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List of SEO Service Provider Companies in Bangladesh - 2020

Updated: Feb 28

Search engine optimization has come a long way in the last two decades, from the old school SEO tactics, where keyword stuffing, cloaking and link submissions was the norm, to post 2011 Google's Panda update where, quality content and understanding the searcher's intent instead has become the core of SEO work. And along the way, SEO has become an ever increasingly important part for the Digital marketing and branding strategy for all businesses. With these changes, the demand for SEO Consultants, Firms and Agencies who are able to provide quality results that are long lasting in the SERPs has also increased.

In recent years, there has been several startup SEO companies in Bangladesh that has established themselves to provide services to both local and internationals clients, and in this blog, we intend to provide a list of recommended SEO companies in Bangladesh that we think may fit your needs and your budget.

How can the list of SEO companies can help

We recommend that if you are someone looking for SEO services, to contact several of the agencies/firms and talk with them through phone or email and see which one is the right fit for your needs. This list is free from bias and manipulation and in no way tries to indicate who the Top SEO companies are, rather it acts as a free resource for businesses interested in hiring a SEO firm from Bangladesh and lets them decide who they want to hire. Moz (an inbound marketing and marketing analytics software provider) has a great article on How to Choose a Good SEO Company for your Business, and if you want, you can read it to help you make a better decision.

SEO School BD

Specialises in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Website development and design.

Trust SEO BD

Provides free consultancy, also specialises in SEO, Website development, and Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC).

SEO Audit Agency

SEO Audit's multi-cultural team has worked with many foreign clients including TATA group, Goodman Law Group and NYarts. Apart from SEO and Digital Marketing services they also provide Graphics Designing, Mobile App development and e-Commerce development services.


SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Application development.


ASL is one of the top startups BPO firm in Bangladesh that provides, back office support, SEO and digital marketing services. We have a dedicated SEO team, that provides quality service to our potential clients through following the current best practices in the SEO world. Our team is an avid follower of two great SEO experts who are re-knowned internationally, namely Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel. We help businesses rank on keywords that help them convert traffic to potential sales. To know more, see our SEO Services.

Freelancers HUB

Freelancers HUB

Freelancers HUB is a small team of professional freelancers who are working together on multiple projects with different clients. Specialising in SEO, Content Marketing & Link-building, PPC and other Digital Marketing services.

Trends Bird

Trend Bird specialises in Digital Marketing, namely SEO services. But their core products lie in Mobile and WebApp Development, Website designing, and Web Game Development.

Mr. Faruque

Abdullah Al Faruque is a freelancer with a small team that provides digital marketing and SEO services, they specialise in local and global SEO, PPC and in Social media marketing (SMM).

Central Station Marketing

Central Station Marketing is a US based firm that also has offices in Bangladesh, it provides services such as local SEO, PPC management, lead generation. Apart from these they also provide Mobile App and Software development services.

Quantum Cloud

Provides online marketing services such as SEO and social media marketing (SMM). Also does custom chat-bot services, WordPress and mobile application development.

Zayed Ahmed is the founder an CEO of ASL BPO an outsourcing firm that provides SEO services to businesses in North America, Europe and Australia.


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