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Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate

A large portion of the US economy is dependent on real estate businesses. The field’s growth is so high that puts all of its players in constant competition. This industry is also prone to long-term challenges if not handled properly. An agent has to measure every step he takes. Virtual assistant services for real estate helps real estate agents save time and focus on their core business operations.

Real estate owners have very tight schedules. They have full-time customers and a lot of fieldwork pressure. Sitting in front of the computer desk is not for them. Many real estate owners and agents face difficulties in handling administrative tasks.

What is a Virtual Real Estate Agent?

Virtual real estate agents help real estate owners manage their regular operational activities. They can also work on some core tasks related to the real estate business.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant from ASL BPO will relieve your work pressure. They invest their experience in your business to increase productivity, take key responsibilities and boost the growth of your business. Ensure smooth coordination of your administrative tasks.

Keep reading to find out how a virtual assistant can help your real estate business.

5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Assistant Services Real Estate

5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Assistant Services Real Estate

You may think that a virtual assistant for real estate will only save you costs. Cost-effectiveness is definitely a big advantage of virtual assistant services. There are more of it that we will talk bout.

  • When you outsource real estate virtual assistant services, you will have a bunch of well-trained professionals to support your business. These highly skilled professionals may come from any corner of the world. Your business will have global exposure and a diverse talent pool.

  • You will need leads to grow your real estate business. Collecting leads is a very time-consuming task. Real estate virtual assistants can assist you with lead generation. They also work to get conversions from the leads by integrating various marketing strategies.

  • Virtual assistants have no time restrictions. You can keep your business running 24 hours a day and on weekends with the help of real estate virtual assistants. You do not have to pay extra for odd working hours.

  • Virtual assistants have no time restrictions. You can keep your business running 24 hours a day and on weekends with the help of real estate virtual assistants. You do not have to pay extra for odd working hours.

  • Imagine having less time and more meetings on your hands. You have to recognize your priorities. Then, schedule the meetings accordingly. With a virtual assistant, you do not have to do it on your own. A real estate virtual assistant is able to manage scheduling based on priority tasks.

Tasks Performed by Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Tasks Performed by Real Estate Virtual Assistants

1) Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Order Processing

Real estate brokers inspect properties for banks, mortgages, and other loss mitigation companies. They often get a bulk amount of data at short notice. Real estate brokers work on property inspections according to the guidelines of real estate brokers.

However, very few BPO companies provide broker-priced virtual assistant services. ASL BPO is one of the most reliable real estate virtual assistant service providers.


  • Quick turnaround time

  • Accurate evaluation of properties

  • Save software cost

  • Rush order submission

  • Comparable data entry

2) Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Every real estate company prioritizes Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) market analysis. Good property research will help you minimize the risk of making strategic business decisions.

Parts of the research involve analysis of the area of demographics, identifying the areas of improvement, competitor analysis, legal aspects, etc. A virtual real estate assistant coordinates all the research-based tasks and comes up with a result-driven database.


  • Detailed project information

  • Sorted and compiled database

  • Evaluate the viability of projects

  • Governmental policies or industry regulations

  • Risk mitigation

3) Property Lead Generation

An experienced virtual assistant is the best source of your potential leads. They have multiple strategies for lead generation. The virtual assistants engage the prospective clients via social media, engage local clients, and use cold-calling methods to generate leads for real estate businesses.


  • Generate more business opportunities

  • Cost-effective approach

  • Get rid of documented process

  • Improved user experience

  • Advanced strategic planning

4) Real Estate Appointment Management

Real estate owners and agents have to meet clients regularly. We understand that you do not have enough time to schedule these appointments. A virtual assistant will make sure that your appointments are in order, whether it’s a call, email, or in person.

Some agents use appointment scheduling software. The best advantage of having a human virtual assistant is that he/she will recognize the priority of your appointments in deciding who to put first. It will be convenient for both you and your clients.


  • Offer uninterrupted appointments

  • Focus on your core business

  • No missed appointments

  • Work according to the priority

5) Social Media Management

Social media presence is mandatory for every business in this era. The same goes for real estate. As the CEO, you may not have time to post on your social channels on a regular basis. A dedicated in-house social media manager will cost you double.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best option for you. A virtual assistant will not only help you manage your social accounts but also collect leads for your business, as discussed earlier.


  • Lookalike Audience

  • Retargeting

  • Pinpoint Targeting Audience

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Highly customizable audiences

6) Real Estate Cold Calling

Cold calling is the most effective lead generation technique that converts into an actual conversion. However, not everyone can get into this game successfully. A cold caller must know how to engage a client through conversation.

As a real estate agent, you might have a lot of leads but you do not know how to approach them correctly. Hire an expert cold-calling virtual assistant to utilize your leads correctly.


  • Instant feedback

  • Increase conversions

  • Create a new business connection

  • Indirect benefits

7) Customer Support

Customer service is very important for real estate businesses. Real estate agents have to understand customer needs accurately.

However, it is not possible for anyone to communicate with multiple customers at once. Thus, it is important to have a virtual assistant for real estate professionals.


  • Balance sales and service

  • Increase reachability

  • Customer loyalty

  • Customer retention

  • Uninterrupted support

Why Outsourcing is Better than Hiring US-Based Vas?

Outsourcing is a common hiring pattern nowadays. The idea behind outsourcing is to accumulate global talent for greater benefits. It is definitely a better choice compared to US-based virtual assistants. A growing number of organizations are turning to offshore outsourcing.

So, what is driving these companies to embrace this practice of sourcing employees from a distant location? When you outsource an offshore team, it implies that both your virtual assistants are based in a country with cheaper labor costs for the same level of competence, such as Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, etc. You will get to explore the outsourcing market in developing countries

FAQs: Real Estate Virtual Assistants

FAQs: Real Estate Virtual Assistants

1. Is Virtual Assistants and Real Estate Virtual Assistant The Same?

Yes. Real estate virtual assistants can perform the tasks of regular virtual assistants. However, some tasks related to BPO/CMA order processing might require some extra training. All virtual assistants have particular expertise. Talk about your requirements before hiring.

2. What is the Cost of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant in the United States costs about $20-$80/hour depending on the type of work. If you outsource offshore, you will get more cost-effective real estate VAs. For example, ASL BPO offers virtual assistant services for only $6/hour.

3. Where Should I Find Real Estate Virtual Assistants?

You have three options to find a real estate VA. First, you can hire from marketplaces. Second, you can hire from a BPO company, and lastly, you can hire through individual job postings. We recommend you hire real estate VAs from a business outsourcing provider company for less hassle and more accountability.

4. Should I Look for a Trained Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

It is not necessary to have a virtual assistant with particular industry training. Most of their jobs are repetitive. They adapt fast to client requirements. You can still look for VAs with some experience in a similar industry.

5. Should I Hire an Offshore or Inshore Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

It depends on the budget you are willing to allocate. If you are looking for cost-effective VAs, we recommend that you hire offshore VAs from prime outsourcing locations.

6. What is The Process of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

The process of hiring a real estate virtual assistant is very simple. You have to start by selecting the tasks you want your virtual assistants to do. Then, select the platform you want to hire from. Review your options. Start working with your VA.

7. Do Real Estate Virtual Assistants Offer Free Trials?

Only a few real estate VAs offer trial periods. If you hire virtual assistants from ASL BPO, you will get a 7-day free trial before starting to work with your VA permanently.

8. How can I Monitor My Real Estate VAs Performance?

Assign KPIs to your VA and request daily reports. You can provide the format of the report to monitor the exact outputs you need to find. Besides, you can find performance monitoring software. If you hire a BPO, they have their own quality assurance team.

9. How Can I cancel an Underperforming Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Unlike traditional employees, you can cancel your contract with an underperforming virtual assistant anytime. You can begin with an hourly contract to avoid any interruptions.

10. "I'm Not Sure Where to Start" - What Should I Do?

This happens to every business that wants to introduce virtual assistant services. We have the solution for you. Contact ASL BPO — your trusted outsourcing partner. Our team will guide you through the entire process without any inconvenience.

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