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Is Squarespace Good for SEO | Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Updated: Mar 16

Today’s online world demands drag-and-drop website builders like Squarespace which raises the question “Is Squarespace good for SEO?” The answer is simple Squarespace is a wonderful platform for SEO considering the built-in features, ease of use, and automatic functionalities like sitemaps and URLs.

This all-in-one platform works like a friendly dragon for aspiring entrepreneurs, however, to consider the significant benefits we need to dig deeper.

This blog will certainly clear the air around the pros and cons of Squarespace SEO, enabling you to decide for yourself if you should consider this platform as your ride-or-die soldier for website development.

Is Squarespace Good for SEO?

Every platform has advantages and disadvantages. In all transparency, there are certain negatives to using Squarespace as it lacks pure versatility and fine controls like WordPress, however, before you run away, you also should check this out:

Pros of Squarespace

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution, that combines hosting, content management, and domain registration in a seamless package. Now let’s look at some advantages the platform has over search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Unbreakable Foundation

Squarespace websites are much like knights that are always prepared to fight. These websites are not only smooth to run but they also have SSL certificates integrated right into the design. Moreover, Squarespace mobile SEO ensures mobile responsiveness which is a crucial SEO ranking factor.

2. Built-in Bonuses

If you already didn’t know, in the game of SEO, even the smallest of the small optimization counts and that is where Squarespace leaves other platforms behind by ensuring built-in user-friendly features that include- image alt text, clean URLs, and custom meta descriptions.

3. No Coding Knowledge Required

Thanks to the intuitive UI of Squarespace despite having to be a tech wizard with all the knowledge of coding, you could get your job done. You can not only edit header tags but also do photo optimization. It’s almost like using a magic potion that helps you to explore the SEO choices just by one tap on the “Settings” tab!

4. Automated Benefits

What makes Squarespace good for SEO is how you can automatically generate sitemaps that will keep you so much ahead of your time. Search engines will be the greatest friends to your website and like a helpful fairy dusting her magic wand all your sitemaps will be submitted automatically.

Cons of Squarespace

The platform comes with a few drawbacks that users should consider. One notable limitation is the relatively higher cost compared to some competitors.

1.Limited Control

Squarespace doesn’t allow its users to get access to the website’s code hence you cannot expect to make use of SEO strategies like schema markup. This platform's hindrance in code access might be a barrier to incorporating advanced SEO strategies like Cloud Stacking SEO which you should know more about if you want to turn up your SEO game.

2. Unexpected Expenses

SEO is a continual exercise. Even if you are using platforms like Squarespace, you may need to keep upgrading to more premium plans in the long run. Additional content marketing and stronger analytics will require you to bear unexpected expenditures. Make sure that the package you consider fits not only your SEO plans but also your budget.

Is Squarespace Good for B2B SEO?

The attractive designs and ease of use of certain features make Squarespace a considerable choice for many B2B companies. Here’s why it’s a gem for B2Bs. 

  1. Mobile-First Focus: B2B practitioners will benefit from Squarespace’s built-in responsiveness as it fuels their need to always stand out no matter where they are browsing. 

  2. Champion of Content: It is essential to show expertise in content to mark a great B2B presence. You can easily create compelling articles and encourage case studies with ease by using the blog page options of Squarespace. 

  3. Expert Polish: Squarespace has various interesting and advanced themes that can help you establish a profound online presence to create your own business-to-business(B2B) brand.  

Scaling the strengths and weaknesses, the decision lies on what you as a B2B marketing enthusiast prioritize more and if the pros seem eloquent enough to ignore the cons.

Squarespace SEO Best Practices

While Squarespace may not be the ultimate magic wand for SEO, the practicality and user-friendliness of this platform can enable you to dominate your search engine rankings. We’ve listed a few best practices for Squarespace SEO.

1. Investigating Keywords Like a Squarespace Sherlock

Stop chasing the highest-ranking keywords. Instead, try to find relevant keywords that people look for.  You can use Google Keyword Planner and consider customer intent at the top of your list rather than just volume. Always remember that Google prioritizes readability and quality so include keywords in titles and meta descriptions. 

2. Prioritizing content over anything

Maintain the buzz of your blog like a Squarespace beehive and remember that consistent quality content is what draws readers. Try putting forward interesting information with hints of creative and fun word choices rather than just playing with old content. Give up the filler and mostly focus on educative content that clarifies issues while providing entertainment and quenching the thirst for queries.

3. Release the Speed Demon of Squarespace

Despite Squarespace websites being naturally responsive to Mobile phones, you can guarantee extraordinarily speedy loading time of your website by double-checking your images and proofreading your content. Consider using either third-party plugins or even the built-in features of Squarespace to keep the loading time significantly brief without compromising the quality of the content.

4. Always Seek Professional Advice

There is no denying that Squarespace offers a hefty foundation, but to crack the ultimate SEO code, you have to consider seeking professional guidelines. SEO professionals can better your understanding of how to use Squarespace effectively for creating effective ads and eventually taking control of the internet market.

Remember that hiring a consultant can boost your SEO performance and get your Squarespace website to reach the top of search results. 

Bonus Tip: Use Squarespace's integrated AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) feature to accelerate your website's mobile speed. This will also ensure the maintenance of Google's good graces.

End Note

The intuitive platform and integrated features of Squarespace work as a strong toolkit to delve into the SEO treasure trove. It is true that this platform indeed is not the ultimate SEO master key but it surely can provide a headstart. For a comprehensive understanding of how to ensure SEO success consider partnering with an SEO service provider like ours.

Squarespace can easily boost your confidence as a beginner with no coding knowledge but as a creative individual with content to produce. On your journey to SEO expertise, let Squarespace work as a ladder to success rather than a barrier.

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