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ASL BPO | The Journey of The Country's Best BPO Company


​They say there is no shortcut to success, but at ASL, we believe there is. The shortcut we follow is the satisfaction of our clients. As one of the country’s leading business process outsourcing ( BPO) firms, ASL BPO aims to provide exclusive outsourcing services on demand.



We master the metamorphosis of the imperial connection between business automation and industry success. Founded in 2014, we have teamed up with countless global companies, which has led to our today’s pride of being the best BPO company in Bangladesh.

Our Story

ASL BPO was founded in 2014 as Ayesha Outsourcing Solutions LTD providing cost-effective back office services and multi-purpose virtual assistant support services. We started with 4 employees providing small back office support services to a few businesses in the USA. Since then we have come a long way. Currently, the company employs 200+ highly skilled professionals.

In the early years, we started by providing support to property preservation companies in the USA. By 2016, we shifted our focus to a much broader spectrum of providing services such as virtual assistance, customer care support, and SEO. Then, we also took our first steps toward expanding our client base in other markets.
Our operational headquarters are in Bangladesh, and they are among the top BPO firms that reside in this country. It has maintained an annual growth rate of 18.9% since its inception.


In 2020, we began serving businesses and companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, and China with our full potential. By 2022, we would have become a registered business in the United States.

We are obsessed with quality. Our service benchmark collaborates with the client's mission, vision, and expectations to identify the right solution you can depend on.

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Our Vision

To become one of the top outsourcing brands in all of South Asia and provide cost-effective outsourcing solutions to clients that aim to grow their businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the impact of BPO industries in the global economy.

Core Values

We are solely dedicated to upholding our ethical standards, promoting equality, and establishing prime corporate governance. We are trusted by many global clients as the most reliable business process outsourcing firm. By combining cutting-edge tools, industry experience and a highly skilled team of talent , ASL BPO is able to assist its clients in making a remarkable global footprint.



Zayed Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of ASL BPO and the Co-Chairman of the Global Market Development Subcommittee of the Bangladesh Association of Contact Center and Outsourcing (BACCO). He has been proudly involved with the outsourcing industry in Bangladesh since 2009.


His prioritization of values and visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to assist hundreds of campaigns around the world. He aims to span the BPO industry of Bangladesh globally with top-notch business support solutions.

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Organizational Culture

Our organizational culture is largely based on people's values. We do not micromanage our employees. Thus, all of our employees are self-motivated and keen to provide our clients with the best performance needed.

We believe that "the employees perform their best when they are treated as shareholders.

"At ASL BPO, we motivate our employees to work as a team". The three main aspects of our organizational culture are:

People's Place

ASL BPO is a people’s place where all the employees are treated equally. They have full freedom to share their ideas and beliefs. We work like a family. 

Learning as Service

We recognize that learning is a continuous process. Thus, we have in-house training arrangements for all of our employees. Experience is definitely an advantage. However, we do not mind welcoming freshers to our company. 

Top-tier Management

The management at ASL BPO follows a very simple hierarchy. Each project has an individual project manager and QA. We make sure that our employees are able to work smoothly under streamlined management.

ASL BPO Employee Training
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Our team - ASL BPO
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Ayesha Siddika Chairman of ASL BPO
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Zayed Ahmed - Founder & CEO of ASL BPO
ASL BPO Employee presentation
Office Pictures (1) - ASL BPO
Office Pictures (5) - ASL BPO
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Office Pictures (2) - ASL BPO
Khan Osmany | ASL BPO
ASL BPO Interior 2
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Arif Hossain Joy | ASL Team
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ASL BPO Interior 3
Joshim - - ASL BPO
ASL BPO Head Office Dhaka
ASL BPO Interior 4
Rahat Mondol | ASL BPO
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Arifur Rahman Razon
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At ASL BPO, we don't only work hard, we also have a lot of fun too

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