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Top 10 BPO Companies in Europe - 2024

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

When we think about outsourcing, we often relate it to hiring an outsourcing partner from either India or the Philippines.

But did you know that Eastern Europe is also one of the forefront regions for outsourcing? Especially when it comes to software development and IT-related jobs.

According to recent research, BPO companies in the European market are expected to reach €38 billion by 2024, representing a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%.

The prime reason why businesses are outsourcing to Eastern Europe is that countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania have comparatively cheaper labor than their Western counterpart or the USA.

Trust obviously also plays a key role as corporations in Europe and the USA may sometimes be more willing to have an outsourcing partner that is based in Europe rather than one that is based in South-East Asia.

However, if you are wanting to outsource to Europe instead of to South-East Asia, you should be aware that most of the outsourcing companies based in Europe usually has a division present in countries like Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines.

Top 10 BPO Companies in Europe

A few more reasons why businesses tend to outsource to Eastern Europe are:

  • The geography of Europe has many advantages. The number of 32 countries with 27 languages makes it easy for BPO Companies in the region to provide multi-lingual support.

  • Eastern Europe has a highly skilled and educated workforce, especially in the IT sector. Making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to outsource IT-related work.

  • It is at the forefront of technological innovation. Many of the world’s leading tech companies emerged in Europe. Businesses can take advantage of technological advancement by outsourcing to Europe.

If you are looking to outsource to Europe, here’s the list of the top 10 BPO companies in Europe that you might be looking to partner up with.

Clutch Rank: 4.4 Goodfirms rank: 4.8

CIENCE Technologies

CIENCE technology provides human and AI-blended lead generation services for global businesses. Tech giant companies like Google and Microsoft have outsourced to CIENCE technologies. The company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their main focus is to grow the lead pipeline for companies that convert themselves quickly into sales. Some remarkable clients of CIENCE are Nasdaq, US Bank, Salesforce, Google, Uber, and many more.

The benefits of outsourcing to CIENCE - sales certified employees, software and tools support, constant training of employees, increased visibility, and accountability.

Services provided by CIENCE

  • Outbound SDR

  • Inbound SDR

  • Sales data solutions

The company also has multiple platforms assisting lead generation and customer services. For example - Go Data, Go Chat, Go Digital, Go Schedule, Go Flow, etc.

Clutch Rank: 4.8 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Based in Dnipro, Ukraine, Simply Contact is a contact center outsourcing provider. The company was founded in 2015. The mission of Simply Contact is to deliver simple and effective solutions that improve the customer experience. Simply Contact provides three types of services: customer experience, customer acquisition, and business process outsourcing.

They have customer service agents from 18+ languages. The customer services of Simply Contact help both startups and mid-level enterprises. Customers of Simply Contact are expected to save 70% compared to in-house contact center agents. With 9+ years of experience, the company has handled 100+ projects from 5 office locations and work-from-home employees.

Clutch Rank: 5 Goodfirms rank: 5


SupportYourApp has been at the forefront of the market for high-end outsourced customer support since 2010. The company was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine. They now operate from over 5 locations around the world. The biggest advantage of outsourcing to SupportYourApp is that you can have agents in 55 languages.

SupportYourApp's service focus is on providing expert inbound, outbound, and back-office customer support services to the software and hardware industries. A list of services you can outsource to SupportYourApp:

  • Call center outsourcing

  • Outsourced answering services

  • Tech support

  • E-commerce customer support

  • Live chat support

  • Help desk support

  • Amazon customer support

Clutch Rank: 4.9 Goodfirms rank: N/A

Dalerio Consulting

Founded in 2017, Dalerio Consulting provides high-quality customer service. They have a large number of successful projects and happy clients and collaborators. The company is located in Durres, Albania, and specializes in social media marketing, email marketing, SEO solutions, and other services.

Dalerio consulting services

  • Customer services

  • Marketing & Web

  • Administration services

Clutch Rank: 4.5 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Oworkers is a BPO firm that specializes in data and content processing. The company has service delivery centers in Bulgaria, Egypt, and Madagascar. Oworkers is capable of providing multilingual BPO services at an affordable price while ensuring top-notch deliverables and scalability. Their security infrastructure and proficient offshore workforce ensure the best output from any task assigned.

The company is certified by ISO 27001 and provides high security for all data-related processes. Oworkers is one of the top 3 best data entry services companies in the world.

Services provided by Oworkers

  • Data entry outsourcing services

  • Data annotation services

  • Content moderation services

Clutch Rank: 4.8 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Global BPO Conectys offers clients specific solutions that lower costs and quickens time to market. The company was founded in 2004 in Belgium. The headquarters of Conectys is located in Bucharest, Romania.

They train their customer experience agents to support global businesses by collaborating on products, sales, and marketing. It helps to improve both profit and customer satisfaction. The company delivers service in over 35 languages.

Conectys services:

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • Contact/Call centers

  • Customer/Tech support

  • CX consulting and strategy

  • Trust and safety (Content Moderation)

  • Digital transformation (RPA, chatbots, etc.)

Clutch Rank: 4.9 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Belkins is the #1 lead generation outsourcing company that operates among 50+ industries around the world. Vladislav Podolyako and Michael Maximoff founded Belkins in 2017. The company provides both software and human-powered solutions to advance lead generation strategies.

Belkins provide customer-tailored strategies for campaigns that generate more leads and improve the sales funnel.

Belkins services:

  • Appointment settings

  • Inbound appointment settings

  • Lead research

  • The LinkedIn influencer program

Clutch Rank: 4.9 Goodfirms rank: 4.8

Limitless Technology Consultants (LimTC)

LimTC was founded out of a need to bridge the communication and cultural differences between outsourcing companies in Ukraine and businesses worldwide. Whether you seek support in marketing, sales, administration, customer assistance, onboarding, or more, we extend our limits to exceed your expectations.

LimTC services:

  • Pre-sales & Sales Support

  • Helpdesk & Customer Support

  • Technical Support (L1, L2, L3)

  • Customer Success

  • Backoffice Administration

Clutch Rank: 4.7 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Moneypenny is a UK-based answering service provider that connects businesses with up-to-date technologies and people to handle inbound and outbound calls. Moneypenny's exceptional service comes with a free trial and no cancellation costs.

The services of Moneypenny come with robust technologies like instant caller recognition, volume-reducing intelligent speech technology, CRM integrations, etc. With 20 years of experience, the company is able to find solutions for both small and large businesses.

Moneypenny services:

  • Live chat

  • Telephone answering

  • Outbound calling

  • Virtual receptionist

Clutch Rank: 5 Goodfirms rank: N/A


Valoris Business Process Services was founded in 2006. The company specializes in managing customer services effectively. Valoris is located in Romanica and has four different branch offices. A corporation with 100% Romanian capital, Valoris Center operates in the BPO sector.

Valoris offers customer service support in English and Spanish. It guarantees a quality of service that exceeds client expectations.

Valoris services:

  • Lead generation

  • Pre-sale

  • Sales Support

  • Upsale


Europe is a great place to outsource, especially if you are looking for software development and IT-enabled services. Countries in the eastern region have comparatively cheap labor and high skill.

Moreover, the top 10 BPO companies in Europe are some of the world's leading companies that offer a diverse range of services and are known for their innovation, quality, and reliability.

These companies have built a strong reputation in the industry and have consistently delivered exceptional services to their clients.

So hiring them can be an excellent choice for your business.

However, your sole reason to look for an outsourcing partner in Europe should not be because you are apprehensive about outsourcing to South-East Asia, as most BPO firms based in Europe generally have a South-East Asia division.

Hope you liked the blog post, let me know in the comments if you have an outsourcing partner for your business, and if so are they based in Europe or elsewhere?


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