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Free Xactimate Scope Sheets

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Free Xactimate Scope Sheet Download | ASL BPO

Xactimate is one of the most used cost estimating software when it comes to writing estimates for insurance adjuster scopes, claims, remodelling properties, etc. Its used by insurance companies, adjustors, and contractors to write estimates and invoices.

One of the most used documents that is used by adjusters and contractors are xactimate scope sheets which details all the damages present, line by line in detail along with the quantity of each. They sometimes will also have drawings of the damaged aea in the property to visualize the size and scope of the damage.

These Xactimate cheat sheets are then sent to the Xactimate writer for him or her to write the estimate based upon the details in the scope.

Thus for adjusters and contractors, it is very much important that they have an Xactimate scope sheet template that they can use when they are using a third party Xactimate Estimating Service.

Types Of Insurance Adjuster Scope Sheets

There are different type of xactimate cheat sheets, each are used for the specific occasions. Below is a list of some of the scope sheets that are most used (provided by us and assistimate).

If you want to skip reading about them and go directly to the download section to get all 5 of the scope sheet, Click Here.

Interior Damage Scope Sheet

Interior Damage Scope Sheet | ASL BPO

A General Scope Sheet that you can use for any type of interior damages.


Water Damage Restoration Scope Sheet

Water Damage Restoration Scope Sheet

Water damage in high flood risk aras can cause extensive damage to the property, whereby most of the interior of the house may need repair and remodelling.

This scope sheet is specifically used to list out water damage in interior and can be used for repair work such as drying the structure, demolition and removal of water damaged material, encapsulation, and cleaning.


Demo and Reconstruction Scope Sheet

Scope Sheet for Demo and Reconstruction | ASL BPO

This scope sheet can be used when you are performing restoration services such as repairs after water mitigation, mold remediation, and demolition of structure.


Exterior Damage Scope Sheet

Scope Sheet for Exterior Damage | ASL BPO

A General scope sheet that you can use for exteior damage and repairs, such as when roof, gutter, fascia, doors or windows, etc. are damaged and you need estimate for them.


Scope Sheet for Content Pack Out, Personal Property Work & Storage

Scope Sheet for Content Pack Out, Personal Property Work & Storage | ASL BPO

This adjuster scope sheet can be used for inventory, boxing, packing, moving, cleaning, and storage of perosnal property.


Free Download Of All Five Of the Xactimate Scope Sheet

Please complete this Google Form and hit submit, you will be sent an email containing the zip folder with the 5 insurance adjuster scope sheets. Please unzip the file once you download it to get the free printable estimate forms.

How to Download the Adjuster Scope Sheets  | ASL BPO
Download the Zip Folder containing the scope sheets

How to Download the Adjuster Scope Sheets | ASL BPO
Extract the PDFs from the zip folder to get them


Blog post written by Zayed Ahmed, Founder and CEO of ASL BPO

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