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Insurance Back Office Management Services

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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Insurance is a highly systematized industry with many possibilities. Most of the tasks at insurance companies are handled by the back office. Everyone involved in the insurance industry, including brokers, carriers, and insurance agents, must go through a variety of back-office procedures in order to optimize efficiency and simplify operations.

Insurance back office management services provide diverse benefits for the industry to operate more efficiently.

When you outsource insurance back office management services, you can save up to 60% on operating costs, automate workflow and fasten deliverables.

Back Office insurance carrier services

Insurance back office management services can benefit both parties—insurance carriers and insurance distributor agencies. A company that sells insurance contract services is called an insurance carrier. One insurance carrier may offer different types of insurance. Once insurance is claimed, the carrier approves the rest of the process, from reviewing to approving. Back office services assist insurance carriers in completing all processes efficiently.

  • Licensing & Contracting

  • Damage processing

  • Billing and preparing receivables

  • Commissions Management

  • Data Processing

  • Claims Management

  • Policy Processing

  • Mail Processing

  • Business process management for insurance

  • Policy validation

  • Underwriting

Insurance Distributor Agencies

Commercial insurance companies appoint agents and brokers to sell their services. The brokers are licensed professionals who assure carriers and personnel who wish to get insurance.

  • Insurance claim management

  • Case Management Services

  • Managing CRM

  • IT Data Processing

  • Mail Processing

  • Insurance Appointment Setting

Defining Common Back Office Roles for an Insurance Company

Insurance Agent

A person who sells insurance as a third party or broker is called an insurance agent.


An underwriter is the person who justifies whether a person or object should be insured or not.

Claim Process Representative

In the claim process, representatives help insurance holders get compensated for damage that was insured.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives interact with customers, answer queries, handle complaints, and perform other customer-facing tasks as required.

Policy Administrator

Insurance policy administration is record management software that includes functions like binding, quoting, endorsements, etc. The policy administrator helps run the software.

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Back Office Management Services

When you try to focus on core competencies, you probably leave a number of tasks behind. Outsourcing provides many game-changing opportunities for insurance companies. It lets you prepare your insurance company’s foundation for growth by streamlining tasks for future expansion.

Some benefits of outsourcing insurance back office management services are,

Employee Benefits

You do not have to count on the number of employee benefits when you outsource back-office management services. It will reduce your employment budget. Also, you will save on the cost of office utilities.

Skilled Professionals

Business process outsourcing provider companies train each of their executives before delegating their clients’ tasks. Thus, you will get access to skilled professionals who master insurance knowledge.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Outsourcing insurance back office support expedites data and claims processing. It improves your client satisfaction. Customers become more loyal to your insurance company when they get urgent responses.

Compliance and Security

Insurance companies handle loads of client data. Companies with such vast databases often face the risk of data breaches. Outsourcing companies assure compliance and data security against such infringement.

Challenges Faced by Insurance Companies in Managing Their Back Offices

Insurance companies in the United States largely outsource from non-US-based offshore providers. Besides the benefit, companies face some challenges as well.

Communication Issues

In order for the business and the outsourcing provider to work together effectively, communication is essential. The issue arises since all communication takes place online. Language barriers also hinder communication.

Quality Control

Sometimes the quality of work diminishes when you appoint a third party to handle the tasks. Insurance companies must impose quality control procedures that guarantee quality standards before signing an outsourcing contract.


The digital-first experience takes any business to the e next level. Outsourcing insurance back office services modernize traditional monotonous work processes. ASL BPO offers insurance back office administration services to assist you in developing sustainable customer relationships that can withstand challenging market situations.

Get your 7-day free trial to check the capabilities of the experienced team handling your insurance back office.


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