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TOP 16 Best Dental SEO Companies in 2024

Updated: Mar 16

Are you looking for dental SEO service in 2024? We have the complete guide for you including sixteen companies that stand out as best dental SEO companies in 2024. 

Digital marketing continues to play a more pivotal role in driving new patient acquisition. An increasing number of dentistry practices partner with SEO agencies to boost visibility.

But not all companies bring the expertise needed to generate web traffic and leads in this specialized vertical. So how do practices identify and vet their options to select capable experts among the many SEO vendors claiming prowess in promoting dental websites?

In the following guide covering fundamentals for evaluating SEO companies in the dental industry, learn warning signs indicating amateur versus authentic providers. Follow the outlined criteria for determining the best SEO company matching your office’s unique situation and ambitions.

Top 16 Dental SEO Companies in 2024

For a list of reputable dental SEO service providers, check out our exclusive guide Leading the way in innovative strategies and results-driven services for dental practices.




Funnel Boost Media


Smile Marketing




Dental Marekting Gurus


Higher Visibility


Identity Dental Marketing












While initially established as a BPO company, ASL BPO has swiftly diversified its expertise across various service domains within a short span. Its wide range of services has positioned it as the preferred choice for clients. Notably, one of the standout services offered by ASL BPO is dental SEO. The company has completed more than 200 projects for dental services in many countries.



  • All in one SEO and other marketing support 

  • No intricated client SEO dashboard

  • Cost effective for small businesses 

  • Dedicated SEO specialist on demand 

  • Local SEO expert

Funnel Boost Media
Funnel Boost Media

Funnel Boost Media, a standout among top dental SEO agencies, excels in elevating dental practices online. Known for their expertise in local SEO, they specialize in attracting local patients. Since 2012 they have been providing services.

Their strategies are data-driven, ensuring high search engine rankings for dental websites. With a track record of boosting online visibility and patient inflow. 



  • Specialize in local SEO to attract patients in specific geographic areas

  • Little bit Learning curve

  • Data-driven strategies ensure high search engine rankings

  • Track record of boosting online visibility and patient inflow

  • Can deliver high dental SEO ROI

Smile Marketing stands out among dental SEO companies for its niche specialization solely dedicated to dentistry optimizing web presence for patient acquisition. 

With 10 years of fine-tuning campaigns exclusively for oral health clinics, Smile Marketing boasts extensive expertise in creating customized strategies yielding measurable growth.

Their in-depth proprietary process generates over 30% more website traffic and 20% increased new patients on average.

Smile Marketing pairs attentive campaign management with proven methodologies. 



  • 10 years experience optimizing for dental clinics

  • Limited focus on social media marketing.

  • Customized strategies yield 30% more website traffic on average

  • 20% average increase in new patients

  • Attentive campaign management

WebFX, a prominent player among the leading dental SEO companies in 2024, stands out for its comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Renowned for its deep expertise in SEO, WebFX tailors strategies specifically for dental practices, ensuring enhanced online visibility and patient engagement. 

Their success is marked by a strong portfolio of increased traffic and higher search rankings for their dental clients. 



  • Tailors strategies specifically for dental practices

  • Some clients may prefer agencies that specialize exclusively in dental SEO for a more focused approach.

  • Deep expertise in SEO

  • Strong portfolio of increased traffic and rankings

  • Cutting-edge SEO techniques

Dental Marketing Gurus is an industry leader among dental SEO companies, having served over 300 dentistry practices of all sizes for over 15 years.


With expert specialization in securing consistent top rankings for competitive keywords, Dental Marketing Gurus leverages proven optimization and content marketing to elevate practices to the peak of search results.

Their analytical, personalized strategies tailored for each clinic’s unique situation deliver measurable traffic and conversions.



  • Served over 300 dentistry practices of all sizes

  • Lacking in Analytical, personalized strategies

  • Secures top rankings for competitive keywords

  • Leverages proven optimization and content marketing

HigherVisibility, featured in the top dental SEO companies, excels in custom SEO strategies for dental practices. Their expertise in enhancing online presence and attracting patients is well-recognized.

Known for delivering measurable results, they focus on increasing website traffic and improving search rankings. HigherVisibility's success is rooted in their tailored approach, adapting to each dental practice's unique needs.

One of the key factors they consider is Google's ranking algorithm. Learn more about Google's ranking factors for SEO.



  • Focus on increasing website traffic

  • Competition for services may affect availability.

  • Improve search rankings

  • Tailored approach adapting to each practice

  • Consider Google's ranking algorithm

Identity Dental Marketing is a leading dental SEO company in 2024. Renowned for their expertise in boosting online visibility for dental practices, they employ advanced SEO strategies tailored to the dental industry. 

This company boasts impressive statistics: a high client retention rate and significant increases in website traffic for their clients. 

Their success is anchored in a deep understanding of dental marketing trends and consumer behavior.



  • Served dentistry practices of all niches and specialties since 2009

  • Specific success metrics cannot be analyzed.

  • Successfully driven growth through proven strategies

  • High client retention rate

  • Significant increases in website traffic

TNT Dental, featured in the top dental SEO companies, excels in offering bespoke website design and targeted SEO strategies for dental practices. 

Known for their tailored approach, they ensure each dental website uniquely represents the practice, driving patient engagement. 

Their effectiveness is evident in the significant uptick in patient appointments and web traffic they've achieved for clients.



  • Ensure each dental website uniquely represents practice

  • Learning curve is a little bit tricky for new site owners.

  • Significant uptick in patient appointments and web traffic

  • Deep insight into dental market's online dynamics

  • Bespoke website design

Prodentite, ranking among the top dental SEO companies in 2024, specializes in comprehensive online marketing solutions for dental professionals. 

Known for their expertise in local SEO, they help dentists improve their online visibility in specific geographic areas. This focus has resulted in a notable increase in local patient inquiries for their clients. 



  • Specialize in local SEO

  • Only exclusively for Dental SEO

  • Help dentists improve online visibility in specific areas

  • Notable increase in local patient inquiries

  • Online marketing firm catering exclusively to dentists

The Dental SEO Expert, a prominent name among best dental SEO companies, specializes in optimizing online presence for dental practices. 

Their expertise lies in implementing cutting-edge SEO techniques specifically designed for the dental industry. 

They have a proven track record of significantly enhancing website rankings and attracting new patients.



  • Specialize in optimizing for dental industry

  • Results may take time to see, depending on the competition.

  • Implement cutting-edge SEO techniques

  • Significantly enhance website rankings

  • Proven track record attracting new patients

In 2024, the top Dental SEO companies excel in optimizing dental websites for higher search engine rankings. These companies specialize in keyword research, content creation, local SEO, and user experience enhancement. 

Their expertise has led to significant increases in patient acquisition and online visibility for dental practices. 

They use advanced analytics and proven strategies to drive traffic and improve online reputation.



  • Specialize in getting dental sites to top of SERPs

  • Limited focus on social media marketing.

  • Expertise in keyword research, content creation, local SEO

  • Significant increases in patient acquisition

  • Advanced analytics and proven strategies

Coalition Technologies, a prominent player in the Dental SEO landscape, specializes in elevating dental practices' online presence. Their approach combines in-depth keyword research, customized content marketing, and local SEO optimization. 

This strategy has led to notable achievements, including marked improvements in search engine rankings and patient engagement for dental clients. 



  • Month-to-Month Contracts

  • Lacks Industry specific record

  • Other available services 

  • Free SEO audit for small businesses 

  • Quality and detailed workflow 

Patient Gain excels in driving patient acquisition through targeted SEO strategies. Their expertise lies in optimizing dental websites for search engines and enhancing online patient engagement. 

Key successes include a notable increase in new patient appointments and improved search rankings for dental practices. 

They use analytics-driven methods and innovative digital marketing techniques, resulting in significant growth in online visibility and practice revenue.



  • Expertise in optimizing dental websites and online engagement

  • May have a learning curve for the platform

  • Increase in new patient appointments

  • Improved search rankings for practices

  • Analytics-driven methods and innovative techniques

Dental Focus, a leading Dental SEO company, specializes in optimizing dental websites for search engines. With a proven track record, they have helped numerous dental practices increase their online visibility. 

Their expertise lies in tailored SEO strategies, ensuring higher search rankings and enhanced patient engagement. 

Known for delivering measurable results, Dental Focus boasts significant improvements in website traffic and appointment bookings, solidifying its reputation in the dental industry.



  • Proven track record optimizing dental websites

  • Limited focus on broader digital marketing strategies.

  • Help numerous practices increase online visibility

  • Specialize in tailored SEO strategies

  • Deliver measurable results

IndeedSEO, renowned in the dental SEO market, excels in boosting dental practices' online presence. Their expertise includes comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimization, and effective content strategies customized for dental services. 

Known for its robust analytics and result-oriented approach, IndeedSEO has significantly increased web traffic and patient appointments for its clients.



  • Comprehensive keyword research and optimization

  • May not have as extensive a portfolio as larger agencies.

  • Effective content strategies customized for dental

  • Robust analytics and results-oriented approach

  • Significantly increased web traffic and appointments

Practice Cafe has over a decade of experience in providing top-notch SEO services for dentists. With a maximum success rate and hundreds of positive client testimonials, their individualized strategies help dental practices maximize visibility and attract more local patients.



  • Over a decade of experience providing dental SEO

  • Pricing may vary depending on customization.

  • Hundreds of positive client testimonials

  • Individualized strategies maximize visibility

  • Help attract more local patients

Criteria for Choosing the Best Dental SEO Company

Selecting the best dental SEO company is crucial. Here are the key criteria:

  • Proven success in dental SEO.

  • Custom strategies for each practice.

  • Strong client testimonials.

  • Up-to-date with SEO trends.

  • Transparent reporting and communication.

  • Focus on local SEO.

  • Offers comprehensive services, including content and social media marketing.

The cost of Dental SEO can vary, ranging from $350 to $5,000, depending on factors such as the specific target demographics, chosen keywords, methodologies employed, and whether it includes white-label services. - ASL BPO Blog

Wrapping Up

Selecting the ideal dental SEO company is a critical decision in 2024. One of these top 15 companies can be your next partner in SERP leading. Make your choice wise. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for a free web SEO analysis.

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