• Zayed Ahmed

How to get Broker Price Opinion work?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Broker Price Opinions are mostly asked by financial institutions such as banks, loss mitigation

companies and mortgage companies. The BPO is performed by Real Estate Brokers, who inspect the property on behalf of the financial institution and submit the BPO. However, most banks and financial institutions do not provide BPO orders directly to the Real Estate Brokers, nor can the brokers normally apply for BPO work, directly to the banks. Instead, Nationwide companies such as Mortgage Contacting Services (MCS), SingleSource, and Servicelink are given the task of handling the BPO orders in each State and any broker who wants to get BPO work has to apply to them.

Keeping this in mind, we have added a list of companies, along with their site links, from whom you can get Broker Price Opinion Work in 2018:

  1. Mortgage Contacting Services (MCS)

  2. Servicelink

  3. Assurant

  4. Altisource

  5. Single Source

  6. Specialized Asset Management

  7. LRES Corporation

  8. Meridian Asset Services

  9. Safeguard Properties

  10. Mainstreet Valuation

  11. REM Corporation

  12. Island Advantage Realty

  13. REO Solutions

  14. Nations Valuation Services

  15. GO BPO

  16. Five Brothers Asset Management Solutions

  17. Clear Capital

  18. Protek Valuation Services

  19. SWBC Lending Solutions

  20. Old Republic Home Protection

When applying for Broker Price Opinion work, be prepared to provide documents such as E&O insurance, Broker licence information, Coverage area, etc.

Hope this Article helps!

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