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10 Photo Editing Services You Can Outsource to a Professional

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Are you a photographer who is busy outdoors? You do not have enough time to edit your photos. Photo editing services are for you. Or you could be a businessman who is lacking promotional advantage due to advanced photo editing.

A professional editor can save your time, furnish eye-catching endings to photos and enhance productivity. Many photographers prefer to have a freelance editor to back up their busy lives.

Here at ASL BPO Image Editing Service, we have 10 photo editing services available. Keep reading to learn more about our services.

10 Photo Editing Services You Can Outsource

1) Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching
Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching is pretty much hard work as it involves many minor details. If you are not skilled enough or lack patience, you may end up ruining the photo. Portrait retouching involves skin whitening, contouring skin makeup, some glowing effects, and some background layering. The editor adds some extra vibrance to the portrait to make it look more professional.

2) Color Correction

Color Correction
Color Correction

The color of your photo can change the total perspective. Color correction fixes the color of the image. Sometimes your photo is overexposed or underexposed or the shadows are ruining the perspective of your photo. A freelance photo editor can color correct your photo by setting the degree of contrast, saturation, hue, etc.

3) Background Removal

Background Removal
Background Removal

Background removal sounds like a simple task but when you have to submit hundreds of photos at a time, this simple task stresses you out. Our background removal services include the removal of objects, background cleaning, watermark removal, and background removal for e-commerce businesses. Outsource photo background removal services from ASL BPO to prepare your photo for special purposes.

4) Image Noise Removal

Image Noise Removal
Image Noise Removal

Image noise is the unwanted pixels in the images caused due to low quality. Denoising photos in order to achieve good quality photographs are a significant concern nowadays. The goal of image noise removal is to remove unnecessary noise without interrupting the size, edge, and other aspects of the image.

5) Curve Adjustment

Curve Adjustment
Curve Adjustment

The curve adjustment is like a grid. You can move the curve to fix the brightness, contrast, and color correction of an image. You won't be able to get the correct tune if you apply it directly to an image. Curve adjustment implies a non-destructive editing technique.

6) Image Masking

Image Masking
Image Masking

Image masking is hiding some part of an image without cropping it. There are different types of image masking such as alpha channel masking, transparency masking, translucent image masking, photoshop collage marking, layer masking, etc. You can accurately and effectively mask your images with ASL BPO photo editing services.

7) Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation
Photo Manipulation

Image manipulation is one of the most creative image editing services. Only having some photoshop skills is not enough for image manipulation. You have to invest your thoughts to build the prototype of the image you wish to manipulate. Then, give reality to your imagination through the right application of photoshop tools.

8) Real Estate Photo

Real Estate Photo Editing
Real Estate Photo Editing

As a realtor, if you want to attract buyers for your property listing, you must have eye-catching images for them. Everyone is busy nowadays. You can not ask buyers to come over and visit the multiple properties you have listed. You have to spread the alluring photos and content on your social media channels. Outsourcing picture editing helps real estate organizations to put their focus on client building rather than sitting in front of a desktop and doing repetitive tasks.

9) Wedding Photo Retouching Services

A wedding photographer realizes how important it is to edit the wedding session pictures with the finest quality and deliver them on time. We understand the importance of wedding season when you have back-to-back weddings scheduled but no time to edit the photos. Outsourcing photo editing services is the best option for you.

10) E-commerce Photo Editing

Ecommerce Photo Editing
Ecommerce Photo Editing

The eCommerce business is growing rapidly. The competition is also very high. Top-quality product photos are compulsory for eCommerce businesses to stay competitive in the market. Our professional photo editors are ready to offer you premium quality image editing services for your eCommerce business.

Why Should You Outsource Photography Services?

High-Quality Image

Your image quality is a part of your brand image. As per a survey, 70% of online clients are visual learners. Your visuals have a large impact on your clients. When you outsource photography services, you will have high-quality images. It will be easy for you to attract clients.

Professional Photo Editors

Professional Photo Editors
Professional Photo Editors

Our professional editors have years of industry experience and can take care of every minor detail your photo requires. They can also work as a consultant suggesting the best type of photos you need for your clients or eCommerce.

Save Software Costs

When you outsource photo editing services, you do not have to pay for the software. It is one of the many overhead costs you can save from outsourcing.

Quick Editing of Bulk Photos

Your clients may need you to edit a bulk amount of photos at a time which is very stressful. On the other hand, hiring multiple in-house photo editors is also expensive. Outsource photo editing services and get rid of quality, time constraints, and other stuff.

Enhanced Brand Image

Staying competitive in every aspect is essential for every business. Exclusive image quality will help you stand out from the large pool of industry competition.

Why is Photo Editing and Retouching Necessary?

Photo editing uses simple editing techniques to increase the quality of images. The notion of photo retouching illustrates the wider concept of editing. People nowadays make a point of editing their personal images before publishing them.

According to the studies, the quality of the picture influences 80% of people's first impressions of a product. Thus, photo editing and retouching are crucial components of any business.

1. First Impression of a Business Product

Image editing has a positive influence on consumers’ buying decisions. If the image grabs their attention, they will be influenced to buy the product.

2. Get More Social Share

The market for creativity is increasing. People acknowledge the good content. Your social media images have to be well-edited. So, more people will share your content. It will boost your online exposure.

3. Enhance Your Brand Image

Photos aid in the conversion of a brand to a human perspective. The eye-catching after-edit images you present will make the consumers feel more related to you.

What's The Difference Between Photo Editing & Retouching?

These two terms are frequently used among photo editors. People often get confused thinking about the difference between photo editing and photo retouching.

1. Photo Editing

Photo editing services include components like cropping, adjusting, sharpening, etc. The editor does not need professional expertise for editing. It does not take long to edit photos. Many mobile apps are now available with good features that can edit photos without any professional knowledge.

2. Photo Retouching

Photo retouching improves the quality of an image without destroying the natural tone using dodge and burns, eye retouching, color balance, curve highlights, etc. The amount of expertise needed for photo retouching depends on the requirements. This technique is usually used for product photography. It may have basic editing or high-end image manipulation.

Wrapping up

In this blog, we have mentioned the photo editing outsourcing services you can get from ASL BPO. Also, the benefits that we have talked about sum up the fundamentals of outsourcing photo editing services. Contact us to get a free quote.

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