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Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies in Bangladesh 2024

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Many businesses in the B2B and B2C industry have dedicated customer care support in-house to handle queries from their customers in the form of calls, emails, and chat messages. This can a front-desk assistant or multiple customer care agents depending upon the volume of calls that need handling.

Customer service is an integral and important part of any business because if a business is unable to provide a superior customer experience, customers will be dissatisfied and will go to competitors to buy the product or service they are looking for.

This is why many organizations will opt to use outsourced contact center services for their customer support.

In this blog post, we not only talk about the best customer service outsourcing companies in Bangladesh (Click here if you directly want to go and read this section) whom you can hire for your customer care support, but also about, why you should hire Bangladeshi call center companies, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of customer care outsourcing.

Below is the table of contents for this blog post, you can click on the section that you find most interesting to read and jump directly to it:

Table of Contents:

Top Customer Service Outsourcing Companies in Bangladesh

Below is a list of call center companies that are top-rated and are recommended to be hired, for your call center/customer care outsourcing solutions.

They might not all be among the biggest call center companies in the world, but when it comes to providing quality service, integrated solutions, and client satisfaction they are certainly among the best:

Synergy Solutions is a Better Business Bureau ( accredited call center solution provider that has been providing its solutions to North American businesses. Their head office is in Irving Texas, while their staffing solutions are located in Bangladesh.

As a BBB-accredited company, they are undoubtedly one of the top recommended call centers that you may want to hire.

Customer Service Outsourcing Company | Skytech Solutions LTD
Skytech Solutions Office Photo

Founded in 2013, Skytech solution is among the best virtual call center companies in Bangladesh. Their goal is to meet the needs of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs), who aspire to become more competitive in their respective industries. They have one of the best infrastructures and use the latest technologies to provide call center solutions to their clients.

Inbound Call Center Services | ASL BPO

ASL BPO is one of the top-rated BPO firms in Bangladesh as recommended by Clutch. It specializes in providing inbound call center services to businesses in North America, the UK, and Australia.

ASL BPO ensures that it hires highly skilled call center agents who have mostly studied abroad and possess fluent English-speaking capabilities. Their goal is to ensure that your consumers experience a great customer experience when they talk to their agents.

Having over 30+ satisfied clients from North America alone, it is undoubtedly one of the most recommended contact centers to be hired for your customer care support.

If you are interested in customer care outsourcing services, click here.

24/7 Virtual Assistants | Call Center Company | BD

24/7 Virtual Assistants is a customer service outsourcing company that was founded by Sagor Costa in 2012. It is licensed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to run both international and domestic call centers and an IT Farm.

They have been serving small businesses and real estate companies in the USA and Canada since 2017 with appointment setting, telesales, branding, data scraping, and digital marketing solutions.


Universal IT is another contact center service provider in Bangladesh. Founded in 2017, by MD Yunus Hossain, it provides its services in the USA, Canada, UK and has more than 100 call center agents. They primarily specialize in telemarketing and lead generation but have the capability to provide inbound services as well.

Largest Call Center Companies In The World

Genex Infosys is among the largest call center companies in the world with over 4000 employees and 5 centers across Asia.

It is one of the leading Business Process Management providers and provides a wide array of customer service outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide.

Top Call Center Outsourcing Company | Fifo Tech

Fifo Tech is one of the oldest BPO firms in Bangladesh and is one of the top call center outsourcing companies. They provide services to local and international clients, specializing in providing services to large corporations around the world.

Currently, they have more than 300 call center agents who are looking to expand their services to a newer horizon.


Digicon is among the top customer service outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. Having more than 500 employees, it provides call center solutions to businesses locally as well as abroad.

Inbound Contact Center Company | Techmind BPO

Techmind is a startup inbound contact center company that specializes in providing inbound customer care services. It primarily services clients in the USA and UK.

In the last 3 years, they have helped at least 15 North American clients, reduce their costs substantially by outsourcing their customer care and telesales campaigns to Tehcmind BPO.

Leading customer support outsourcing company | Dutytaker

Dutytaker, a BPO firm with its head office in the UK, is one of the leading customer support outsourcing companies that provide services in the UK and Canada. They provide their solutions to small and medium businesses.

They specialize in providing Omni-channel support and help businesses with tech support, and customer and billing support.

Customer Support Outsourcing Companies | SuperTel LTD

SuperTel is one of the first international call centers in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2008, it has strived to provide the best BPO services to its clients.

It provides 24/7 service and is a multilingual call center with the expertise to provide call center support in English, Bengali, Hindi, and Arabic languages.

Call Center Service Provider in Bangladesh |  My Outsourcing LTD BD

My Outsourcing LTD is a call center service provider in Bangladesh. Founded in 2009, It is a multi-channel contact center that has been providing its services to local and multinational companies abroad.

It has state-of-the-art computing and communications technology with great infrastructure to help prevent any service disruption to its clients.

One of the best things about My outsourcing LTD is that it provides employment to disabled persons. It has recently signed a tri-party MoU with CSID (Center for Services and Information on Disability) and Sightsavers Bangladesh. Under this agreement, they will provide job opportunities for disabled people from CSID.

Call Center Consulting Companies | Call Center BD

Founded in 2004, They are a call center consulting company that provides both inbound and outbound call center services to international clients.

They specialize in providing tech support, CCTV monitoring services, telemarketing services, and other outsourcing services as well.


LightSpeed source is a startup contact center company.

It primarily services small to medium-sized businesses in the USA, but recently has also started providing its support to the e-Commerce businesses in Bangladesh.

Inbound Call Center Service Provider | Xubisoft LTD

Xubisoft LTD, founded in 2011 is a BPO firm that provides a wide plethora of outsourcing services to its clients.

They provide virtual assistance, web development, and graphics design as well as call center services to their clients. Their call center division is one of the top 10 call center companies in Bangladesh.

In 2021, they have signed a deal with the Bangladesh Government to handle some of the government projects in the IT sector.


Why Hire A Call Center?

Customer Experience is very much essential to thrive in a profitable business. Today's marketplace contains multiple competitors selling similar products and services making it very hard for any particular organization to stand out.

Also, customers do not value a product or service by only its price and quality but also take into account every point of contact that they had with your organization and whether it was satisfactory or not.

Providing a great customer experience ensures gives a company an edge over its competitors through higher customer retention and more good reviews, which drives in more profit. On the other hand, a bad customer experience can increase the probability of losing customers and getting bad reviews, which may potentially ruin a business.

A call center solution provider who is professional and experienced will be specialized in providing the great customer experience that your business is looking for without your business having to drive up its costs over the roof.

This is because call center service providers are equipped with the latest technology and resources and have vast experience in dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers (of their clients) every day. This makes them more knowledgeable on how to handle customers in comparison to an in-house team that you would otherwise have set up.

Furthermore, outsourcing customer care to Bangladesh, India, or Philipines who are the experts in the call center outsourcing industry ensures that your costs are drastically cut from 40-60% without any reduction in the quality of service.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Call Center

The Cost of hiring a call center outsourcing company depends upon whether you want to run an outbound campaign or an inbound customer care support and also varies depending upon the country.

Outbound Call Center Campaign

Outbound campaigns have decreased over the years due to fewer people buying products and services over the phone. However, in some industries, it is still necessary to make regular outbound calls for various purposes.

Pricing for most outbound campaigns is split into two parts, an hourly rate per agent and a commission based on sales/conversion. Hourly rates are from $2-4 per hour per agent (low due to the presence of sales commission) while the commission rate varies depending upon the unit sale price.

Inbound Customer Care Service

The majority of contact centers today run customer support outsourcing services, whereby a business outsources its customer care to the call center.

Prices for inbound call center services are either per hour per seat, or a fixed monthly rate per full-time equivalent (FTE) defined as the price for one full-time person working 8 hours for the whole of the month (30 days).

Prices per hour range from $5-7 per hour, while per FTE is around $950 to $1100 per month. This is the average range of prices for call centers in Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines that maintain a standard and quality.

It is to be noted that some call centers may offer much lesser prices than the standard price range, however, most of these are substandard call center companies that cut not only quality but also hire cheap labor and put them in poor work conditions to provide a cheap price.

Call Center Outsourcing Cost Comparision Between Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines

There are several advantages of hiring customer care outsourcing companies from Bangladesh instead of India and the Philippines, some of which are:

  • Bangladeshi call center agents have a better neutral accent than their contemporaries in India and the Philippines. As such, many customers will not feel that they are talking to someone in India who cannot relate to their problem.

  • The cost of hiring call centers in Bangladesh is at least 10-15% less than in India and the Philippines, this is because the cost of living is much higher in these countries.

7 Advantages of Customer Care Outsourcing

There are several benefits that a business enjoys when it outsources its customer care to a contact center. Some of these are explained below:

  • Reduction in Money and Resources: One of the biggest advantages when outsourcing is that you drastically reduce your operational costs. This is because you don't have to invest your resources in infrastructure, hiring, recruitment, and training for your in-house customer care department and instead can pay a third party who specializes in providing the service at much lower costs.

  • Better Customer Experience: An Inbound call center service provider handles thousands of calls every day to deal with all types of customers for their clients. This equips them with vast experience and knowledge that an in-house customer support team will simply not have.

  • Omni-channel Support: Giving a superior customer experience through customer care is more than just handling telephone calls. Today, business and technology have evolved in such a way that it has enabled customers to reach out to a business through a plethora of different channels. These channels include phone calls, live chat, emails, and social media. Contact centers provide omnichannel support through all platforms, enabling you to provide customer service by meeting the client /customer at their level.

  • Higher Skilled Work Force: The best call center outsourcing companies specialize in exceeding their quality in providing customer care services, their employees have a much higher skill in handling customers than others.

  • Reduction in Training Time: One of the important aspects of reducing costs and resources is that you don't have to train employees every time there is a new hire. Rather you only train the call center service provider when you hire them and from there it's their responsibility to train their employees.

  • Less pressure on administration: Another aspect of having to invest less in resources is that when you outsource you do not have to invest in administrative costs such as supervision, hiring & recruitment, accounting for salary, etc.

  • Improved Efficiency: Lastly, a business can only focus on so many things at once, through outsourcing customer care you give a part of your non-core operation to an experienced and specialized entity, while you focus on your core business operation to drive sales and profit.

Possible Disadvantages Of Hiring Inexperienced / Cheap Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Even though the advantages of outsourcing are obvious and overwhelming, sometimes businesses can come to harm by outsourcing. This is because, they can fall into the trap of very cheap offers provided by substandard contact center service providers, who offer services at only $300-$500 per FTE per month.

These Low-Quality Contact Centers Provide Such Low Rates by:

  • Hiring recruits who have poor quality English communication at very low wages.

  • Cutting costs on infrastructure such as having low net speed through local ISP shared lines meant for homes and not for offices.

  • Having a sub-standard and unprofessional working environment that is unfit for employees to work in.

Hiring Such Call Centers Can Heavily Harm a Business in Many Ways, Such as:

  • Call center agents with poor English communication can result in poor customer experience, resulting in them being dissatisfied and not trusting the brand anymore.

  • Without proper infrastructure, there will be disruption in service which will again result in poor customer experience. Imagine a customer not being able to hear the agent properly due to poor-quality internet. That's a situation you definitely don't want!

  • A substandard working environment means no highly skilled labor will ever work for the long term. And the call center company may have a high employee turnover rate. Resulting in consistently providing poor quality service harming the client.

Qualities Of A Great Call Center Solution Provider

So how to avoid hiring a sub-standard call center company and distinguish those that are best? Well, the most obvious tell-tale sign is that they provide services at extremely cheap rates, like at $300-500 per agent or even less.

You should be most wary of such call centers because ask yourself, how is it possible that they offer such low rates and be able to hire high-skilled recruits, build good infrastructure and have a professional working environment? The answer? They DON'T!

Any professional contact center service provider, who provides top-notch service will have the following qualities/capabilities in them:

  • They will have verified great reviews from their clients in a ratings and reviews platform such as

  • The fact that they have a professional working environment should be easily verifiable by you. This can be either through a corporate video, that tells their story and gives you an office walkthrough or a great about us page that gives you glimpses through pictures of how the employees work and interact!

  • Have high-speed dedicated internet from a corporate ISP provider and have dual lines to prevent disruption of service from internet blackout that may happen if you only have 1 single line.

  • Have generators or other alternatives in place to prevent disruption of service in case of a power blackout.

This checklist should help you to choose a call center service provider which suits your needs best!

Hope this blog post helped in choosing a good call center outsourcing company.


The blog is written by Zayed Ahmed, founder, and CEO of ASL BPO.


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