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How to Create a Seamless Customer Experience Digitally

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The impact of digital innovation has spread far beyond Silicon Valley, impacting all aspects of businesses globally. In an age where technology has transformed traditional marketplaces into digital platforms, cutting-edge CX implementation is no longer optional. All businesses are under the pressure of digital competition. To win the the game, you must know how to create a seamless customer experience.

"No longer will people accept viral marketing. What consumers are expecting — and craving — is a more personalized, curated experience.", said Penny Wilson, chief marketing officer of Hootsuite.

Customers matter the most. An exceptional customer experience is hard to achieve without digital transformation. The more digital channels there are, the more opportunities there are for customers to connect with a business.

So, have you transformed your digital customer experience yet?

What is Digital CX?

The initial definition of digital customer experience ( Digital CX) refers to the online interaction between your customer and your company. Your customers can connect with your brand in many ways—for example, through live chat, social media, email, webinars, etc.

The trend is now not limited to communication methods. It is also about how you portray your brand image online, reach potential customers and engage them accordingly.

Customers always prefer seamless connections with their favorite brands. Building the right customer experience strategy for your customers helps to build long-term brand loyalty.

The Difference Between CX and Digital Cx

The Difference Between CX and Digital Cx

CX is the overall customer experience, for example, when a customer has to get a product or service and she/he comes to contact you through physical navigation or online media to get that service, the entire process involves CX.

Digital CX is when a customer reaches a brand through online platforms and provides feedback as well.

Why Do You Need Digital CX?

Before getting into how to create a seamless customer experience , you should know why digital customer experience is important for your business. Here we will talk about three core benefits:

1. Provide easy access to your customer

No matter what your customers require from your brand, you should make it easily accessible to them. Your customers can reach your brand in a few clicks if you have digital CX in order. They have multiple channels of communication from multiple platforms and devices.

For example, your customer made a purchase from your store. Now she/he wants to get that same product, but it is difficult for him/her to reach your store physically. Digital CX brings you tools where customers have many options to order the same product online.

2. Turn your customers into your promoters

Many companies invest a lot of time and focus on getting sales. The after-sale experience of a customer is also important if you wish your customers to come back.

Your brand's digital activities can turn your customers into your biggest promoters. Make your customers feel heard and appreciated with the help of digital CX. You can make them engage with your digital content like Facebook posts, blog articles, and relevant videos.

When you have any offer or promotion, the best way to spread it among your customers is through digital CX. Customers promote the brand they have the best experience with. You've got to stand out from the competitors.

3. Better Consumer Insight

"Know your customers" is another market strategy that digital CX can help you improve. You can give them their expected services only when you know their preferences.

However, it takes a lot of research to come to a conclusion about someone’s preferences. Track your customer's real-time behavior to know what they expect from your brand.

For example,

  • What are your customers looking for on our site?

  • Did they find the product/service easily?

  • Are your customers satisfied with your product or service?

  • What is the location of your largest customers?

All these answers come to you automatically when you have digital CX. Target marketing becomes a lot more straightforward then.

Step-by-step Process to Implement Digital CX

Step 1

First, you have to do some research about your current customer’s touchpoint. Try to learn their preferences. When you research your customers, you will get to know a lot of details: what problems the customers face, how they expect their services to be improved, and what type of communication they prefer.

Step 2

Secondly, you need a tech-savvy team to get along with front-line digital CX implementation. Maybe your customers will not be familiar with the new technology. They will reach out to your employees. If your employees are not familiar with CX technologies, they will not be able to assist with the queries.

Thus, you have to create a robust group of people who are willing to learn and adapt to the changes.

Step-by-step Process to Implement Digital CX

Step 3

Next, the most important part is to select the right tools for your digital CX. For example, if you wish to capture customer data through automated platforms, you might want to integrate a smart CRM platform.

The market is full of customer experience tools as people are widely using software-as-a-service. We will provide examples of a few more tools, like

  • Customer feedback management

  • Live chat support

  • A Smart Helpdesk

  • Marketing automation

Step 4

Lastly, once you are equipped with all the necessary tools that you require, you have to train your employees to use those tools successfully.

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with ASL BPO

The increasing demand to offer the best customer service makes it remarkably competitive. If you are about to introduce Digital CX to your business, hiring a professional service provider is the best option. A business service provider has more experience in making sure your brand and your customers feel appreciated all the time through digital tools. There are many advantages to hiring a BPO for digital CX,

  • Cost of tools: Digital Cx enablement software and tools are frequently costly. Many companies wish to stay traditional since they can not afford to invest in the technologies required. When you get digital CX support from a BPO, the company will provide you with the tools. It will save you money.

  • Manpower: A BPO company takes care of the whole campaign. You do not have to hire new employees for your digital CX. It will save you both the costs of hiring and training new employees. Besides, the BPO will bring an expert team on board who are already experienced.

  • 24/7 Support: Customers do not like to be time-constrained. They should be able to reach you at anytime, anywhere. BPO companies have multilingual employees who are available for round-the-clock services. Your client will get uninterrupted customer service.

  • Omnichannel support: You can find multichannel services at one stop if you hire a BPO company for digital CX.

You can eliminate all four steps of implementing digital CX if you simply hire a BPO.

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