Catalog and Product Data Entry Services

For e-commerce websites, online retailers, wholesalers and businesses we offer data entry services for cataloging their products online. Why do this tedious work yourself when you can hire a professional data entry expert from us to complete the task in a timely manner with no errors at a cost effective price?

ASL BPO has a large data entry team who are well trained and expert at what they do, we are scale-able, flexible and can fully cater to your business needs.

Scope of Our Services

ASL BPO can help online businesses and e-commerce sites through high quality data entry of cataloging products on their website.

Accurate cataloging is extremely important for e-commerce businesses to ensure retention and conversion of sales from potential buyers visiting the site. As errors in cataloging can turn the consumers away from buying products. We have been helping businesses with data entry services since 2015 and have been a trusted partner to clients around the globe.

Below are some of the catalog data entry services offered by ASL BPO:

1) Maintaining and Updating Catalogs: Our team regularly updates the catalogs of products in the e-commerce business site to ensure buyers get accurate information on price, products and services.

2) Building and Indexing Catalogs: We build and index catalogs of products on your e-commerce site for potential  buyers to get accurate information with ease.

3) Data Mining and Research: Our team can research and mine data from your competitor website and other resources. 

4) Order Processing: We can help you with online order processing by accelerating certain steps of the process such as, electronic purchases, capturing order information, invoicing and shipping.

5) Product Data Entry: We are fully equipped to provide you support with product data entry which includes entering and updating inventory and product descriptions.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Catalog Data Entry Services to Us

Our services are customized to our clients needs and budget, Below is a general outline of our expertise in this field:

1) We adhere to GoBISM (equivalent to internationals standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002) for data security of our clients. All work is done in secure servers with Virtual Private Networks to maximize privacy.

2) We are Service Level Agreement (SLA) and EU GDPR compliant. 

3) We have a skilled and well trained team of data entry specialists with the ability to scale up to your needs irrespective of the volume of work you have.

4) 24/7/365 service. We have the ability to work at your preferred time to best suite your business needs.

5) Project managers are fluent in English communication and ready to help you with any queries and issues. 

6) Our customer support is always available for you whether by call or email to help you with your business needs.

7) Guaranteed cost saving from 30 - 50 %  while maintaining high standards and quality.