Data Entry Services and Outsourcing Solutions

ASL BPO is one of the best data entry service provider in Bangladesh and a trusted outsourcing partner to its clients

All businesses have back-end data entry work that are part of its non-core processes. Whether its organizing bills and receipts, cataloging products, entering records or any other work, the daily hassle of having to deal with such tasks in large volume can be quite tedious and time consuming for the business. 

This is where ASL BPO comes in, we are one of the best data entry service provider in Bangladesh, who has been providing its outsourcing services since 2014 to companies in UK, France, USA, Canada and China among others. 

We are an experienced offshore data entry company, with trained employees, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy in our work. We provide quality service at competitive rates and guarantee to reduce your business costs by at least 30 to 40 %.

Why Choose Our Services?

We give Importance to Quality and Accuracy

We are one of the best data entry outsourcing service provider in Bangladesh, with our services being given to businesses globally. We invest on training our employees extensively and ensure that their performance is above the par.

Our Quality Assurance team, QC all projects continuously in a very rigorous and stringent manner. Employees, found to have less than the target accuracy are kept under special supervision and are retrained to ensure they meet the quality. Through these processes, we ensure that our team achieve maximum accuracy of over 99%  in their data entry work. 

We Ensure Security of Your Data

We understand that a lot of the data that you will let us handle maybe of extreme confidentiality in nature. That's why we ensure that we have a stringent data security process in place. Our company follows Information Security Law that has been mandated by the Government as mandatory for all BPO companies. The manual which serves as the guidance to be adhered to follow the law is called Government of Bangladesh Information Security Manual (GoBISM) and is based on internationals standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and  ISO/IEC 27002. We strictly adhere to the manual for guidance on data security. This manual can be fully reviewed by any potential client on this link.

In regards to office security, all of our workstations have access to USB ports and CD-ROMS disabled to prevent data leak. Our employees are prevented from accessing unwanted websites or signing in to any apps or emails not  related to work. Employees are monitored in a two way process, CC-camera and workstation monitoring software to ensure maximum security is in place.

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Advantages of Hiring ASL BPO as your Outsourcing Partner

Stringent Quality Control

We strictly adhere to quality control and management to ensure our output is of utmost accuracy.

24/7/365 Service

Our offices are open 24/7 and we have the capability to process data entry work at your preferred time.

Guaranteed Cost Reduction

Hiring us means you will have guaranteed cost reduction from anywhere between 30% to 40% or even more!

Large Volume Processing

We have the capability to process large volume of data entry work in and efficient and timely manner.

Skilled Workforce

Our data entry employees consists of highly trained and skilled personnel. 

Data Security and Confidentiality

We follow Data Security laws guided under the GoBISM manual strictly.

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