Our Story

Ayesha Outsourcing Solutions LTD. is a Startup Business Process Outsourcing Firm that provides a wide array of outsourcing services worldwide. It was founded in 2014, with the aim to provide cost-effective back-end services & outsourcing solutions to businesses and help them reduce overhead costs, increase efficiency, save time and let them refocus their resources to the core operation of their business. 

Our operational headquarters is in Bangladesh, and it is among the top BPO firms that reside in this country. It has been able to retain an 18.9% annual growth since its inception and as of 2020, services businesses and companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, and China.

Miraj | ASL BPO Virtual Assistant
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Our Vision

To become one of the top outsourcing brands in all of South Asia and provide cost-effective outsourcing solutions to clients that aim to grow their business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding quality of service that provides value to our customer's needs. We follow best practices to provide a wide range of outsourcing services that help them achieve their desired business goals.

Our Founding

ASL BPO was started by Zayed Uddin Ahmed and Ayesha Siddika in 2014. We started with 4 employees providing small back office support services to a few businesses in USA. Since then we have come a long way. Although we are registered as Ayesha Outsourcing Solutions LTD. Our brand name (or DBA) is ASL BPO. We inaugurated our first corporate office in 2015 andw ith our ongoing expansion year after year, we shifted to a much larger office premise in 2018. And since then, we have only been growing!

Zayed Ahmed | Founder and CEO of ASL BPO
Atikur Rahman | ASL BPO Virtual Assistant

Early Years

Our start was with providing support to property preservation companies in the USA. This involved not only providing back-office support to them but also providing free resources (Such as our property preservation blog!) and consultation. By 2016, we shifted our focus to a much broader spectrum to providing services such as Virtual Assistance, Customer Care Support and SEO. It is also in this year that we took our first step in expanding our client base from other markets as well, which led us to work with companies in UK, France, Canada and China. 

ASL BPO Employee Training
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Zayed Ahmed - Founder & CEO of ASL BPO
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At ASL BPO, we don't only work hard, we also have a lot of fun too