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Different Types of BPO Services Explained

Updated: May 22, 2023

Business process outsourcing has grown in importance in this contemporary period. And nowhere are we making any mention of it. Every company you come across outsources to some degree.

However, the benefits of the BPO sector depend on the size of the company and its specific needs. Companies often confuse themselves when selecting the types of BPO services they may outsource.

Every industry has unique requirements. BPO services need to align with these industry-specific demands. For example, a healthcare company may require BPO services related to medical coding and billing, while a technology firm may focus on IT support.

In this article, we aim to provide a thorough understanding of how different industries can benefit from different types of outsourcing services.

different types of BPO Services

Factors Affecting Types of BPO Services

Industry-specific needs are the most prominent factor that affects the type of BPO service a company can outsource. Some of the many other factors are:

Factors Affecting Types of BPO Services

Industry Size: The size of a business can impact the types of BPO services it requires. Large corporations may outsource a broader range of functions,

including finance and accounting, HR management, back office operations, IT functions, and call center services.

Small companies, on the other hand, may choose to outsource only specific functions.

  • Geographic Demand: BPO industries eliminate language boundaries among geographical distances. For example, a company operating in Spain may need customer service support in different languages. A company located in a remote area may require high-skilled service support. Thus, geographical demand is a fact to consider when settling on types of BPO services.

  • Business Objectives: How a business wishes to scale themselves determines the type of outsourcing they require. If an industry plans to improve their back office performance, it is recommended that they outsource back office support to a reputed company.

How Industries Utilize Various Types of BPO Services

The flexibility and expertise offered by BPO providers enable companies to bring the best of their services. They do not operate one size fits all, rather a BPO has multiple unique solutions and customizable options based on the industry needs.

Healthcare Industry

Outsourcing certain functions to specialized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers has proven to be a strategic move for healthcare organizations.

In this process, healthcare industries let the BPO handle a few of their non core activities.

So, the healthcare provider is able to concentrate fully in providing medical support to those in need.

Some of the key BPO services for healthcare providers are:

Accounting and Finance

Although the impact of BPO on accounting and finance departments may surprise some, many CFOs increasingly use it to transform the company's performance. And because of their updated role, it undoubtedly helps businesses make more money.

To support the strategy and expansion of the company, certain crucial business issues, including internal controls, risks, and technology, must be managed with the coordination of the accounting and finance departments.

Here Are Some Services an Accounting or Finance Firm Can Outsource to a BPO:

Data Management

Sectors related to data processing services are changing over time due to technological development. But in 2022, several data management businesses are thriving thanks to partnerships with BPO services that help retain staff and clients.

The following services can help data management industries scale their businesses better:

  • Data Entry Services

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Validation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Conversion

  • Database Management

  • Reporting and Visualization

  • Data Security


This industry has undergone the most revolutionary changes when it comes to providing data processing services. Blockchain allows for smooth transactions everywhere in the world. To adapt to their clients' shifting needs, BPO might benefit from it. Blockchain can therefore guarantee data storage on a decentralized network.

Let’s look at the feasible services for the blockchain industry:

  • Blockchain Network Management

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Support

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Management

  • Data Security

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SEO and Paid Ads


To communicate with their separate vendors, many procure firms typically rely on sourcing and purchasing agents, cost analysts, and a host of other professionals. Even though they oversee crucial business operations, they are not directly involved in service delivery. As a result, procurement companies rely on BPO service providers to boost efficiency and cut expenses.

The most common services outsourced by procurement professionals are

  • Supplier Relationship Management

  • Data management

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

  • Purchase Order Processing

  • Invoice Processing

  • Market Research

Artificial Intelligence

Of course, everyone is aware of how trendy AI is. Artificial intelligence's use in our daily lives grows exponentially, so both industries may work together and provide greater value to their customers.

Many BPO firms are using AI to improve their data processing service. As a result, it assists them in making wiser decisions and streamlining corporate processes.

Additionally, BPO service providers can now hire more employees thanks to AI to expand their businesses.

Marketing Agencies

Every company in this technological era makes sure to reap the rewards of outsourcing. And in the world of social media and digital marketing, this is not an exception.

Outsourcing allows marketing companies to access specialized expertise and resources that may not be available internally.

Types of BPO services marketing agencies can outsource are:

Information Technology Industries

IT outsourcing has become a prevalent practice due to several advantages it offers. Many IT companies, ranging from small startups to large enterprises, leverage outsourcing to streamline their operations. The practice of outsourcing has been so common that even Silicon Valley-based companies don’t fall behind.

While Silicon Valley is known for its concentration of high-tech companies and innovation, outsourcing is still a prevalent practice in the region.

Commonly offered BPO services for IT industries

  • Software Development

  • Programming Support

  • IT Helpdesk

  • Network Management

  • Application Maintenance

  • Quality Assurance

  • Data Management

  • Cloud Computing Services

  • Cybersecurity

  • IT Consulting Services

  • Remote Monitoring

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries must routinely deal with several challenges. The firms only work with BPO service providers to handle crucial parts. By outsourcing certain functions to countries with lower labor and operational costs, manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings.

Outsourcing eliminates the need for large investments in infrastructure and equipment. Manufacturing industries thus can allocate their resources more efficiently.

Services supply chain industry can outsource to a BPO:

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Product Design

  • R&D Support

  • Production scheduling

  • Vendor Management

  • Order Processing

  • Inventory Management

  • Supplier Relationship Management

  • Contract Management

  • Packaging Design

  • After-Sales Support

Human Resource Management

BPO in human resources assists in managing all of the HR tasks you want to outsource. You will have more time to devote to your company's main objectives.

In the modern world, human resources outsource their work to outside professionals so they can focus on other areas of the business.

This improves the organization's productivity and overall performance. Businesses today rely on BPO for their human resource functions because it can be challenging to rely on talent across all organizational divisions.

The following are some areas where human resource activities are contracted out:

  • Payroll

  • Benefits

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Education and development

Out of all the factors above, the HR department mostly contracts with BPO service providers for recruitment and selection tasks. It helps develop the right people at the right time who are prepared to perform at their best.


BPO providers have limitless services and customizable solutions to various industry needs. As technology continues to advance, the scope of BPO services is expected to expand as well. The growth will enable businesses across industries to enhance their competitiveness and drive growth.

All the mentioned types above directly impacts the performance of the industry. So, stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly interconnected world with your outsourcing partner.


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