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A Guide to Pricing Matrix For Preservation Companies

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Property Preservation Price Matrix

If you are a contractor or a small/medium-sized preservation company, often when looking for work from the large Nationals like Service link, Safeguard, MCS, Five Brothers, MSI, Assetshield, or any other. in order to expand your business or start your own property preservation company, you may have often had a need to know the Price list of the Preservation Companies before you tried taking their work. You may have also wanted to compare the pricing of each of these Nationals to see which one pays better. So here I have tried to compile a guide with all the pricing for different Nationals as well as try to give a comparison for them.

Also at the end, I will provide links to a detailed price list for each of the national property preservation companies as well as HUD Pricing Guidelines.

Grass Cut Price List (Updated 2021)

Lawn maintenance season starts around March / April and stays for about 7-8 months and lasts till October. Most contractors look forward to this season as they get a large volume of work in these 7 months. And for many of these contractors grass cut orders are one of the main orders from which they generate revenue. So, it is not surprising that many would want to know the grass cut pricing that of different nationals, in order to sign up with the nationals who pay the most. Below are some of the grass cut-price lists of different nationals:

MCS grass cut-price rate differs by each state quite a bit, below is their pricing for lawn maintenance in 8 states, if the picture is too small to see properly, click on the picture to download a PDF version of it. Note: We used to provide MnM grass cut prices before, but with MCS acquiring MnM last year, all properties managed by MnM are soon to get integrated into MCS.

MCS Grass Cut Price List

Below is the price list of Assetshield for lawn maintenance as well, REO pricing for grass recut is missing, because a lot of their REO pricing has not been published yet:

Now in comparison, here is MSI and Sandcastle pricing for lawn maintenance. As you can see, the prices are similar and differ only a bit between the three nationals. One thing to note though is that MCS and Assethield are far bigger than MSI and Sandcastle, so if you are working for any one of them, your volume of orders should be much higher than say if you were working for the other two.

MSI Grass Cut Pricing (25% Discount Applied)

MSI Grass Cut Pricing

Sandcastle Grass Cut Pricing (Flat fee)

Sandcastle Grass Cut Pricing

Safeguard, has a different pricing matrix for Grass cut depending on the type of vendor. For Grass cut Vendors, they pay somewhere around $28 to $35 flat fee (based on the rate they agree with the contractor) for up to an acre lot and 12 in Grass height. That is the lowest among all the Nationals. For PnP and REO the standard rate is fixed at a $50 less discount. Below is the full breakdown for Safeguard:

Safeguard Grass Cut Price (2021)*

Safeguard Grass Cut Price List 2021

*The "Agreed Upon Rate" varies for grass vendors is somewhere around $28 to $35 flat fee, although some vendors have been able to get higher agreed rates.

For Servicelink, Xome, and MCS Grass cut Pricing varies depending on the State. While for Wolverine Real Estate Services, pricing varies depending on loan type.

Below are links to these Nationals Grass cut Pricing:


The amount that the nationals pay for Winterizations varies a lot between them. Safeguard for example pays $100/$150/$250 for Dry/Steam/Radiant Winterizations respectively, and this pricing is fixed no matter which state it is. Xome Field Services on the other hand pays $70 to $100 for Dry Wint, $105 to $120 for Steam, and $185 for Radiant Wint, the price variation for each type being the result of which State the property is in. Below are links for Winterization price lists for other nationals as well:

3) Wolverine Winterization Price List for FHLMC and FNMA

Standard Allowable Prices

The Pricing for most other work such as lock change, boarding, shrub trimming, snow removal, and debris that are under standard allowable rates are fixed. However, we did see that for some nationals they vary by a wide margin from the others. One example is Xome Field Services. They pay $35 for Lockset installation, $18 for Padlock and Hasp, $30/CYD for Debris ($19/CYD for REO Debris), and $0.65/UI for Boarding. These rates are pretty low compared to what other nationals are paying.

Another national that pays low in respect to the others is A2Z. They pay $17/CYD for Debris Removal, Padlock Installation is $10, while boarding is at $0.55/UI. Most of their other allowable pricing for items such as lock change, capping, snow removal, and winterization is also comparatively low than other nationals such as Safeguard, Servicelink, etc.

Below are full pricing lists of some of these nationals for you to compare:

Lastly, I hope this blog helps contractors understand the pricing matrix of these Nationals, hopefully, it will help to decide for whom to work and for whom to not work. If you find this article helpful for your fellow contractors please do not hesitate to share! Also, unfortunately, I haven't been able to cover all the large preservation companies in this one blog. Some of the ones that I left were NFN, NFR, NRES, etc. If you need to know the price list of these Nationals as well please do not hesitate to comment on the blog and I will be happy to reply.

We currently own over 35 price lists of different Nationals, updated every year to accommodate any changes they make, along with HUD, FHLMC, FNMA, and FHA pricing as well. If you need them, or pricelist any particular Nationals, please Contact us.

Additional Links:

Below are some additional links that can help you to expand your property preservation business:

If your property preservation business is up and running you will need an assistant to process the work orders in a timely and error-free manner. This is where we come in! We provide work order processing services to preservation companies and you can hire dedicated assistants to submit your work orders. If you are interested, click below:


Zayed Ahmed, Founder, and CEO of ASL BPO, a BPO firm that partly provides Data Entry Services to Preservation Companies. Our aim is to go beyond just providing processing services and to help the business grow for those we work for.

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