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Instagram Virtual Assistant: Your Key to Growth

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Instagram virtual assistant

Who wouldn’t wish to have millions of followers on their Instagram? Instagram has more than 1 billion users globally. The social platform provides a cost-effective way to reach target audiences and grow a loyal customer base for businesses of any size.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing social media presence, an Instagram virtual assistant is your silver bullet.

An Instagram personal assistant may support both individual and business clients. Many influencers have personal remote assistants to systematize the regular tasks related to their Instagram accounts.

Table of Contents

Besides, it brings unparalleled opportunities for businesses with 1 billion prospects.

1. Grow Your Community

Grow your community with Instagram virtual assistant

An Instagram VA helps you develop your community on Instagram. How?

To grow your business on Instagram, your posts have to be consistent. So, your potential audience will be able to get a glimpse of the message you are trying to deliver every day.

But, do you have enough time to do that? I am sure you don’t.

This is where virtual assistants come into the picture.

A virtual assistant for Instagram:

  • Creates a content calendar for Instagram.

  • Prepare contents according to the calendar.

  • Schedule posts for the most visitable times.

  • Check how each content is performing.

  • Optimize underperforming content.

2. Access to Expert Instagram Manager

The algorithm of Instagram and other social platforms differs. Every business needs unique Instagram strategies.

You need an expert hand who has appropriate knowledge about the new Instagram trends and how they work. Outsourcing is the correct way to connect one.

Skills of An Expert Instagram Manager:

  • A good Instagram manager should be able to effectively communicate with clients.

  • A strong understanding of the platform is necessary. Able to execute strategic plans to grow an account.

  • Adapt to the trend changes.

  • Good knowledge of marketing principles is essential for the success of the account.

3. Consistent Posting and Increased Engagement

The visibility of your brand increases when your Instagram posts are consistent.

A virtual assistant for Instagram maintains consistency of content by posting them on time.

The most challenging task of an Instagram VA is to make audiences take action.

The actions can be any including click, download, and even direct purchase.

How a Personal Instagram Assistant Increases Engagement:

  • Find perfect post times for the content.

  • Planning and designing engaging content.

  • Sharing content on other connected platforms.

  • Research and pick the latest trends.

  • Using popular hashtags and getting traffic from them.

4. 24/7 Customer service

You may decide to run your own Instagram. The difficult part is providing round-the-clock customer service.

A virtual assistant is able to work any hour of the day.

So, you will be able to respond quickly to customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback.

Round-the-clock customer service also increases brand loyalty by increasing accessibility to diverse customers.

Types of Customer Services Provided by Instagram VA

  • Live chat support: Messaging platforms Live chat offers instant gratification to customers. Retail businesses benefit largely from live chat. Customers get instant responses when they wish to learn about any product. Live chat support with an Instagram virtual assistant converts potential customers into sales.

  • Call support: A virtual assistant often works as a calling agent. Some customers don’t like to wait for text replies. They take a very short time to make a purchase decision. Thus, adding call support to your Instagram business enhances the customer experience.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Instagram

I know that after reading all the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, it sounds tempting to have a few on your team.

However, do not jump in without proper research while taking virtual assistant services. Hiring an Instagram virtual assistant can be time-consuming, depending on the process you select.

For example, If you hire through a personal job posting, it will take almost the same trouble as hiring an in-house employee. The next option is hiring from marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Marketplace virtual assistants don’t make a suitable option as they lack accountability.

The best place to hire an Instagram virtual assistant is from a (BPO) business process outsourcing provider. Follow these steps to hire yours.

Define The Roles and Responsibilities

Determine what you expect from the virtual assistants. List them down. Include tasks, working hours, and responsibilities that they will be covering for you.

Fix Your Budget

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant differs in many terms. You have to fix your budget before moving further. For example, you may hire a virtual assistant from ASL BPO at $6 only. There will be absolutely no hidden charges.

Select Your Outsourcing Partner

First, select a few options you might consider. Check the online reviews and experience of your BPO partner. The service needs to be aligned with your budget.

Go with the company that meets all your requirements and does not necessarily need you to spend a lot. With an outsourcing partner, you no longer have to worry about the rest of the process.

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