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Property Management Virtual Assistant

Updated: May 26

Your business should remain functional in your absence, even when you’re on vacation or leave due to a personal emergency. Outsourcing a property management virtual assistant service can quickly solve such a scenario.

Suppose we glance at Statista's market insight. In that case, it is clear that the BPO industry occupies a considerable position in the global market and is expected to reach a valuation of $0.39 trillion in 2024.

Knowing this, there is no doubt that the property management industry, a market worth around $24.7 billion, may use BPO services well, especially with virtual assistance.

Property Management: Delegating Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

An ideal property management virtual assistant should supposedly carry out the following responsibilities:

Delegating Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

1) Assisting in Tasks

The PMVA's duties should include supporting the Community Manager in managing the leasing team and training sessions for up-to-the-mark outputs. Additionally, the PMVA should assist Leasing Consultants with apartment leasing while maintaining standard housing guidelines.

2) Managing Tenants

As a property management virtual assistant, your daily tasks will revolve around handling the clients and their cases. This consists of verifying the authenticity and processing potential resident applications, conducting credit checks, updating and sorting lease files regularly, handling rent collection, tracking monthly expenses to generate financial reports, etc.

Moreover, a PMVA may be entrusted with scheduling property viewings, maintaining vendor visits, promptly managing vacancy notices and eviction files, and resolving residents’ queries and complaints.

3) Miscellaneous Responsibilities

Performing market surveys and adjusting pricing each month should be a sacred duty of the recruited PMVA to ensure seamless operations of the property management business. Besides, they must dedicate a chunk of their weekly hours to maximizing property visibility by promoting property listings on various platforms.

Finding the Right PMVA Tailored for Your Business

Finding the Right PMVA Tailored for Your Business

A (PMVA) can provide relentless support, the extent of which varies on a few key points:

Portfolio and Task Intricacies

The expanse of property management companies is a significant determinant in deciding the roles and responsibilities of your hired virtual assistant. 

Considering an experienced PMVA for handling the A to Z of tenants, including ad-hoc tasks, can be advantageous for those with a mentionable portfolio. If the number of clients served is comparatively low, a part-time virtual assistant for property management is an affordable way to start.

Industry Software and Tools

Automated streamlining of property management with advanced software enables maximized efficiency and helps stay ahead in the competitive property market. 

Delegate your property management operational tasks to virtual assistants skilled and equipped with the latest property management software such as Console, AppFolio, Buildium, Rent Manager, RentMaster, ManageGo, etc.

Communication Skills

Since your property managers will be working remotely and assisting your clients, they should be adept at concisely and comprehensively conveying accurate information. Besides, written skills are highly commendable for client database management.

Hiring a Property Management Virtual Assistant

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A remote property manager oversees several tasks to maintain a seamless flow of day-to-day operations. With their hands full daily, their recruitment must be done efficiently to find the best-suited candidate.

When doing so, make sure that the virtual assistant companies maintain the highest corporate standards:

Have an incredible track record with a distinct portfolio of clients

Are easily scalable to meet your fluctuating demands in each business season

Each virtual assistant for property management should be self-motivated and punctual, proficient in English communication and management software, and have a keen eye for detail. They should also be adept in project management, bookkeeping, customer support, and technical tasks.

The hourly cost of hiring a virtual assistant should be feasible enough to grow your business.

A free trial should be available for you to guarantee the best remote property management services.

Learn how to hire a virtual assistant in more significant detail to make a well-informed decision for better outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a property management virtual assistant do for me?

Depending on the business model and requirements, a property management virtual assistant can provide several benefits: bookkeeping, managing schedules, handling cases of existing tenants and prospective clients, offering support to the community manager, and others.

How much does a property management virtual assistant cost?

What are the benefits of using a property management virtual assistant?

How do I find a qualified property management virtual assistant (PMVA)?

What qualities should I look for in a property management virtual assistant?

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