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How Local SEO Can Increase Your Profits By 100%

Updated: Mar 16

If you're a startup eager to optimize your profitability, kickstarting your journey with local SEO is paramount. By utilizing local resources, local SEO increases your brand visibility within local search results.

Certainly, achieving a 100% increase in profit is not solely depending on common factors like local customers discovering your product, engaging with your business, and providing reviews.

While these are integral aspects of a robust local SEO strategy, the true catalyst for substantial profit growth lies in the strategic implementation and optimization of these factors, aligning them cohesively to maximize their impact on your overall business success.

In other ways, local SEO increases your profit by 100% by reducing your international market expenses, efforts, and focusing your resources on precisely targeting the local audience.

Businesses That Should Maximize Local SEO Efforts

businesses that should maximize local seo efforts
Businesses That Should Maximize Local SEO Efforts

The type of your business significantly affects how local SEO increases profits. For example, if you are a local home repair service, effective local SEO can connect the business with residents in your area.

Local SEO customer acquisition in this case will increase profits within the targeted geographic area.

On the other hand, an e-commerce platform that sells products globally and doesn't have a physical presence in any specific location may find local SEO to be largely irrelevant.

If you're considering selecting an ecommerce platform, here's a comprehensive guide on the top ecommerce platforms for SEO that you should review beforehand.

Local SEO may be used by physical retailers such as restaurants, grocery stores, and retail boutiques to increase foot traffic and consumer interaction. Service-oriented companies, such as plumbers, electricians, and contractors, might draw in local customers that require their knowledge.

Local SEO may also help businesses like law offices, real estate companies, hotels, gyms, salons, and pet services become more visible online and draw clients into the neighborhood. Regardless of the size of your company—small, home-based, or large, well-established—local SEO is an efficient way to connect with your local clientele.

If You Want to Seal The Deal with an SEO Agency, Read: What to ASK SEO Consultants

To achieve local SEO ROI, first you have to know if your business is suitable for the strategy.

Here are some criterias that suggest that your business model is suitable for local SEO.

  • Your business has a physical location where customers can visit or if you provide services within a specific geographic area.

  • The primary target customers of your business are local. A significant portion of your revenue depends on how they engage with your business.

  • The search terms of your business are heavily influenced by the local communities.

  • Your business needs to showcase loyalty from the local market to get more global exposure.

How Local SEO Increases Profits : 7 Tips

In this article, we will consider that you are a small business looking to increase your revenue from local footprints. These seven tips will not only uphold your business's visibility within the local community but also to convert that visibility into tangible profits.

Try To Maintain NAP Consistency

Maintaining NAP consistency, which stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number consistency, is crucial for local SEO. When your NAP information is consistent across the web, it signals to search engines that your business is legitimate.

Inconsistent NAP information can confuse customers, leading to lost business opportunities. Clearly, that is not intended if you wish to see local SEO impact on business growth. The aim is to be found consistently, boldly and as soon as possible.

Google Business Listing for Local SEO

A Google Business Profile is vital for local SEO, helping businesses boost visibility and attract local customers. Once you have your business listed in Google business profile, it will appear in Google Search and Maps results when people search for businesses like yours in your area.

Your targeted customers can easily locate your business. These are the customers that come with the highest purchase intent. You get sales from a channel where you invest no money because Google business profile is FREE.

Optimize your website for local searches

Know that you are not the only one who has business listed on Google business profile. Thus, you have to leverage a few more strategies like optimizing your website for local searches. By incorporating local keywords, location-specific content, and optimizing meta tags, your website is more likely to appear better in local search results.

Additionally, teaming up with a seasoned White label local SEO service provider such as ASL BPO guarantees outperforming any local competitor in search rankings.

Get a lot of customer reviews

Positive reviews contribute to building trust among potential customers. When others share positive experiences, it instills confidence in prospective buyers. They are more likely to choose your business over competitors. So, ask each of your customers to leave a review of your product or service.

Build local citations and acquire backlinks

Whenever someone mention’s your business's NAP online is defined as local citation. They all boost your local SEO efforts. If the citations come from highly authoritative sites as backlinks, they generate a large number of traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the more conversion opportunities you have to increase your local SEO profits by 100%.

Produce more localize blogs and contents

We all know how blogging helps SEO. If you wish to connect with local audiences, your voice too needs to be localized. Create a brand online voice that reflects that warmth, using local phrases and references that make your audience feel right at home. You may translate website content into the local language, incorporate local images, share blogs and updates on local concerns etc.

Use social media as a friend of Local SEO

According to a survey by Sprout Social, 58% of consumers have found a new local business through social media. These findings suggest that social media is playing an increasingly important role in the customer journey for local businesses. Make the best use of social media by posting regularly.

Calculating Local SEO Profits

In this section, we aim to provide insights that empower businesses to quantify the returns on their local SEO. Here’re three methods you may use to calculate your local SEO profits.

Step 1: Track your website visitors from local sources using Google analytics or other web analytics tools.

Step 2: Calculate your conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of website visitors.

Step 3: Divide your total revenue by the number of orders and get average order value

Step 4: Calculate your profit margin. Subtract your local SEO costs from your revenue and then dividing the result by your revenue.

Step 5: Multiply your website traffic by your conversion rate to get the number of leads.

Step 6: Multiply the number of leads by your average order value to get your total revenue.

Step 7: Multiply your total revenue by your profit margin to get your local SEO profit.

Local SEO Profit Calculator

Final Note

What are you waiting for? Get started today. Apply the seven provided tips and inform us of the positive impact local SEO has had on your business profits. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further queries.

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