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20 Best Ecommerce Platforms for SEO in 2024

If you have been thinking of incorporating SEO in your online business then you must have come to know which ecommerce platform is best for SEO. The best ecommerce platform for SEO depends on your specific requirements.

WooCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for SEO if you are looking for an all-in-one platform with comprehensive customization. Wix is ideal for startups looking to get things done quickly, while BigCommerce is geared towards businesses desiring scalable growth.

A vital choice for any e-commerce company hoping to succeed in the online market, especially in the year 2024, is platform selection. The perfect platform gives you the capabilities and resources to improve your website's visibility and organic traffic and grow your business to new heights.

20 Best Ecommerce Platforms for SEO

This in-depth article explores the top 20 best e-commerce platforms with exceptional SEO capabilities, giving you guidelines selecting which ecommerce platform is best for SEO.

1. WooCommerce: The Open-Source and Free Choice


WooCommerce, which provides a free and open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, has become the preferred option for companies on a tight budget. Its smooth WordPress connection uses the content management system's strong points for search engine optimization.

Key Advantages of WooCommerce for SEO:

  • Economical option for companies with limited resources

  • Simple WordPress integration for efficient management

  • Incredibly adaptable to unique SEO requirements

2. Shopify: The Pioneer of E-Commerce


With its vast feature set, easy-to-use interface, and steadfast support, Shopify is the clear leader in the e-commerce space. Official URLs, structured data markup, and built-in blog capabilities are just a few of its SEO-friendly features that make it a powerful tool for online businesses.

Key Advantages of Shopify for SEO:

  • SEO-optimized interface and a smooth user experience

  • A blog platform that is integrated into content marketing tactics

  • Structured data markup and canonical URLs for improved visibility

  • A wide selection of extensions and apps for customized optimization

3. BigCommerce: The Flexible Startup Option


BigCommerce serves companies that plan to grow significantly. Its cloud-based architecture can easily handle growing traffic levels and extensive product catalogs.

Key Advantages of BigCommerce for SEO:

  • Scalable system to enable large-scale expansion objectives

  • Features for SEO at the corporate level for intricate needs

  • Sitemaps that can be changed for better search visibility

4. Adobe Commerce (Magento): The Mighty Champion of Customization

Adobe Commerce
Adobe Commerce

Among big enterprises, Adobe commerce AKA Magento is unrivaled due to its vast feature set and capacity for intricate customizations. Its strong developer community offers priceless assistance in solving complex SEO problems.

Key Advantages of Magento for SEO:

  • Robust platform with an extensive feature set

  • Capacity to manage complex modifications for special needs

  • Large developer community for expert SEO assistance

5. Volusion: The Easy-to-Use Small Business Solution


To enhance your website's visibility in search results, Volusion stands out as the best option for small enterprises.

Key Advantages of Volusion for SEO:

  • An intuitive UI makes managing SEO simple

  • Reasonably priced with small business finances in mind

  • Sitemaps and product meta descriptions that can be changed for better visibility

6. 3dcart: The Reliable Platform with Powerful SEO Functions


Because of its dependability and strong SEO capabilities, 3dcart stands out to companies looking for a platform that works well with other apps like social media and email.

Key Advantages of 3dcart for SEO:

  • Dynamic meta tags to improve your visibility in search results

  • Adaptable URLs for a better-organized website

  • XML sitemaps generated automatically for better search engine indexing

  • Connectivity with outside SEO tools for all-encompassing optimization

7. Ecwid: The Adaptable Way to Manage Several Websites


Ecwid sets itself apart as a flexible e-commerce platform that works well with several website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

Key Advantages of Ecwid for SEO:

  • Compatibility across platforms for smooth integration

  • Canonical links to avoid problems with duplicating content

  • Using social media into marketing initiatives that work

8. PinnacleCart: The Sturdy Omnichannel Retail Platform


PinnacleCart provides omnichannel retail solutions to companies so they can manage their inventory, POS systems, and online stores through various channels.

Key Advantages of PinnacleCart for SEO:

  • Capabilities across channels for integrated retail management

  • Tailored client experiences for increased interaction

  • Enhanced local search ranks through local SEO optimization

9. EKM: The Reasonably Priced Option for New and Small Enterprises


With its user-friendly design and array of SEO features to help businesses optimize their websites for search engines, EKM stands out as a reasonably priced choice for startups and small enterprises.

Key Advantages of EKM for SEO:

  • Reasonably priced for small and fledgling companies

  • Inexpensive for marketing that is ROI-driven.

  • The creation of sitemaps automatically to improve search engine indexing

10. Snipcart: The Customizable Headless E-Commerce Solution


Snipcart sets itself apart as a headless e-commerce solution, giving companies unrestricted customization options for their online store.

Key Advantages of Snipcart for SEO:

  • Rich descriptions and meta tags on product pages suited for search engines

  • Adaptable URLs for improved website architecture

11. PrestaShop: The E-Commerce Platform Hosted on Its Own


PrestaShop is a unique self-hosted e-commerce platform that gives companies more authority over their data and website. Because it is open source, it may be customized and integrated with a range of external tools.

Key Advantages of PrestaShop for SEO:

  • Platform that is self-hosted for more control

  • Open-source design that allows for integrations and customizations

12. X-Cart: The Expandable Option for Big Enterprises


Large companies looking for a scalable e-commerce platform that can manage intricate product catalogs and huge traffic counts can turn to X-Cart.

Key Advantages of X-Cart for SEO:

  • Extensible system to enable large-scale expansion objectives

  • High-end SEO functionalities for intricate requirements

  • Sitemaps and product meta descriptions that can be customized

13. Zyro: The AI-Driven Platform for Simple Configuration


Zyro appears as an AI-driven e-commerce platform that streamlines the setup procedure, perfect for companies with low technological know-how.

Key Advantages of Zyro for SEO:

  • An AI-powered setup wizard makes creating websites simple

  • Templates that are geared for search engines

  • Combining SEO tools from other parties for all-encompassing optimization

14. Sellfy: The Marketplace for Digital Product Sales


Sellfy's target market is companies that offer digital goods including software, ebooks, and online courses.

Key Advantages of Sellfy for SEO:

  • Geared toward the sale of digital products

  • Simple setup and efficient operation

  • Processing of payments merged

15. Big Cartel: The Artists and Designers' Creative Platform

Big Cartel
Big Cartel

Big Cartel sets itself apart as a platform for creativity created especially for independent producers, designers, and artists.

Key Advantages of Big Cartel for SEO:

  • Designed with an emphasis on product presentation for creative professionals

  • Smooth social media integration to increase visibility

16. Shift4Shop: A Sturdy and Inexpensive Gateway


Shift4Shop is a well-built and reasonably priced e-commerce platform with competitive pricing and an extensive feature set.

Key Advantages of Shift4Shop for SEO:

  • Adaptable, SEO-friendly templates

  • Combined blog and content marketing features

  • SEO tools built in to optimize website performance

17. Simple Digital Downloads: The Exclusive Digital Product Marketplace

Simple Digital downloads
Simple Digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads seems like a specialized online store created just for the sale of digital goods. Because of its extensive feature set and efficient workflow, it's a good option for companies that sell digital products.

Key Advantages of Simple Digital Downloads for SEO:

  • Optimized with SEO-friendly pages to offer digital products

  • Using social media into marketing initiatives that work

18. LemonStand: The Platform for Creative Businesses with an Emphasis on Design

Lemon Stand
Lemon Stand

LemonStand sets itself apart as an e-commerce platform with a design-centric approach, tailored for creative enterprises like photographers, designers, and artists.

Key Advantages of LemonStand for SEO:

  • User-friendly interface for creative professionals to create websites with ease

  • Reasonable prices offer small enterprises and startups cost-effective e-commerce.

  • Allowing artists to concentrate on their work for an intuitive layout

19. GrooveKart: The Complete Platform for E-commerce and Marketing


Introducing GrooveKart, an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing platform that offers email marketing tools, sales funnels, and website construction all in one package.

Key Advantages of GrooveKart for SEO:

  • A single hub for marketing and e-commerce

  • Simple sales funnel creation using templates

  • E-mail marketing that is automated for focused interaction

20. Square Online: The User-Friendly Option for Small Companies

Square Online
Square Online

Square Online is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that is tailored for individuals and small companies. It's an accessible and convenient choice because of its easy-to-use interface.

Key Advantages of Square Online for SEO:

  • Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind

  • Adaptable product design and pages

  • Using social media into marketing initiatives that work

Concluding Remarks

Hope this article clears your thoughts on which ecommerce platform is best for SEO. Whatever your level of experience in e-commerce is, from novices to seasoned pros, the correct platform can help you take your company to new heights.

Choosing the appropriate e-commerce platform is an important choice that can influence the success of your business in the ever-changing world of online commerce.

Got more queries? Feel free to reach out to us and grab essential guidelines towards your SEO success.

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