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Insurance Claims Data Entry Outsourcing

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Every insurance company has a high volume of data entry tasks. This task involves market research, resource collection, data optimization, data cloning, data mining, data cleansing, and many more. Therefore, the whole insurance claims data entry tasks have to be organized particularly for smooth business operations.

Any increased workload should not be a barrier for insurance companies. Most insurance companies prefer to outsource insurance claim data entry services so that the agents can focus on onboarding more clients and assisting their claims.

When you outsource insurance claims data entry, you get your data prepared into a result-driven format. So, you work less on the non-core tasks and focus more on strategic business activities. At ASL BPO, We offer first-rate data entry services to insurance firms, simplifying their dynamic data input and processing needs. We have experts who are very productive and can easily manage databases of any size.

Why Should You Outsource Insurance Claim Data Entry?

As an insurance company professional, you get a huge amount of data that you have to process. There is a bunch of manual data that you have to shift into digital format. You can not risk making errors during this data-entry process.

Another critical factor is time. When a client claims insurance, the company needs to act fast. Sometimes clients are prone to complain against the insurance company if they are late doing the processing. You do not have to deal with such stress when there are many business process outsourcing companies proving the solution that you need.

You should outsource insurance claim data entry services so that you can reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and retain error-free databases.

Types of Insurance Claims Data Entry You Can Outsource

Potential Client Database

Clients are the main touchpoint of any business. Insurance companies often find it difficult to acquire potential clients as they repeat selling the same products. The client database holds a lot of information. Every time a new client joins in, the insurance agents have to note down every single detail, cross-check them and arrange them accordingly.

Internal Data Entry

The insurance company’s internal documentation requires data entry. Some examples of internal documentation requirements,

  • Product listing and brochures

  • Terms and conditions

  • Declaration papers

  • Agreement papers

  • Digitizing documents

Data entry virtual assistants can help insurance companies significantly with documentation processes.

Insurance Data Mining

It is essential for insurance businesses to use data mining to obtain information about their clients if they want to provide more reliable coverage, enhance their relationships with their clients, and avoid legal problems. In the new age, data mining tasks are predominantly handled by machine learning.

However, the technology to needs some human intervention. Outsource data entry virtual assistants to process data mining smoothly.

Data Mining Tasks Involve,

  • Data gathering

  • Analysis and interpretation of data

  • Clustering

  • Data cleaning

  • Data refinement

The Insurance Claim form Fills

There are many types of insurance and all of them require certain form fillings when it comes to claims. Data entry virtual assistants help to fill the insurance claim forms, record the data digitally and make them readable easily.

Examples of Some Common Insurance Claim Forms

ADA Insurance Claim forms

ADA is the short form of the American Dental Association. It provides dental benefits plans a patient can get from the insurance coverage. The form implies special guidelines while filling. Our data entry virtual assistants are well-trained to ensure you the best ADA insurance claim form entry.

Download PDF • 292KB

UB Health Insurance Claim Forms

Uniform billing (UB) refers to the process of uniformed and simplified medical billing. UB-04 form includes 81 Form Locators to fill out (FL). It's a long process to fill out the form.

Download PDF • 694KB

CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Forms

In the United States, healthcare providers outside of hospitals and clinics must use a CMS 1500 to file their insurance claims. To collect payment from insurance companies, wellness providers simply present a receipt of service.

Download PDF • 192KB

Dental Insurance Claims

Everything from a patient's initial registration to their explanation of benefits (EOB) and payment is included in dental insurance claims processing.

Download PDF • 938KB

Hospitalization Insurance Claims

The cost of medications, hospital stays, operations, and doctor visits are just some of the things that are covered by health insurance plans. The form entitles all the data required for a patient to claim insurance.

Download PDF • 22KB

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry of Insurance Claims

Benefits of outsourcing data entry of insurance claims
The benefits of outsourcing data entry of insurance claims

1. Data Organization

One complex part of all types of data entry is organizing them in order. Insurance claim data includes vital information that you definitely cannot risk having compromised. This data will pass through different departments to get approval.

You have to make sure that these departments have no difficulty finding whatever they are looking for. Outsourcing insurance claim data entry ensures that all the data has been placed according to its entities, is well organized, and is easily traceable.

2. No Training Needed

If you want to hire in-house data entry employees, you have to train them for insurance data entry. The training time and cost are a big hassle for insurance companies. Outsourced employees do not need any training.

When you outsource insurance claim data entry, they can start right away. It will save you valuable time that you can later invest in something more important.

3. Fast Delivery

Insurance claims usually have deadlines to meet. You have to make sure the process does not lag behind your data validation. Outsourcing has the benefit of employee scalability. They ensure that your data is delivered quickly and within the time frame specified.

4. Data Security

All businesses are scared of cyberattacks. Data is a vulnerable asset. Insurance claim data contains personal information about the clients who hold the insurance. It’s a matter of security for the insurance company and all of its clients.

Outsourcing companies use cutting-edge technology to protect their databases from cyberattacks. Outsourcing insurance claim data entry increases data security.

End Note

Insurance claim data entry may seem like a simple task but it defines how well your insurance company functions. You have to make sure that all data is placed in time, is well-defined, and is error-free.

ASL BPO is the leading insurance claim data entry service provider. Our industry experience makes us reliable among many global clients. Get in touch with us if you are planning to outsource insurance claim data entry services.

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