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Dental Social Media Marketing Strategies (Get More Potenital Clients)

Updated: Apr 1

According to recent dental statistics for oral health in the USA, 75% of American adults have affirmed visiting a dentist in the following year. This leaves no doubt that a majority of the population face issues that require proper dental checkup and treatment.

And so, if you’re a dental practitioner in the U.S, it is quite evident that you may be able to deal with a considerable amount of potential patients in the area. This is where dental social media marketing strategy comes into the scene and makes things simpler for dental health professionals.

Dental Social Media Marketing: Made Easier for Dentists

Using a patient engagement platform, such as Facebook or Instagram in the dental field can come in handy for patient acquisition as well as for promoting patient retention. Meanwhile, it is possibly the quickest way for dental health professionals to come into the limelight. 

  • Increase Brand Visibility If you’re looking forward to getting into the social media marketing bandwagon, then it’s mandatory for you to focus on brand visibility strategy. Doing so, you can showcase the strengths and facilities your dental clinic has to offer in modern days. Not only can you give insights to the prospective clients who are yet to step into your clinic, but also help spread necessary oral health tips to build an impressionable community.

    • Here’s a Little Scenario: You gave an amicable service to someone with severe dental anxiety, and you have new clients coming through due to referrals. Such examples of word-of-mouth marketing can be impactful in promotion of customer reviews and feedback via social media for enhanced brand value.

  • Find Target Audience

When it comes to dental marketing, finding a reliable and repeating customer base needs to be on your list of outcomes. For this, alongside maintaining dental SEO tips and tricks, targeting social media platforms on the basis of location or demographics is a must. 

Ask yourself, How far will my clients travel for what I have to offer in my dental clinic?”

Or more so, having a specific age range in mind will help you in narrowing down to your focus group and find better results.

We all know how toddlers and senior citizens need to spend a hefty time on dental visits. For paid ads, it’s more realistic to select such groups to generate patient appointments out of it.

  • Patient Retention As a dentist, bringing in new dental patients shouldn’t be your only goal. Instead, leave a long-lasting impression on your clientele so they visit over and over again, whenever the need arises. Remember to engage and stay connected with your recurring patients with adequate patient retention strategies. Easy-to-go ones may include sending them the latest updates and ongoing offers. Another such way could be generating referral traffic: to draw in more patients by ensuring affordable dental care.

Dental Practice Marketing: Facts and Considerations

There are a bunch of things to keep in mind when you’re juggling with thoughts of investment in dental content marketing.

Although it will require you to be patient while you’re waiting for fruitful results, and surely more appointments, here’s why it’s still suggested:

1. Opportunity Cost in Dentistry Marketing

While social media platforms remain to be free till date, their marketing tools aren’t. This leads us to the common question: 

“Will spending money behind dental content marketing give me appropriate results?”

Although organic reach is almost always preferred, paid ads with targeted audiences can expand your brand’s reach and engagement.

Especially in cases such as this, singling out people from specific demography and age range can in fact, bring more benefits.

Afterall, you don’t want someone from the French Riviera engaging in your posts on the daily, which will be of no gain to your dental clinic.

2. Location Feasibility for Potential Patients

Apart from the demographic issue already mentioned above, there’s another point to consider when investing in dental social media marketing. 

Hypothetically, one of your potential patients upon searching “dentist near me”, ends up at a dental clinic further away from your location. Entirely due to your lack of dental marketing campaigns or even worse, no social media presence at all.

3. Is it Time Consuming?

Oftentimes, if you’re both the dentist and the social media handler, it can start to feel tedious.

To be realistic enough, brainstorming ideas and implementing them for different social media platforms, while checking up on the user analytics at intervals will take up most of your day. Consequently, leaving little to no time for your actual job: providing dental solutions.

Using a virtual assistant for social media in this case will surely take the burden off your shoulders while offering a sense of community to your customer base.

Dental Marketing: To-Do List for Patient Engagement

A well-targeted and trend-driven social media outreach plan is the requisite to bring in revenue from the target audience. We have, therefore, prepared a check-list for your ease:

1. Planning

It’s undeniable that dental social media post ideas need to be compelling enough to draw in adequate attention. However, you need to do so without too much self-promotion. 

2. Maintaining Content Calendar

The best way to avoid this is to plan content ahead. Maintaining a social media content calendar to seamlessly ensure your dental marketing campaigns can thus be useful. 

Learn more about the relevant hyperlocal social media marketing strategies to overcome any confusion you may have so far.

3. Social Media Management Platform

Whether you’re starting to build your online presence or deciding to take it up a notch, managing the platforms requires consistency.

Given you’re just a beginner, it’s advised to mark your territory over one platform initially (let’s assume Facebook) and gradually move to others. For better results, consider taking assistance from dental digital marketing services to reach your short and long-term goals.

4. Executing

Ensuring timely execution of your content strategy and its optimization in various social platforms is the first step to patient engagement in healthcare. Although a little perseverance is needed at first to achieve the desired organic reach, keep emphasizing on tactics that bring value to your online persona.

If most of your clientele are hooked to dental information, make sure to enrich your social feed with topics such as Dental Tips of the Day” or “Tackling Dental Fear and Anxiety. Absorbing visual content including before/after posts, videos, reels etc. may serve pivotal roles in better reach and higher engagement.

5. Things to Avoid

It’s alright to introduce yourself every once in a while to your newly formed fanbase, but be certain to not overdo it with jargon. Otherwise, it might become detrimental for the brand with a seemingly indifferent outlook from the audience. Instead, focus more on educational and entertaining dental strategies.

Digital Marketing for Dental Practice: User Analytics

Since there’s no substitute to data analysis, try understanding the outputs from your social media campaign management. This way, you’ll be able to make required adjustments to the plans, and progress accordingly.

Don’t just concentrate on the total reach and engagement, rather give attention to minute details. “Am I getting enough call-to-action (CTA) results?”, should be one of your prime concerns regardless of the type of reach, organic or paid.

Additionally, looking into the user demographics, behavior, and interests can shed insights and help you decide on further investments in


Assuming your clinic is gradually booming with patients, the next goal is to provide enough capability for dental solutions. Stay on-the-go with a virtual assistant: medical practice in dental practice can make your daily tasks much easier.

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