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Top Virtual Assistant Monthly Packages

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Are you planning to hire a virtual assistant? Not sure how to plan your budget? The selection process is exhausting when you do not know who to choose as your virtual assistant-providing partner. In this article, I will tell you about the virtual assistant monthly packages from the top 8 companies.

Table of Contents

First, let me tell you why you need a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant takes care of your daily monotonous tasks so that you can invest your valuable time in making more strategic decisions. The biggest advantage of virtual assistants is their cost-effectiveness.

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant is cheaper than hiring a full-time assistant. Among some other advantages, a virtual assistant helps you scale your business faster, improves work quality, and exposes your brand globally.

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant in the United States takes about $10-$60 per hour. Virtual assistant monthly packages come in very handy for businesses. There are a lot of business process outsourcing firms offering lucrative virtual assistant service packages.

What is a Virtual Assistant Package?

The virtual assistant service providers have hourly, weekly, and monthly plan sets for the clients. It might cost more if you choose to pay as you go or by hourly methods. Monthly packages usually come with discounts.

Top Companies Offering Virtual Assistant Packages

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant at ASL BPO starts at $6. You get a full-time VA for 9 hours a day. If you want to hire a part-time virtual assistant on a monthly basis, it is going to cost you $575. The monthly packages make ASL BPO one of the most cost-effective virtual assistant providers.

The company serves clients from the United States, Australia, Canada, and many other countries. The operational headquarters of ASL BPO is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is among the top BPO firms that reside in the country.

What Do You Get

  • Full-time virtual assistant

  • 7-days free trial

  • Full supervision

  • No hidden charges

  • High-end data security

GetFriday has been one of the leading virtual assistant providers since 2005. They help individuals, startups, and small businesses handle their requirements. Get Friday has 8 different monthly packages starting from 5 hours. They also have a pay-as-you-go option at $5 per hour.

The company is owned by TTK Services Private Limited (the legal entity), a part of the TTK Group in India.

What Do You Get

  • English speaking assistant

  • 24/7 support

  • Backup Assistants & Specialist Teams

  • Flexible & Affordable Plans

MyTasker is a trusted virtual partner for many businesses. MyTasker's monthly plan starts with a 10-hour plan and a maximum of a 100-hour plan. The price decreases as the hour's increase. For example, a monthly 10-hour virtual assistant package costs $140, or $14 per hour. In the meantime, 100 hours cost $900, which is $9/hour.

The company provides virtual receptionist services, customer services, online accounting assistance, marketing services, and many other professional virtual assistant services.

What Do You Get

  • All day & night monitoring

  • Data security

  • Backup support

  • Emergency team support

  • Overseas advantages

Time etc is an experienced US-based virtual assistant provider that brings your VAs based on their experience, skills, and personality traits. Their wide range of services covers inbox management, website updates, research, schedule management, social media, data entry, social media, document formatting, etc.

Time etc has a total of 4 monthly plans that start from $270 for a 10 hours plan. The rate is high compared to the companies we have discussed before.

What Do You Get

  • UK and US-based assistants

  • Free trial with $50 credit

  • Flexible service

  • Any time cancellation

Virtual assistant monthly packages of Pepper VA are divided into three parts, social media VA, executive admin package, and customer support VA package. The cost of hiring is consecutive $650, $600, and $750 dollars. Pepper VA did not mention any hour-based pricing on their monthly packages.

The company was established in 2009 and is based in the Philippines. They also have on-demand online marketing, copywriting and web design services besides virtual assistance.

What Do You Get

  • Seamless transition

  • Secure server room

  • VA training

  • Full-time IT personnel

Task bullet has two types of VAs - The Philippines Based VA and The USA-based VA. Virtual assistants from the Philippines cost less than virtual assistants from the USA. Both of these packages are divided into three parts - starter, light, and expert. The price starts at $22 per hour for Philippine-based VAs and $30 per hour for USA-based VAs.

What Do You Get

  • No hidden fee

  • No credit card required

  • Any time cancellation

  • 100% Money back guarantee

The monthly virtual assistant pricing of Prialto is fixed according to the number of VA you need and their working hours. You can hire a VA individually for yourself at $1350 for 55 hours. The hiring of 3 or more VAs for your team at $4050 for 165+ hours.

They also have monthly packages for organizations. The organization package serves 8+ units of VAs working 440+hours. Prialto has custom prices for organization packages.

Global financial industry executive Eric Taussig founded Prialto in 2009. Since then, the company has been solely dedicated to providing fully managed virtual assistant services. It connects talents from remote regions to the United States' diversified work environment.

What Do You Get

  • 12+ years of proven industry experience

  • Fully trained assistants

  • Flat-rate pricing

  • Information security protection

Boldy has one of the most overpriced virtual assistant services. The company has selective monthly plans for 40 hours, 50 hours, 60 hours, and 80 hours. You have to ask for a custom quote for more than 160 hours.

Boldly was founded in 2012 as a premium subscription staffing company with virtual assistants from North America and Europe.

What Do You Get

  • Complementary launch meeting

  • 10-15 years experienced VAs

  • Multilingual services

  • No start-up fee

  • Free cancellation

  • Private dashboard to track hours

How to Choose The Best Virtual Assistant Monthly Package

Virtual assistance is a lifesaver for businesses that lack the budget to hire multipurpose employees. We have already discussed the top eight monthly virtual assistant service packages. You are probably still thinking about which one to pick for yourself. Here’s a factor that can guide you in selecting the best virtual assistant package:

List Your Requirements

  • What tasks do you expect your VAs to cover?

  • What is the duration of your project?

  • How many hours do you need your VA to work per day?

  • What skills are you looking for?

  • What is your language requirement?

List Your Agency Preferences

  • Check hourly rate

  • Industry experience

  • Is there any hidden fee or set-up cost?

  • How does the price shift with demand?

  • Do they have free

When you have all the answers, you will be able to figure out who to hire as your virtual assistant provider partner. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


How Much Does an Amazon Virtual Assistant Cost?

An amazon virtual assistant in the United States cost $10-$50 based on the work demand.

How Many Hours Does a Virtual Assistant Work in a Day?

A virtual assistant works 8-9 basic hours. Any extra working hour is counted as overtime.

How Much Can You Save by Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

You can save about 30% of your operation costs by hiring a virtual assistant.

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