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Social Media Marketing Package : Attract More High Ticket Buyers

Updated: Jun 12

Dear business owners, we know how frustrating it can be to create a suitable social media marketing package that attracts a HIGH-TICKET buyer.

To find a definite solution to this burning issue, we, along with our senior social media manager, Mr. Zia, extensively researched the elements of effective packages for social media marketing. The result? A higher probability of bringing in some high-ticket clients.

Having said so, you might wonder if we’re the right people to turn to for business advice. Not to sound braggy, but we have delivered satisfactory results to clients spanning the small and mid-business market since 2014.

Market Size of ASL BPO
market size

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our main concern of discussion:

Marketing on Social Media: Why is it Necessary?

The presence of diverse social media platforms nowadays can make it confusing for a social media marketer to pinpoint the effective ones for a customer’s business growth. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Why choose marketing on social media ?

But why does social media hold such importance when it comes to marketing? Here’s why:

  • Just as a recognizable persona can connect and interact with their followers, humanizing a business can be an active approach to familiarizing your target audience and building trust.

  • The ever-increasing popularity of social media features, including automated messaging, marketplace, CTA buttons, appointment booking, etc., has made it easier to generate leads.

  • Using ads, posts, and blogs on these platforms enables enhanced social signals, which, in turn, drives traffic to your business profile. This results in increased chances of lead conversion, a vital step in sales and revenue growth.  

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest are renowned for direct and indirect communication with existing and potential clients. These platforms allow business owners to build relationships via customer feedback, network and collaborate with other businesses, and conduct market research surveys.

Social Media Marketing Packages: What to Include?

Statistics show that around 3.78 billion people use social media, and the average US adult spends 2.5 hours daily on it, proving why hyperlocal social media marketing is indispensable.

This brings us to our next question:

“Then how do I utilize these statistics to design lucrative social media marketing packages?”

Read along to know our perspective on this:

1) One-Time Social Media Marketing 

Often, you might encounter a few businesses looking for one-time social media marketing solutions. As seen generally, these are startups or brands reaching out to a different marketing strategy provider for something unique.


For packages like this, it’s advisable to keep the service options and pricing flexible with add-ons offered after one-on-one consultation.

2) Regular Social Media Marketing Packages

Consistent social engagement and management for your client have no substitute, as they help your client’s brand gain visibility to the followers. Although each marketing solutions provider may set their pricing differently, it’s necessary to know what services to include commonly in the monthly package:

  • Dedicated social media manager

  • Social media campaign strategy

  • Social network setup and optimization

  • Daily monitoring and competitive analysis

  • Posts and boosting

  • Brand reputation analysis

  • Vertical content creation

  • Personal consultation etc.

Designing Social Media Marketing Packages
social media marketing packages

Additionally, try to design 2-3 distinct packages that your business-owning clients can choose from— a starter’s package, a standard one, and a premium kind. After all, monthly social media marketing packages are value for money from a client’s perspective.

3) Personalized Social Media Marketing Package

We’re all quite aware of the competitive situation on social media platforms these days. With hundreds and thousands of hyped-up posts uploaded each second, it’s tough to stand out.

And this is precisely where tailor-made social media marketing packages come into the scene. 

You simply hear your client’s business style, visions, and demands, then provide a package just for them!

This may or may not include diverse features like ad campaigns, one-time social events, hosting social media events, conducting polls and surveys, etc.

Besides, if their business requires more focus on specific platforms like TikTok or Instagram to target younger audiences, set the package and pricing accordingly.

Offer a free trial so your customers commit for months at a stretch without the pressure or confusion of a bad investment.

Creating Competitive SMM Packages: Tips and Tricks

Comprehension of social media pain points when engaging your target audience and converting leads is non-negotiable. Your client needs to dominate the social media scene by discarding the expected ideas and bringing something exceptional to the table. 

Keep the following factors in mind when producing packages for businesses:

1) Highlight Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Despite the presence of countless social media marketing providers, why do some businesses reach their peak while some merely exist or fade away with time?

The answer is simple: They have something distinct to offer or a unique selling point (USP)

SMM: Highlight Your Unique Selling Point or USP
Highlight your unique selling point (USP)

So, if your social media packages have anything out of the ordinary to offer, make sure to emphasize those to your customers. This may include providing expert advertising solutions in 3d or motion graphics, conducting out-of-the-box publicity campaigns, on-social events, etc. 

2) Avoid Underselling 

Regardless of educational qualifications, every marketing team comprises creative individuals who bring combined experience to meet clientele demands. This being said, focus on knowing your team’s worth and setting the pricing accordingly.

SMM: Stop Underselling
Avoid underselling

Be it unique experiences or skill sets, previous notable projects, or simply the diversity of team members, never undersell your packages for social media marketing. It’s what they all say: Quality over quantity, something to adhere to when offering marketing solutions,   

Concluding Advice

To stay relevant in the 21st-century “trendy experience-boosting” atmosphere, all businesses are now inclining toward social media marketing for product visibility.

And with hundreds of clients on the look for a reliable partner to take over their socials, having a virtual assistant equipped with monthly social media marketing packages could be the trouble-free one-stop solution.

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