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Top-Rated! The #1 BEST Taxi Dispatch Software in 2024

Updated: Jul 4

It’s not unknown to us that although taxis have been in the game longer than ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft, the value and demand of taxis have declined to an extent.

However, thanks to incorporating technology, the taxi industry was able to streamline operations to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Assuming that you’re already a taxi business owner, perhaps also struggling to compete with renowned brands, or let’s say, meaning to enter the taxi industry in 2024, you’ll need adequate knowledge and assistance regarding the best taxi dispatch software to offer your clients.

So, without any further delay, let us get you through the simple yet time-consuming process of primary market research on the topic with our blog piece.

Uber vs. Taxi Services

Uber vs. Taxi Services

Founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, Uber now operates in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Adapting to the public's growing demands, it has expanded with features such as UberPool, UberBlack, UberT, rentals, and prescheduling trips.

This has made Uber a standard for white-label booking apps in the taxi industry. Meanwhile, taxis, which originated in the 1800s, have upgraded to keep up by developing automated dispatching software,

which allowed them to compensate for the lack of real-time tracking, fare estimation, payment methods, etc.

Besides, users often claim that taxi booking apps have relatively low and predictable price surges compared to their counterpart, Uber.


This simply leaves us reassured about how taxi booking has become more accessible and affordable nowadays.

Best Taxi Dispatch Software for a Solid Business Plan


As a leading dispatch software provider, Autocab offers top-notch solutions to the taxi and private hire industry across 33 countries. 

Revolutionizing the taxi dispatch industry since 1989, their comprehensive suite of personalized software solutions has helped them stay competitive in the evolving transportation industry.

While Autocab provides basic, easy-to-navigate features for taxi booking and dispatch, here’s what makes them different:

  • Prioritizing high demands of loyal customers and directing drivers to specific zones.

  • Business owners can filter and manage their taxi supply by setting up the longest waiting time and nearest car settings.

  • Users get access to repeat bookings for their jobs or errands. 

  • Taxi owners can gain visibility and manage multiple companies with one software solution.

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Smart Cars

This London-based taxi and private hire company has repeatedly proved its reliability with a dedicated support team for bookings, inquiries, or special requests.

Their exceptional adoption of eco-friendly practices and support toward local community projects have thus led to a secure and pleasant user experience.

Additionally, they offer a few focus features that stand out in the taxi booking industry:

  • They have been a trusted partner for airport transfers for years, making no excuses for timely pickups and drop-offs with their real-time flight tracking feature.

  • Clients across various industries, including travel, event management, and others, have provided corporate travel services to ensure seamless booking and hassle-free traveling, proving their reliability for corporate travel software solutions.

Offering a variety of vehicles with transparent billing in one app, they provide regular taxis, executive cars, and luxurious kinds to cater to a larger audience.

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Quite well-known for its on-demand features offered for several business models: taxi services, delivery services, trucking businesses, food delivery services, tutoring services, and many more, SpotnRide includes an entire Uber clone script setup consisting of:

  • The pre-built solution offers spontaneous scalability that helps avoid the unnecessary costs of an original ride-hailing app. 

  • Fare estimation prior to booking taxis can be a valuable feature for those who want to guarantee affordability and stay within budget. 

  • What sets Uber apart is its intricate focus on passenger safety. The built-in SOS button in this Uber clone ensures similar protection from emergencies.

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Elevate your taxi dispatch solutions with MoovsApp, a versatile automated platform that will transform your transportation business.

Besides its easy-to-use interface, this software continues to thrive in the industry for its:

  • Software solutions for diversified vehicle demands, including taxi and ride-hailing, chauffeurs, party buses and limousines, buses and coaches, medical transportation, etc. 

  • Live support, which is available from 5 am to 5 pm, to resolve customer queries and issues and guarantee client satisfaction.

  • Seamless software operations when you shift to Moovs, as its data migration allows you to restore and move all customer data without security breaches, 

  • Although most white-label software solutions reveal their pricing based on requirements, Moovs offers a transparent pricing policy, which is definitely a power move in the software industry. 

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Cab Treasure

Leave your business growth in the reliable hands of Cab Treasure by resorting to their customized booking apps for the taxi dispatch system while you simply sit back and monitor the increasing public demands.

To confirm whether it's a suitable ride-hailing dispatch system for your company, skim through its unique perks:

  • Get multilingual client support round the clock from Cab Treasure’s dedicated customer service team.

  • Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to handle administrative tasks and tackle concerns. 

Given that your software provider doesn’t offer one, you might want to outsource your taxi business needs with a virtual assistant service.

  • Thanks to the zoning & plotting and passenger queue board features, customers can receive special discounts and be updated on queue position and ETAs. 

  • Timely pickups and drop-offs of customers through automated updates of flights and associated delays via a built-in flight tracker

  • Integrated hotel booking option for clients to make instant bookings at local hotels. 

For more affordable and humanized performance, we recommend you consider 24/7 call center and data entry services to maximize customer loyalty.

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Bring a positive impact with generous revenue once you partner with RouteManager, providing a number of useful features for your taxi dispatch and booking software

Even though the existence of numerous software solutions providers is already evident, know why to choose them over the others:

  • Schedule and dispatch drivers on demand by managing large fleet management with just a few taps on your phone screen.

  •  While taxi dispatch software serves across various industries, RouteManager has managed to cover more than usual: F&B delivery, home inspections, alcohol delivery, fuel delivery, lawn care, etc.   

  • Integration with WorkWave enables the taxi business owners to enhance operational efficiency and ROI by 30% with the same day setup feature.

  • Surpassing route planning, the route simulation option in the taxi booking app lets customers to test specific hypotheses on desired routes.

Apps: No apps are available.


An easy-to-use web-based platform, iCabbi, was founded with the aim to streamline your taxi or private hire business and driving the nextgen of dispatch technology. With efficient dispatching and multiple payment integrations, let’s acknowledge what sets them apart from the rest:

  •  Serving 15 countries across the globe has allowed them to analyze and understand the market demands and trends in different regions, thus making them experts in software solutions.  

  • Digital payment with iCabbi Payment Console will make e-payments easier than ever, letting you avoid hassles of carrying changes.

  •  Swap between manual dispatch and auto dispatch to find the desired comfort zone as per your business needs.

Apps: No apps are available.


Simplify booking and managing business to boost your ROI, leaving the issues of providing card details for 7 days.

You can seamlessly connect your potential customers to drivers with their taxi dispatch software that provides distinct features:

  • Prepay for bookings with 7 payment gateways and ensure punctual arrival of taxis in 5 countries globally. 

  • Built-in Google translation will allow the passengers to use the booking app without any language barrier.

  • User access restrictions can ensure full functionality without compromising on the security of sensitive passenger info.

Apps: No apps are available.



Avail advanced ride-hailing software with YelowTaxi and launch your business in the span of 3 weeks only. Having served over a million customers in 40+ countries, they have rapidly made a mark in the global map with as many as 300k+ drivers registered under their supervision.

Leveraging technology to its fullest, YelowTaxi has managed to distinguish itself as a mentionable brand in the transportation industry on account of:

  • Their 200+ features offered in a reduced cost and ensuring maximum efficiency.

  • Onboarding new drivers with their simple-to-navigate automated registration and KYC verification process

  • Gaining access to important documents, like licenses, insurance papers, driver renewal documents, etc., with document management and scaling down on administrative paper loads. 

  • Custom corporate invoicing allows business owners to diminish the accounting hassles and offer transparency in a single intuitive dashboard.

  • Code scanning and smart queue system that helps the company manage queue for drivers and eliminates wait time for passengers to save their precious minutes of the day. 

Apps: No apps are available.



Continuous innovation in taxi dispatch solutions, which include 100+ third-party integrations to grow your business, has kept AllRides thriving since its advent. With AllRide cab, bus, logistics, and delivery services, they continue to provide unwavering customer satisfaction in the transportation industry.

If you’re wondering about its dependability as a taxi booking and dispatching software, these might just be what you’re looking for:

  • Find their route optimization feature that enables passengers to avoid the busy streets of London.

  • Daily traveling is made more budget-friendly on Cab Treasure due to its ride-sharing management. 

  • With over 50 languages support, its convenient UI makes communication and booking taxis easier than ever.

  • AllRide understands the struggles of daily commutes and the related finances of its clients and offers fare-bidding options to make taxis more affordable.

  • Taxi business owners can find detailed revenue charts to manage and maintain the company’s finances. 

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Dispatch Software for a Taxi Business: Look for Unique Features

When deciding on white-label solutions for your taxi business, you must pick the key features to provide your clients before app development.

This is advised for two reasons: firstly, you’ll learn about the latest market demand and improvise accordingly for a high ROI. Secondly, you can provide affordable taxi booking services with personalization that might guarantee customer retention in the competitive market.

So, when you’re in the app development phase for your taxi booking and dispatch software, make sure to include these fascinating specs: 

  • Available Panels: Passenger Panel, Driver Panel, Admin & Dispatcher Panel 

Any taxi dispatch solution should offer multiple panels that can be easily operated. 

A built-in passenger panel, driver panel, and admin & dispatcher panel for real time tracking will help in having complete control and ensure timely management of taxis and other vehicles when needed.

  • SOS Button

Basic features are not enough to grow your business, especially with countless apps like Uber already prevailing in the taxi industry. Hence, a software solution must have a distinct feature to grab attention. 

This is where a simple SOS button comes in handy. It ensures utmost customer safety, which is much needed in current days.

  • Fare Estimator

Estimating the approximate pricing of taxis before the ride makes them affordable for passengers, precisely because of surges during real time traffic. This makes ride hailing not only a cheaper alternative but also a dependable one. 

In turn, a feature like this will bring in more users to your taxi booking app and result in a higher ROI.

  • Preschedule a Trip

For any brand to stay in business, especially a typical taxi business, it must make customer service a priority. Offering your clientele options to preschedule trips before a special occasion or important meeting can thus be a commendable way to make your name known.

In order to generate new leads and turn them into a regular user of your taxi booking app, you can even try out data entry services to keep an automated track of clients.


  • Multiple Vehicles Option

While small fleet taxi dispatch software requires a basic yet essential list of features and only a few taxis, focusing on business growth will call for numerous vehicles. This means you’ll have to expand from taxis to executive cars, buses, medical vans, limousines, etc.

  • Complete Source Code 

Just as amino acids make up proteins in our body, software solutions comprise fundamental components called source code, which facilitate developing, maintaining, and enhancing the software function.

So, unless you’re relying on free taxi dispatch software with minimal efficiency, it’s mandatory that you gain complete access to the source code of your taxi booking app. 

This way, despite the rapidly changing business or customer needs, you can quickly adapt in no time and stay ahead of competitors. Moreover, you get to save on software replacement costs and the necessary effort needed!

Concluding Remarks

With technology leading the world, cloud based software, or SaaS, has become indispensable for day-to-day operations and business growth.

Particularly, taxi dispatch software is much needed by the masses to ensure their daily commute in bustling cities. And so, it offers business opportunities in the transportation industry, with easy solutions to build an Uber clone from a trustworthy software solutions provider.

Lastly, if you’ve already set your mind to set up a taxi business in your locality while outsourcing the administrative hassles, make sure you’re well prepared to ensure the best outcome from a BPO company.

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