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How to Start a $10M/Year Remote Cleaning Business in 2 Years

Updated: May 4

If anything, we’re all quite acquainted with the term “work from home” ever since the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its over-saturation in the corporate culture, gaining better accessibility to remote jobs have outweighed the downsides.

Throughout this period, working from home has led to the establishment of startups, some of them becoming extensively popular and bringing in heaps of revenue. One such business idea is a remote cleaning business which is profitable and easily attainable at the comfort of your workstation.

But is it really that simple ?


If so, where and how does one start a remote cleaning business? From the ideation to the implementation of the strategies for a fully running business, below are a few key reminders to initiate the process.

Find Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

“What makes a business flourish?” is a question that lingers at the back of an entrepreneur’s mind at all times. Especially if your business consists of cleaning services, your first job is to narrow down the niche and excel at those. 

In that way, you can easily thrive in the competitive business arena and gradually expand your brand to a wider audience. If you do so, your already existing customers can vouch for you to bring in more clients organically. 

Here’s a List of Cleaning Business Niches to Consider:

  • House cleaning services

  • Commercial cleaning or office cleaning services

  • Deep cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Spring cleaning etc.

How to Start a Remote Cleaning Business : Step by Step Process

Remote business ideas call for proper planning and execution, without which even a potential billion dollar startup might end up in flames. 

1. Market Research and Business Planning

Market Research and Business Planning

Once you have set your mind to start a remote cleaning business, it’s necessary to conduct an in-depth market analysis, followed by detailed business planning.

1.1 Estimating Business Success Rate

Investigating consumer preferences prior to proceeding with your business plan will allow you to avoid any potential risks or losses. This will thoroughly guide you through customer insights, while helping you decide on your marketing strategy development as well as the service pricing set for maximum customer retention. Always make sure that your calculation equals a higher population to cleaning business ratio (preferably more than 50%), thus referring to a higher success rate.

1.2 Cost Analysis for Remote Cleaning Business

To be able to target a larger audience in your selected locality, you need to be ahead of your competitors. That may be in terms of advanced facilities, better deals, or even flexible availability of local cleaners. But before that, it’s required to roughly calculate the approximate cost for providing such perks.

1.3 Systems for Business Operations

While most may suggest that starting a business can be as easy as creating a Wordpress website and growing, we’d like to think otherwise.

For a sustainable business, you are obliged to have a few fully-running systems to keep the operations functional:

To keep your remote team financially organized, the following systems will be required as well:

  • Payroll and accounting system

  • Dispatch management system

  • Invoicing and payment processing system

1.4 Creating an Official Website

For any business operating remotely, having a website is mandatory for customers to skim through your offered services and book accordingly. Remember to include a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

So, go and explore cleaning business names, and build a website for your remote cleaning business right away!

1.5 Getting Business Licenses and Insurances

Starting your own remote cleaning business will require you to obtain a few licenses to make your business legal. Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • General liability insurance for remote cleaning business

  • Commercial property insurance

2. Hiring Remote Cleaners

Since you’ll be running a cleaning business remotely without an office, hiring local cleaners from your home can seem confusing at first.

Hiring remote cleaners

Firstly, you’ll have to decide on the type of cleaners you’re meaning to hire.

Should I hire permanent employees or contractual local cleaners?

While a full-time employee may ensure dependability, hiring independent contractors or subcontractors can be a more flexible and affordable option.

Besides, 1099 contractors are already equipped with necessary cleaning supplies, thus making things easier on your end.

Secondly, it should be a sacred duty on your behalf to ensure the below aspects when recruiting cleaners:

  1. Screen potential cleaners and monitor their work

  2. Conduct background check after final screening

  3. Fill out necessary paperwork for transparency

  4. Get a 1099 form and a w9 form signed by both parties

  5. A non-compete form should be signed to avoid future disputes

3. Marketing and Branding 

Marketing and Branding

Although digital marketing may seem like the only brand promotion option as your cleaning business is remote, there’s much more to it.

3.1 Self Promotion Gifts

Cleaning leave-behinds such as personalized keychains, mugs, or fridge magnets with your brand’s logo, hand-written notes, soap bars or dispensers, scent diffusers, etc. can be a great way to leave a long-lasting impression.

Welcome packages might serve as a substitute for leave-behinds. Doing so, “word of mouth” referrals may take your remote cleaning business a long way.

3.2 Social Media Marketing 

Try to leverage social media platforms to promote your cleaning business. 

Display of satisfied client reviews with photo and video content along with paid ads and hyper-targeting will surely be useful in such cases. Blogs with useful cleaning hacks may also help to keep users engaged.

3.3 Multi-Touch Marketing

Reinforcing your brand with consistent multi-touch marketing strategies encompassing a variety of messages can help reach potential targets.


By offering the latest updates and offers, you may grab the audience attention and generate more sales. This is much more realistic for the cleaning industry where customers require daily or weekly cleaners and reminders are simply a cherry on top.

4. Managing a Remote Cleaning Business Team

Working remotely from home sounds all fun and relaxing until the team starts to fall apart due to a lack of communication.

Just as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are utilized to stay updated with the clientele, an Employee Management System (EMS) can improve workforce productivity while communication tools will keep the employees connected at all times.

Using renowned team communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Flock, etc. is the easiest way to collaborate efficiently.

5. Scaling Business

Expand your business offerings once you’ve managed to build a stable customer base.

Scaling Business

Performing regular customer satisfaction and loyalty research, as well as performance metrics analysis will allow you to make appropriate strategic decisions.

Adding cleaning services, partnering with property managers, and focusing on building enhanced technological facilities can also serve as your baby steps to the business expansion.

Final Words

Now that we’ve explained the ifs and buts of starting a remote cleaning business, it’s time for you to put in adequate time and effort to build your start-up from scratch. Good luck on your endeavors!

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