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Data Conversion Outsourcing services

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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Data conversion outsourcing services is a vast line of tasks that involves the conversion of data into another format with the help of data conversion companies.

In order to outsource data conversion services, companies resort to using specialized software and tools to transform all that paperwork into computerized data. A seemingly endless amount of files and folders are difficult to contain within an organization. The maintenance of such essential files is also a very crucial matter too.

In such cases, data conversion companies enable organizations to store and convert their documents and essential folders into concise and manageable forms.

What is Data Conversion?

Additionally, data entry services ensure a more streamlined functionality for most organizations with an immense amount of documentation, and at the present, the storage of computerized documents is one of the most challenging factors to consider.

How Do Data Conversion Services Function?

Outsourcing Data Conversion From ASL BPO

This is where ASL BPO brings in a data conversion company, which is the best in data conversion services.

Essentially, at ASL BPO’s cutting-edge database conversion services, our Data Entry Services is one of the most promising as well as the best for document management. Converting your document and files for a more flawless functionality of your organization.

Our Data Entry Virtual Assistant Services are adept in the fast conversion of massive amounts of files of all categories and sizes. Our data entry services are fast and seamless. Database conversion services are one of the biggest enhancements any company of literally any scale can have.

  • Step 1: Collect Data

First of all, the data entry virtual assistant collects the data from the organization they are working for.

  • Step 2: Filter and Clean Data for Conversion

Secondly, the files are filtered out to detect any corrupt files or redundancies in the information.

  • Step 3: Transform Data into Selected Format

Thirdly, it is essential for organizations to want to receive their data to be converted into the standard formatting or a format that they prefer.

  • Step 4: Data validation

Fourthly, after the data conversion is complete, it is rechecked for any errors and authentication. Once it is verified, it will be stored into a database vault.

Importance of Data Conversion Outsourcing Services

How Important Are Data Conversion Outsourcing Services?

First of all, businesses are always on the go due to their high inflow of documents as well as constant intakes. Outsource Data conversion services allow companies to reallocate their databases into cloud-based or space-allocated portals within their subsystems.

Let us discuss how and why it is essential to opt for database conversion services:

  • Faster File Management

As technology is ever-changing, it is crucial for organizations to be able to keep up with their platforms and applications. Without fast-paced data conservation, an organization will end up losing its important documents, as most paper-based documents are tough to preserve over time.

  • Less Hassle

Data Entry Services let organizations streamline their tasks with a lot more ease. As a major chunk of the paperwork is now going to be a bit of a hassle for most employees to deal with. This, in turn, saves the trouble of most tasks.

  • Boosted Efficiency

A database conversion service helps companies benefit from a centralized environment and simplifies management, with more concise documentation and safekeeping. Data conversion companies secure cloud documents in a cloud-based environment. Your team will spend less time scouring through documents.

  • Safe Keeping

Data entry services possess top-of-the-line quality security to ensure that companies do not have to worry about any sort of breach in their databases. So, if you are worried about security, then rest assured.

  • Improve Data Accuracy

Data Entry services are prone to fewer errors and ensure flawless storage of documentation.

Types of Data Conversion Outsourcing at ASL BPO

Common Data Conversion Services

Here are some of the formats in which common data is converted into:

  • PDF Conversion

Where organizations can have their files converted into PDF-formatted documents.

  • HTML Conversion

Companies can also have their files formatted into HTML

  • XML Conversion

XML Conversion for more complex databases and cloud storage

  • eBook Conversion

eBook conversion of documentation-based files.

  • Document Conversion

Converting paper-based documentation into cloud-based files

  • XLS, CSV Data Conversion

Complex file encryption of XLS and CSV formats.

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

Conversion of files which are A.I and automation based

  • Extracting data from bills

Converting billing information into concise cloud-based databases.

How are Outsource Data Conversion Services necessary for Insurance Claims?

Most insurance companies have immense pressure from data entry tasks piling up against each other. These tasks are mostly tedious to finish. They not only take a long time to complete, but meeting deadlines is even more difficult.

Outsourcing insurance claims data entry services are key to helping insurance companies with their daily operations and daily tasks. They can rely on a group of skilled individuals who are adept and professionally skilled at these types of data conversion services.

Outsource Insurance Claim Data Entry Services are the easiest means of data, as most of their documents are paper-based. It would in turn help keep track of that paperwork.

Why Should You Outsource Data Conversion from ASL BPO?

Data conversion companies such as ASL BPO, are where you can assign your very own Data Entry Virtual Assistant and manage a stockpile of data available in multiple formats. Data Entry facilities that we offer in ASL BPO are cost-friendly, high-quality data conversion outsourcing services.

  • At ASL BPO, we always prioritize our client's needs and thrive to be a BPO partner that organizations can trust without a second thought. We deliver the most top-notch services that allow all organizations to flourish with our help.

  • Our data entry services are unparalleled. With greater turn-overs as well as efficiency beyond anything else

  • ASL BPO has helped numerous businesses revolutionize their data into valuable insights and enhance their decision-making processes, which has boosted their performance exponentially.

  • With the help of database conversion services by ASL BPO, data management, and accessibility will also greatly be improved by converting paper documents into digital formats, businesses can easily search and retrieve data, making it more accessible to employees who need it.

  • Our professional team of data entry specialists is constantly working around the clock to meet their client's demands and preferences. With us, there is absolutely no room for compromise. You can rest assured while ASL BPO takes on the bigger challenges for you.

We hope this article enlightens you into understanding how great it is beneficial for a company to opt for Data Conversion Outsourcing Services from ASL BPO.


ASL BPO's Data Conversion Outsourcing Services provide significant benefits to businesses that require accurate and efficient conversion of their data. Our expertise in advanced technology and skilled facilities make it a reliable and trustworthy partner for businesses that seek to improve their data management processes.


What is a Data Conversion Method?

Ans: Data conversion is the process of converting data from one format to another. Data conversion methods are variable and different from one another, and they are used for specific documentation purposes. Some of the methods include:

  • Text-to-ASCII conversion Binary-to-Decimal conversion

  • Image file format conversion

  • Audio file format conversion

  • Video file format conversion

  • Character encoding conversion

  • Database format conversion

  • XML-to-JSON conversion

  • Data compression

  • Data encryption

What are The Types of Data Conversion?

Ans: Data conversion can be broadly categorized into two types:

Proper data conversion: This is the process of converting data from one format to another. For example, you can move a database that has been created in Oracle to a SQL Server.

Incorrect data conversion: When there are errors in the data, this would be an incorrect data conversion. This can be later rectified and stored back into the

What is The Difference Between Data Migration and Data Conversion?

Ans: Data migration and data conversion are two different processes. Data conversion means converting the format file to another format. The most commonly used conversion format is between MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows.

Data migration means moving one database from one server to another. This is mainly used for mass transfers of databases.

How Long Would it Take for the Documentation to be Converted/Outsourced?

Ans: It depends on the complexity of the document. If it is very simple, you can do it in a week or two. However, if the document is really complex, then it may take longer.

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