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10 Benefits of Hiring Virtual Customer Support Services

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Forbes customer service research (sponsored by Amazon) shows that the percentage of bad customer service experiences had increased by 49% compared to the previous year.

Customer experience is the most vulnerable factor for a company in 2023. Businesses that prioritize their customers play like pros in the competitive market. B2B customers mainly buy intangible products.

Without a dedicated customer support service, it is difficult to explain the value of the product or service you are offering. Virtual customer support service functions without being physically available for the company they are serving. They handle all sorts of customer communication within the company's entities.


What is Remote Customer Service?

Customers' curiosity grows with each passing day. Technological progress is also attempting to improve consumer communication methods. Businesses get a lot of interactions from customers. Some common modern customer support channels are live chat, VoIP, social media, websites, email, etc.

Imagine having in-house employees for each of the channels. How many employees do you think your corporate location will have to accommodate? I'd say a lot. Thus, companies prefer to have virtual customer care outsourcing service.

Remote customer services integrate the company's digital channels where customers interact.

10 Benefits of Hiring Virtual Customer Support Service


Digital Customer Support Service provides individualized experiences for clients, lowering the total acquisition cost. In 2023, you have to focus most on improving your customers' digital experience. Remote customer support services provide significant advantages in terms of the digital customer experience.

1. Cost of Hiring

60% of companies outsource different services to cut costs.

The cost of hiring remote customer services agent is cheaper than hiring in-house employees. You can skip all the parts like job posting, interview sessions, background checks, orientation, training, etc.

A BPO company streamlines the customer service hiring process while keeping expenses low.

Key Takeaway

How Much Does it Take to Hire a Virtual Customer Support Representative?

A regular virtual customer service representative in the United States could cost you between $10 and $25. The cost is cheaper if you outsource to a developing country. For example, the cost of hiring a customer service virtual assistant from ASL BPO starts at only $6.

2. Turnover Rate

Customers prefer to bond with the faces or voices they are familiar with. The turnover rate is a big disadvantage for customer support services.

43% of employees claimed that flexible working hours have helped them achieve more productivity, and 30% of respondents said the reason was less or no commuting time, according to the Gartner 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey. Some other surveys have shown that flexibility reduces employee turnover rates.

Remote customer service enhances employee flexibility, which decreases the turnover rate.

3. Management

Customer service has a wide range of management activities. An effective management system ensures measurable ROI from digital cx. The functions of management involve regular reporting, database management, customer relationship management, and quality assurance.

BPO companies have end-to-end management systems for virtual customer care. They set team leads and QAs to deliver high-end customer experience.

Key takeaway

How to troubleshoot common remote customer service issues?

Troubleshooting is a simple technique. Let’s introduce the steps to troubleshooting common virtual customer care issues.

Step 1: Check KPI metrics to know if your customer service team is underperforming.

Step 2: Understand the issue.

Step 3: Find the root of the issue.

Step 4: Inform your team about the problem.

Step 5: Find a solution

Step 6: Train your team on the solution.

4. Operational Cost

Virtual teams have operational budget benefits. You do not have to count office supply costs, employee benefit allowances, commissions and bonuses, payroll processing costs, etc. The main expense associated with virtual customer care is the hourly wage of the outsourced employees.

The budget you save by lowering operating expenses may later be used to expand your business.

5. Support Channel

Remote customer supports provide omnichannel support. It will allow your clients to communicate with you via any channel they like. For example, some customers prefer emails to communicate, and some prefer social media. If you want to attract clients from various channels, you must also make your support channels open.

Outsourcing is the best option to get omnichannel support at once. Your customer support service team will be centralized

Key Takeaway

What is The Difference Between Omnichannel & multichannel Support?

Omnichannel support has a customer-centric approach to improve their experiences in every way they prefer reaching out.

Multichannel support is more channel-centric. Aiming to cover as many channels as possible.

6. Productivity

doustomer service is the direct link between you and your customers. This is the department that facilitates the maximum productivity of a business. Hiring an experienced agency for your customer support ensures a productive outcome.

And, happy customers promote your business like a shareholders. According to Hubspot, only 42% of businesses can determine client lifetime value.

Key Takeaway:

Tips for Making Your Remote Customer Service More Effective

  • Establish good communication channels

  • Prepare measurable KPIs

  • Continually upgrade strategies

7. Multilingual Support

Your customer support service VA can provide multilingual support depending on the country you outsource from. English is the most commonly preferred language when it comes to customer support. However, your customers get a more personalized experience when they get to communicate in their own language.

Multilingual support will improve your market accessibility. Another thing: whichever country you may outsource to, your customer support service representatives should be fluent in English.

8. Technological Advancement

Customer service technologies are important to stay competitive in this advanced tech era. Chatbots, smart helpdesks, voice recognition, and knowledge base software are some of the common technologies that people use frequently to upgrade their virtual support services.

It almost became a heated debate about whether AI will eventually replace human customer service representatives. We believe that as more technological tools are introduced, more human support is required to make them work effectively. Get a partner who is able to provide human customer support along with advanced technologies.

9. Regular Reporting

In customer support services, regular reporting is important. Particularly for virtual customer service representatives who do not work on-site. Underperforming customer service causes long-term damage to companies.

Also, regular reporting takes time. When you outsource virtual support services to a BPO, the company will appoint managers and QAs to oversee regular reporting.

10. Global Exposure

Outsourcing has brought the world closer. The new world promotes polycentric work cultures in businesses. For example, you can own a company in the United States and have your customer support team outsourced to Bangladesh. It gives your company global exposure without being physically present.

Key Takeaway

How To Get Started with a Virtual Customer Support Service?

Contact ASL BPO to get started with your digital CX.

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