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50 Best Virtual Assistants Companies for Hire in 2023

Updated: Feb 26

If you are looking for virtual assistant services, we understand that you are already planning to free up some time from your busy schedule. Now, you will find a lot of virtual assistant service providers in a few clicks. The complex part is deciding who to select among the top-performing service providers.

Every company has some unique features which make them the best. You just have to find the parts that fit your purpose best. This article provides a constructive comparison of the best virtual assistant providers.


ASL BPO is a business outsourcing provider company that provides a wide array of virtual assistant services. The company is rated by many long-term partners globally for providing cutting-edge, client-focused solutions, and full client satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants Companies

ASL BPO provides round-the-clock virtual assistant services. No matter if it's the start of the day or late at night, your virtual assistants will always be available on demand. They also have backup virtual assistants for your immediate needs.

It is easier to get on board with ASL BPO. The company has a very convenient contract that does not include any minimum project duration. Besides, they impose no bindings upon canceling plans. ASL BPO has successfully managed to create a people-focused strategy for their people-as-as-service system - virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant Services | ASL BPO

  • Administrative Support

  • Lead Generation

  • Personal Assistant

  • Call & Email Support

  • Web Research

  • Data Entry

  • Customer Support

  • Accounting

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Social Media Management

Pros and Cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants from ASL BPO



7 Days Trial

​✘ No work from home option for VAs

No Hidden Charges

Hourly Pricing Plan

24 / 7 availability

Data Security

Real - Time Support

Tailored Solution

Multilingual VAs


Prialto | Virtual Assistant Services

The company was founded in 2008. Prialto provides virtual assistant support to executives and entrepreneurs. Their top-quality administration is able to ensure the best outcome for their virtual assistants for multiple purposes. Prialto has a very straightforward hiring process and end-to-end service system.

They have three different pricing categories- individual, team, and organization. However, the services are very limited.

Virtual Assistant Services | Prialto

  • Sales Support

  • Time management

  • Workflow management

Pros and Cons of hiring virtual assistants from Prialto



Real - time support

​✘ No free trial

High retention record

​✘ Minimum three months contract

Data protection

​✘ No money - back guarantee

Tech support

​✘ Limited expertise area

​✘ Expensive pricing plan

Time etc

Time etc virtual assistant services
Time etc

Time etc was founded in 2007 with the aim of assisting entrepreneurs by providing virtual assistant services. They maintain a high standard hiring process followed by 10-stages of recruitment. The VAs are highly experienced. The main goal of Time etc is to help professionals focus on their core business and let the virtual assistants do the monotonous work.

The main goal of the company is to take care of the tasks that steal precious time from business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to stay efficient and organized. They offer one free task trial to examine the capabilities of virtual assistants before hiring.

Virtual Assistant Services | Time etc.

  • Email

  • Scheduling

  • Admin

  • Content marketing

  • Personal tasks

  • Social Media

Pros and Cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants from Time etc.



Highly experienced staff

​​​✘ High price

Easy cancelation

​✘ Less focused work

Share virtual assistant to other

​✘ VAs lack specialization

Time - Tracking features

​✘ Limited hour pricing structure


Vitalent | Virtual assistant services

Virtalent is a UK-based company that specializes in virtual assistant services. The company has about 15 years of experience working in the BPO market. They always ensure that their VAs have sufficient talent to satisfy any client.

They serve both startup firms and large companies in the United Kingdom. They have a unique cloud-based platform. Client success managers of Virtalent ensure that all the clients are provided with top-notch services.

Virtual Assistant Services | Virtalent

  • Executive PA support

  • Marketing support

  • Project Management

  • HR & Recruitment

  • Business Management

  • Sales Support

Pros and cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants from Virtalent



Flexible plans

​​​✘ Expensive

Supports small business

​​​✘ The do not offer any free trial

UK - based VAs

​​​✘ Advanced payment system

​​​✘ No money back guarantee



Belay is a modern staffing solution company founded in 2010. The company is headquartered in Atlanta and has teams across 48 states in the United States. Belay started as a company that solely focused on providing virtual assistant services.

Some common tasks of belay virtual assistants included email scheduling and project management assistance.

Belay has proven many tested methods for finding the perfect virtual assistants to meet particular company needs.

Virtual Assistant Services | Belay

  • Research & Reporting

  • Inbox and schedule management

  • Book travel & expense reporting

  • Project coordination

  • Social media assistance

  • Light bookkeeping

Pros and cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants from Belay



Free consultation

Cancellation charge

Personalized price quote

High price

US-based virtual assistants

​No money back guarantee

​No free trial

Baltic Assist

Two visionary and business-minded men, Andzej Rynkevic and Per Moller created Baltic Assist in 2015. Regardless of the industry they serve, Baltic Assist offers virtual accounting and back-office support to businesses of all sizes.

The versatile and top-notch outsourcing services of Baltic Assist have served more than 500 global companies.

Virtual Assistant Services | Baltic Assist

  • Customer services

  • Compliance specialist

  • Sales manager

  • Data entry specialist

  • CAD engineers

  • IT support

  • Graphic design

Pros and cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants from Baltic Assist



Custom pricing


FREE Business Consultation

East VA replacement

Service Comparison Between ASL BPO VS Prialto Vs Time ETC.

ASL vs. Prialto vs. Time ect.
Comparison of the best virtual assistant companies.




Time etc


$6 / Hour

$24 / Hour

$28 to $31 / Hour

Setup Fee




Minimum hours