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Digital Marketing or Virtual Assistant? Who to Hire to Grow Your Business?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The global economy is constantly moving towards digitization. Online presence, search engine optimization, and social media availability are crucial parts of every business. This increase in digital business requires significant budget allocation to digital marketing.

Then, we all know that it is expensive to hire digital marketers.

BPO Audio Ep 3: Digital Marketing or Virtual Assistant?

So, What Second Option Do You Have?

Digital Marketer or Virtual Assistant?

Many companies prefer a second strategy when in dilemma what service to outsource digital marketing or virtual assistant. They hire digital marketers to build the strategies and virtual assistants to follow through with the strategies developed by digital marketers.

A company can significantly leverage the combination of these two joint segments, called digital marketing virtual assistants. Depending on their past experience and background, a digital marketing virtual assistant can perform a variety of marketing jobs.

Now, the confusing part is who to hire for your business and what task to assign them. Don’t worry. We have the guidelines for you.

The Role of a Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is one who builds strategies for creating a brand image using the internet and technologies via online channels. They master a wide range of skills and technologies in order to keep up with the ever-expanding digital media platforms.

Identify Market Trends and Insights

Your customers have all the answers if you know how to use them. Digital marketers have to do research on market trends to prepare for future growth strategies. They often use digital marketing tools to measure market trends.

Plan Marketing Campaigns

Planning marketing campaigns is the most tactical role of digital marketers. They have to map a well-defined plan based on market insights. It outlines the strategies for building brand awareness through online platforms, as well as how to put them into action.

Optimize Content for Campaigns

Content is the voice of a brand. Optimizing content means preparing deliverable content based on the exact queries of customers. Digital marketers prepare content for digital campaigns.

Maintain the Delivery Channel of The Contents

A digital marketer must make sure that the content reaches its maximum visibility through all media channels.

Track campaign performance

Digital marketing tools can track the performance of digital campaigns. For example, many use Google Analytics to track the performance of web campaigns.

Measure ROI of the campaigns

Further, a digital marketer has to calculate the value of the leads, reach, and conversions from these campaigns. If the campaign fails somehow, he/she has to prepare a better plan to turn it into success.

Prepare report

Last but not least, a digital marketer has to prepare the overall report of the campaign.

How a Virtual Assistant can Support Digital Marketing

Skills of a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant
Skills of a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

We all know that digital marketing is a valuable part of every organization and that it needs regular management. On-site digital marketing executives are comparatively more expensive to hire than virtual assistants. A virtual assistant can follow all the campaign strategies your digital marketer has prepared for you.

You'll have access to an entirely new way of thinking about your digital marketing plan with the right virtual assistant on your side. We’ve listed a few core jobs a virtual assistant can do for you.

Social Media Management

I am sure you all have come across some businesses with super cool social media platforms. They update their posts regularly with eye-catching content, reply as soon as possible when a customer reaches out, and follow up regularly.

Virtual assistants often work as social media managers. You can focus on your business growth while keeping your social media activity with the support of a virtual assistant.

Website Management

Some businesses are solely dependent on websites. Clients want to see the professional appearance of a company website. You can have your virtual assistant manage the company website. A virtual website management assistant will ensure your website’s best first impression. Also, it will be easier for you to have a clear sales funnel.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of generating a sales force of potential customers. It involves in-depth research of the market and competitors. A virtual lead generation assistant collects leads for your business through data analysis.

PPC Campaign Management

All digital marketing channels have paid advertisements, for example, Facebook, Google,

Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. This is a beneficial yet time-consuming process for your business. A virtual PPC campaign assistant knows how to create ads that reach potential clients.

Email Marketing

Businesses around the world use email marketing. This cost-effective approach can come with great benefits if the person you assign knows exactly what to do. A virtual assistant is an excellent addition to your marketing team. A virtual assistant can set up email campaigns, write email copy, design templates, distribute them correctly, and monitor the performance of the campaigns.

Content Development

Well-written, top-notch content grabs customer attention fast. A virtual blogger can nurture the brand's voice through the power of words. Using an expert virtual assistant, they leverage relevant content to interact with customers and maintain consistent communication across digital channels.

The Benefits Your Business Can Earn from Hiring a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

digital marketing virtual assistant benefits
The Benefits of digital marketing virtual assistant

Stay Active

Most digital sites require you to be active all the time. When you hire a virtual assistant, you can ensure the reachability of your social sites for 24 hours. It will bring more traffic to your social pages, eventually converting them into customers.

Enhanced Productivity

A virtual assistant can handle a large number of tasks and responsibilities. It will allow you to focus on your core business decisions. You will have ample time to prepare for your next move. Thus, having a virtual assistant helps to increase productivity.

Reduce Operational Costs

When you have to hire multiple employees to do the same tasks, it is a waste of budget. Besides, you have invested in an office set up for your on-site employees. Hire virtual assistants instead of overcrowding your office with employees and reduce operational costs.

Improve Brand Image

With a digital marketing virtual assistant on your team, you can improve your brand image. Besides, you will be able to note marketing errors and find solutions.

Final Note

Your digital marketing team is performing on a commercial battlefield. Hiring a virtual assistant advances your marketing strategy and helps your digital marketing team sustainably grow in the field. However, it’s only worthwhile when you have the right person as your digital marketing virtual assistant. Contact ASL BPO to meet your best fit.

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