keep the same standards at a more competitive price! 

Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

Vast Experience

We have been involved with the real estate industry for a long time and have a lot of experience in this field

Great Infrastructure

We are a global service provider, and our company ensures that our infrastructure is above the par

Skilled Workforce

Our employees are all well-trained for the Real Estate industry. They understand the type of tasks you may need from them

24/7/365 Service

We are open 24/7 and we have the capability to provide you service whenever you need

One Stop Solution

No matter what service you may need for your business, you can get it from us

Security and Confidentiality

We give a lot of importance to data security and strictly adhere to security protocols

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