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Pruvan: The perfect mobile solution for Contractors.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Pruvan: The perfect mobile solution

The first time I heard about Pruvan was last year, when one of my prospective clients queried whether we knew how to work with Pruvan. I replied, that although I was not familiar with it, it wouldn't be much of an issue as we can train ourselves to get quickly familiarised with it. Since then, I have seen a trend of more people using Pruvan as their work order management system rather than other alternatives currently in the market.

Personally, I feel the software is perfect for contractors and inspectors who own a small to medium sized company which might perfectly explain this trend. Some of the features that I found great were:

Custom branding

What really differentiates Pruvan is its mobile solution that provides free custom branding. This means, contractors can choose their own logo and colour scheme that integrates into their Pruvan Mobile, Pruvan Online and Pruvan Client Portal. This helps contractors to promote the business as a brand; Contractors will experience Pruvan as if using their own mobile app, letting them stand out from the competition through brand recognition.

PPW Integration

Many Contractors and Inspectors work for multiple preservation companies that use Property Pres Wizard to manage their data. For these contractors, using Pruvan is the best mobile solution as it easily integrates with all the PPW accounts. Moreover, with Pruvan's custom branding, their business is prominently promoted as a brand.

Photo Integration in Client Portals

One of the best things that I have noticed with Pruvan is that when you upload photos in work orders in Pruvan, they automatically get sent to the appropriate client as well (we have tested this for PPW, MCS and others). In fact, with MCS Grass orders, it is possible to capture photos with the correct labels (Before, During, After). What this means is that when updating work orders, especially for grass cut vendors, it significantly helps you save time submitting results and minimises the chance of cancelled orders. In conjunction with this, "Pruvan Share" helps brokers to get results directly from the field for free as it lets contractors "share" projects with another Pruvan Account.

Pruvan Certified Results

Many Preservation Companies, regionals as well as nationals, are stringent when it comes to their vendors submitting photos. They want the correct date and time to be shown as well as Geo location without any tempering whatsoever. This is where the Pruvan Certified Service Record (CSR) comes in, it provides check-ins, photos, mobile forms, and a Google map of the service area. Additionally, it confirms whether the time and location of photos are accurate or not. This helps with risk management by providing certified photographic evidence thus preventing costly back charges.

Competitive Pricing

Lastly, If you compare pricing and plans, whether with PPW, EZinspections or FieldForward, Pruvan is much more cost effective than any of them. Pruvan is the only one that provides free plan for new users instead of a trial. Their devise based plan costs only $20 per device per month and gives discounts above 4 devices. At 5 devices, Pruvan costs at $80 per month, where in comparison, with PPW its $149 with additional licenses costing $25 each per month. This alone makes it a much better choice for small preservation companies to use Pruvan instead of PPW. For small volume inspectors, Pruvan's usage pricing of $1/Project is also very cost effective compared to any other alternatives that there are in the market.

For those who are in the property preservation business, it is inevitable that you will want to grow your business through promoting your brand. Pruvan not only helps you to do just that, it helps you to also manage your work orders, capture certified photos, and streamline your business processes.


Zayed Ahmed is the founder and CEO of ASL, A BPO firm that provides data entry and virtual assistant services.

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