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Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Are you planning to start an Amazon FBA business or want to scale up your existing FBA business?

Amazon FBA Business Model

Amazon FBA business can be the best growth opportunity if you have the perfect assistant to support your regular tasks. You can hire a remote Amazon FBA virtual assistant to handle the tedious administrative tasks you hate starting your day with.

Let's discuss this in detail.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an e-commerce business model by Amazon for third-party sellers where a seller gets to choose which product he wants to sell and find the supplier. Amazon will take care of the rest of the process. For example, inventory storage, order processing, shipment, return products, etc

Steps to Start Amazon FBA Business

Step 2: Add products to Amazon's Catalog

Step 3: Prepare your products to be shipped to Amazon warehouse

Step 4: Make shipping plans with Amazon’s delivery partners

Step 5: Start selling

Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Boost Your Sales?

Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Boost Your Sales?
Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Boost Your Sales?

It is extremely challenging to sell a product on Amazon. It’s a massive marketplace with thousands of competitors against each product. As a seller, you have to deal with multiple tasks at a time that require your undivided attention. Once you lose your focus, you will see your competitors filling the void and getting success.

Yes, an Amazon virtual assistant can boost your sales. Maximum people who have business on Amazon have claimed that they were assisted by a Amazon Virtual Assistant to gain more sales.

Time saving

One common benefit of having an Amazon FBA virtual assistant is that it will save you plenty of valuable time. You do not have to be a busy body running after non core business activities. Rather you can dedicate the non core tasks to a virtual assistant.

Increased conversion rate

You will see a significant improvement in the conversion rate with the help of a Amazon virtual assistant. When your products are listed on time, updated regularly and promoted in the right manner, your store will generate more conversions.

Cost-effective approach

It’s a very cost-effective way to increase your sales. Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is cheaper than hiring an in-house employee to manage your business. You will only pay for the services you utilize. So, why pay more? Hire a reputed BPO company for Virtual assistant Services

Special occation sales

A virtual assistant is a must during holiday sales. You have to plan presale goals, plan strategies and advertising campaigns. During the season, you have to deal with a bulk amount of orders at once. A virtual assistant helps you to organize the tasks during the holiday season.

Overall, a virtual assistant is well versed with Amazon marketplace. If you are planning to expand your business, find a suitable virtual assistant services for your business.

So, what exactly are the tasks of an FBA virtual assistant?

10 Common Tasks of an FBA virtual assistant

You all already know the tasks of a general virtual assistant. The role of an Amazon FBA virtual assistant is almost similar.

10 common tasks of an FBA virtual Assistant

Amazon FBA Webstore Setup

Registering for Amazon webstore is the initial part of your business. The terms and conditions part is lengthy. Most business men will get exhausted going through the scanning process. Besides, you have to make sure that all your business information meets their requirements. A virtual assistant can help you set up an Amazon webstore.

Product Research

As an Amazon seller, you must be looking to find products that bring you profitable sales. Product research is not as simple as selecting the product you want to sell only. It involves knowing market trends, competitive pricing, finding new ideas for product listings, etc. An FBA virtual assistant can do the product research for you.

Product Listing and Keyword Research

Once you have the right product of your choice, you have to start thinking about product visibility. The Amazon marketplace has a lot of competitors for each product. Your keyword research will determine the amount of traffic your website gets. Appoint a virtual assistant to find the right keywords and arrange the content accordingly.

Product Image Editing

The quality of your product image is the first impression of your customers. They will be able to view your photos from multiple angles. Through editing, an Amazon virtual assistant is able to add a professional touch to your photo. Your brand will get better positioning from the high quality product listing.

Product Upload

Uploading products to your Amazon store is a monotonous task that requires a lot of time. You can save this time by hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will upload product data for upselling, cross-selling, and deleting hold photos, helping your store be more productive and clutter-free.

Social Media Management

For many people and businesses, social media has become an essential part of their daily lives. You can't grow a business without proper social media engagement. Amazon FBA sellers also need to connect to potential customers through social media. A virtual assistant increases brand awareness, improves networking, and expands the brand internationally through social media marketing.

FBA Shipment Planning

A shipping plan informs Amazon about the product details and how the products will be shipped from a certain location to an Amazon warehouse. An Amazon virtual assistant gets the FBA shipment plan done with details like product label generation, carton label generation, weight, dimension, units per case etc.

Paid Ads

A well-managed and optimized PPC campaign can increase product visibility and sales. Amazon users find products based on search terms. When targeting customers through PPC, you have to make sure your ad contains the right keywords. It’s always better to hire someone who already knows what to do. A virtual assistant helps to create, optimize and analyze paid ads.

Review Generation

It is crucial for every business to know what customers think. As a seller, you may not have time to interact with every customer individually. You can hire a virtual assistant to generate reviews for your FBA webstore.

Customer service

Amazon is a customer-centric marketplace where responding time matters the most. Suppose, your customer has reached you out to learn about a product. If you do not respond immediately, the customer might switch to another vendor. However, it’s not possible for a seller to be available all the time.

Where to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Now that you know about all the benefits a Amazon FBA virtual assistant can bring to your Amazon FBA business, you might consider hiring one. ASL BPO is the best place where you can hire Amazon virtual assistants. We provide round the clock professional virtual assistant Services. Contact us to find out more information.

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