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Virtual Assistant Service

We provide experienced and performance-based virtual assistant services aligned with technological advancement for efficient business automation.


Think about the day, you badly wanted a break but the workload did not allow you.


Our virtual assistants are committed to shrinking your stress and strengthening your business growth. Get access to the most committed, affordable, and skillful virtual assistants by partnering with ASL BPO.

​Our Services Cover a Wide Range of Expertise

One of the most important parts of digital marketing nowadays is social media, no matter what business you're in. A social media virtual assistant can set up social media management tools, create content, schedule postings, proofread, and respond to customer queries.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Virtual Administrative Assistant Work

Administrative virtual assistants are trained to handle repetitive yet essential business tasks. A virtual assistant (VA) in the administrative sector performs tasks like meeting scheduling, data entry, answering emails, and other organizational tasks.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants (VAs) are capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, including accounting, bookkeeping, monthly invoice processing, personal and business banking, accounts receivable and payable management, and quarterly and annual expense reporting and reconciliation.

Project Management Virtual Assistant

ASL virtual assistants for project management will assist you in overseeing independent contractors and ensuring that your company generates the maximum possible benefits from its initiatives. Timeframes and progress are constantly monitored and overseen by the virtual project manager.

Constant availability is essential if you want to expand your customer base. Our customer service Virtual assistants can provide outstanding results while managing customers from multiple platforms.

Customer Support Services

Sales and Marketing VA Services

Virtual assistants are a great asset to any marketing or sales team. If you want the highest quality, most qualified people working on your brand's marketing, hiring a Marketing Virtual Assistant is the way to go.

Virtual Assistant for Blogging

Virtual assistants are a great asset to any marketing or sales team. If you want the highest quality, most qualified people working on your brand's marketing, taking a Marketing VA is the way to go.

A virtual research assistant is an employee who performs research on behalf of a company. Give our virtual assistant your web-based research tasks, and you'll quickly find the answers you actively sought.

Virtual Research Assistant


Looking for More?

Customized Virtual Assistant Plan

We understand some of your tasks may be unique. We work as a consultant when you are not sure where to start. All you have to do is talk to our consultants regarding the problem that you are facing. We have customized virtual assistant plans on demand. 

Why ASL BPO Virtual Assistant Services?

7 Days free trial of Virtual Assistant Service

7 Days Trial

Virtual assistant services of ASL BPO come with a 7 days free trial. You can assign the tasks you expect our assistants to complete and wait for the result.  Only hire them if they pass your expectations

No Long Term Contracts - ASL BPO

Cancel Anytime

No long-term contracts, you only stay with us as long as you are happy with our services.

customizable-plan ASL BPO.png

Customizable Plan 

Virtual assistants are there to ease your life. You may want them to work at night, on the weekend, during public holidays, and many more. We have got you covered. We have customizable plans for our virtual assistant services that can fit any requirements you desire. 

No Hidden Charges on services - ASL BPO

No Hidden Charges

Pay only for what you signed up for. No extra or hidden costs.

Full supervision of employees - ASL BPO

Full Supervision

Our employees work from office and are under fully monitored and supervised environment. Making your data fully secure.


In-House Assistants

We do not compromise the quality of our work. Our virtual assistant services are completely office driven. Your virtual assistants will be operating directly under the supervision of our QA team. As a result, they will be able to produce the greatest results with 100% effort.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

One Step Ahead of The Competition

Being one of the top-rated BPO firms in Bangladesh- reviewed by Clutch. co, we are dedicated to providing you with a market-competitive virtual assistant service.


Leave the competition behind as we accompany your success.

Best Quality Customer Service

We always ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our virtual assistant service.  For example, you will have direct contact with a supervisor to discuss any queries and issues you may have.

We will also train a backup VA so that there is zero disruption of service in case

Scale up Business Growth

Your business growth constantly needs new investments. An offshore company can reduce operating costs and allow you to make more strategic investments.


We offer high-value virtual assistant service at a cost-effective rate. 

Boost Your Business Growth

By hiring a virtual assistant service, you can focus predominantly on building strategies for your business growth.


You are able to work stress-free. Thus, it will increase your productivity. If you plan to expand your business, a virtual assistant is the best solution for you.

Reduce Operating Costs

Unlike in-house employees, you do not have to pay a fixed amount of salary. You can only pay for the hours your VA has worked for you.


Virtual assistant service reduces operating cost by eliminating the cost of hiring employees, training, and paying fixed salaries.

24/7 Service Availability 

Our virtual assistant service covers round-the-clock jobs. So, no matter which part of the world your business operates in, you will be able to make your service available 24 hours.


You can operate from any country and we'll make sure your service is available all the time.

Type of Services You Can Get From Our Virtual Assistants

Appointment Management 

Project Management 

Event Management

Content Management

Travel Virtual Assistant

Data Entry

E-commerce VA

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Healthcare VA

Human Resources VA

Affiliate Marketing VA

LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Property Management

Research Assistant 

Web Research

Customer Support VA

Expense Management VA

Website Management 

Tax Preparation VA

How Do Our Services Work?

Hiring Process of ASL BPO Virtual Assistants

1. The Hiring Process

Email us or call us directly to start with our services. We will setup a meeting to discuss about our business and what your needs are. From there, we will find a few candidates from our new hires who best fit your needs and setup a second meeting with the candidates for you to get to know them.  You can choose the one you best like. Our rates are at $6 per hour.

Train your Virtual Assistant ASL BPO

2. Train Your Sessions

Next, we will find some best-fit candidates on demand. On our second meeting, we will arrange an introductory session for you and the candidates. You can choose your required VA at $6 per hour.

Monitoring by Supervisors of your Virtual Assistants

3. Monitoring & Daily Reports

We drive the efficiency and profitability of the virtual assistants by monitoring their tasks regularly. Our audit team is reviewing all the tasks assigned to a VA for quality assurance. Our team will provide you with daily reports based on the task analytics of virtual assistants. 

Virtual Assistant Pricing Plans

Part-Time Assistant

Up to 4 hours each day, 6 days a week. Billed at fixed monthly rate.

$575 /month

Full-Time Assistant

Billed at per hour rate.  9 hours each day, 6 hours each day. (Can extend to more hours and to 7 days a week service as needed).

$6 /hour

Custom Virtual Assistant

Want a fixed monthly rate for a full time assistant? Email us for quote.

Ask for Quote 

We Value Our Clients


Sam Petrakis

Investments Associate, Kairos Living

Last night was a good example of ASL succeeding to make our lives easier. At the end of the business day, we needed property data on about 100 properties. Since it was the end of the day we didn't have capacity so we sent it to ASL who spent the next 5 hours completing it and got it to us that same night


William "Bill" Kincaid

CEO, USA Property Preservation Services

Continue to train there employees in making sure that there are no errors in submitting the work orders

Ab Shubear

Operation Manager, Securiworld Canada

Their CEO never overpromised and under-delivered. Even when our company was running through a financial problem at one point they tried their best to provide us with service without any issues.

Clutch Review.png

Learn About Virtual Assistants

Most virtual assistants come with an entrepreneurial mindset. They thrive to be a part of your success. They will assist you expertly in your revenue-generating activities, strengthen overall outcomes and free up your time to focus on more strategic functions.


However, you have to make sure that they are trained accordingly to the company's needs. Their services also need to be monitored constantly.


Thus, we recommend you hire virtual assistants from a provider who can look after all these back office activities. Eliminate the steps of the hiring process, in-house training, and daily monitoring. Hire your virtual assistant today with ASL BPO

  • What is Back Office Customer Service ?
    Customer service typically belogs to the front office. However, they are to be supported by the back office to function efficiently. Back -office customer service integrates the technical support and automation needed to assist customers more effectively.
  • What is Back Office in Business ?
    In business, a back office means the department that is responsible for combining all business activities.
  • Why is The Back Office so Important ?
    Back office plays an important role in every business as the success of other core functional offices are dependent on the back office.
  • What is Back Office Outsourcing ?
    Back office outsourcing occurs when a company appoints a third party ( known as business process outsourcing) to look after their back office operations.
  • What is The Difference Between Middle and Back Office ?
    The middle office gets involved with managing corporate risks and building strategies. The back office is more concerned with functions such as technical and IT support.
  • Do I Have To Sign a Long Term Contract?
    No, you do not have to sign any long term contract hiring a virtual assistant from ASL BPO. We try to keep our plan client-friendly and as flexible as possible.
  • Will I Get an Option to Select My Virtual Assistant?
    You will. The way our system works - we hire the virtual assistants on behalf of our clients . Then, we let our clients assess the VAs to find they are the best fit. So, you can select your own VA from our selected number of qualified candidates.
  • Will the virtual assistant be fluent in the English language?
    Our virtual assistants are fluent in English with both verbal and written communication skills.
  • Can your virtual assistants work in the night shift?
    Yes. We have a round the clock office operating system. Our virtual assistants are capable of working both night and day shifts.
  • Do your virtual assistants work from home?
    Quality is our first priority. So, we do not allow our VAs to work from home. All of your virtual assistants work from the office so that we are able to monitor their tasks with full efficiency.
  • How Do We Communicate Effectively With Our VA?
    In order to better serve our customers, we employ a wide range of methods of contact, including email, in-call service, Skype, messenger, screen-sharing, and project management software. You can also let us know if you require any special arrangements.
  • What is Back Office Customer Service ?
    Customer service typically belongs to the front office. However, they are to be supported by the back office to function efficiently. Back-office customer service integrates the technical support and automation needed to assist customers more effectively.
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