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Data Entry Services and their Different Categories

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

What are Data Entry Services?

Do you know that small businesses to large corporations often outsource data entry projects to BPO providers? Data Entry is one of the most outsourced types of work and is often done on large scale.

But, what are data entry services? In simple terms, it is inputting, transcribing, and sorting out written data into online digital formats.

The demand for data entry is rising at an unprecedented level. That is because we are dwelling in the age of the internet and IT. So why do businesses outsource data entry services? Moreover, what are the different categories of data entry services? This article will look into them.

Why Outsource Data Entry Services?

Why do businesses outsource data entry services? There are many reasons for that. In short, the total benefits of data entry outsourcing services outweigh not hiring them.

Data entry outsourcing services can improve the quality of the data. For example, you're thinking of new business and marketing strategies. So, by hiring an outsourcing service, you can allow businesses to focus on more critical tasks.

Moreover, hiring Data entry outsourcing services can eventually reduce the time it takes for your business to get a project done. Data entry may be demanding, but it is a small part of a business. So, this makes it more reasonable to outsource the work rather than putting your in-house team on it.

Different Categories of Data Entry Services

Data entry refers to extracting data from a written source and converting it into a digital form. However, there are different categories of data entry work. In this section, we will introduce you to the various types of data entry services /data processing services.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is one of the most common forms of Data processing services. Data cleansing refers to organizing and fixing data. It is usually performed on a set of data/databases.

It usually does not involve transcribing data from a written source. Because the operational data is already transcribed into a digital form.

All that is being done is to organize all the information correctly and identify any error, duplicate, or incomplete record. Which are then corrected or deleted.

Data Processing

Data processing services are a more in-depth level of data entry. It is collecting, sorting, and manipulating data to create meaningful information.

One may confuse data processing with data cleansing because they sound the same. But they have their key differences:

Data cleansing is to refine digitized data in a more organized and error-free manner.

While data processing implements a set of data that goes through the process of data cleansing.

So, data processing services give you meaningful outputs of the data which lets you make significant business decisions.

Data Classification

Data classification is an interesting category of Data entry services. It involves classifying data and sorting them into different categories.

It may sound simple, but there are many elements involved in this. The data needs to be tagged, indexed, and classified.

Data is organized through classification by identifying the data's different traits (properties and characteristics). It is a crucial factor in data entry as it prepares information for further inspection and use. If data is not classified, then it cannot be meaningfully utilized by computers and AI.

Data Conversion

Data conversion is the simple act of converting data from one format to another. So, for example, taking data from a hard copy book and inputting that data into a digital word format. And the opposite can also be considered when it comes to data conversion.

Data conversion ranges from audio transcription to photo transcription. But usually, it all boils down to capturing data from an analog source and converting it into a digital format.

Data Capturing and Entering

Data capturing and entering is another significant category of data entering. A prime example of Data capturing and documenting can be the forms that a patient fills in a hospital.

A digital softcopy of the form will then be sent to collect the information, which is data capturing. And then, the data collected will be entered into the digital database of the hospital, which is data entering.

Online Survey

Information captured from online survey forms is often needed to be sorted out into meaningful data. Although now mostly automated, manual data entry is sometimes still needed to sort information from online survey results.


So, these were all the different categories of Data entry services. Data entry services can be very diversified and can get complex sometimes. So, it is natural not to have the required technology and workforce in your in-house data entry team. That is why Data entry outsourcing services are dominant. Thus, with the help of Data processing services, your business can focus on its core function at peace.

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