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Professional Xactimate Estimation at Cost Effective Price

Need a Xactimate Estimate writer for Insurance Damage Claims or Remodeling? We have an outstanding team for your Repair and Adjuster Scope Estimates.

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What is an Xactimate Estimate

What is an Xactimate Estimate?

For Insurance Damage Claims, one of the most important part is to writeup Xactimate estimate to calculate the costs of repairs and restoration. Xactimate along with Bluebook  are two repair estimation tools that are widely used by contractors, insurance adjustors and property restoration companies to provide estimates and invoices for insurance damage repairs. Because it is imperative that estimates are written correctly, so as to provide accurate costs of repairs. Xactimate writeups are always done by experienced professionals

Why use our Xactimate Estimating Service?

If you are an insurance adjuster or you are in the property restoration business, you know how much time Xactimate consumes. Not only on writing an estimate but also in mastering the Xactimate tool. This is why hiring an in-house employee or writing the estimates yourself is a loss of time and money. Rather it is a much prudent decision to hire an Xactimate estimating company such as us.


Our Xactimate estimate writers are experts in using the Xactimate software, they are able to accurately provide repair estimates for all kinds of Insurance loss such as fire damage, water damage, mold damage, fallen trees ,etc. 

We provide estimates that maximizes your profit through adding all possible line items, while still being very easy to read. We ensure that you get quick approvals through our estimates to enable you to grow your business. 

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How Our Xactimate Estimating Service Works

Step 1: Get Photos & Documentation

Get the scope of work that needs to be done and loss documentation. Provide us detailed information about the damages present and scope of the work needed. Take detailed photos of all the damaged areas in the property with Matterport 3D Camera or any other similar alternative.

Step 2: Provide us the Information

Once you have taken all the necessary information including photos and scope of work needed, send us the information through your preferred system.

Step 3: We Deliver your Estimate

While you sit back and relax, we create a draft of the Xactimate Estimate within the required deadline and send it to you for review. In case you need revision, we correct per your request and then send you the final estimate!

Xactimate Estimate Services We Offer

We provide estimates for all kind of damages such as fire damage, roof damage, water damage, mold damage and all other kinds of property restoration for both commercial and residential house in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Fire Damage Xactimate Estimate | ASL BPO

Fire Damage

Mold damage icon Xactimate Estimate Services | ASL BPO

Mold Damage

Water Damage Xactimate Estimate | ASL BPO

Water Damage

HVAC Damage Xactimate Estimate Services | ASL BPO

HVAC Damage

Freeze Damage Xactimate Estimate Services | ASL BPO

Freeze Damage

Cost Estimators like Xactware and Repairbase are used by various businesses from Architectural Designers, Insurance Adjusters to General Contractors. 

Outsource to our specialized team to reduce your costs while keeping the same quality of work!

  • Architectural Design Cost Estimation

  • Insurance Adjuster Scopes

  • Property Remodeling Estimation

  • Repair Estimates

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