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Complete Guide to Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Updated: May 14, 2023

Every business must be able to streamline their processes to meet the demands of a dynamic and fast-paced environment. According to research, error-free data entry is one of the business activities that can identify an organization's overall successful performance. On the other hand, some slight mistakes can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation. Companies that use data to guide their decisions serve better than those that make decisions based solely on intuition.

For example, let’s look at the most famous example of data-driven management- Google, whose founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created an entire corporate philosophy based on data. We all know how Google has shown us that an organization can become more innovative, responsive to customer needs, and agile by implementing a data culture.

Data may have hundreds of hostile benefits. However, hiring a full-time employee for the sake of data entry purposes only seems expensive. Outsourcing is an effective way to systematize data entry projects within your budget.

Table of Contents

1) Types of Data Entry Services

​​For almost all businesses worldwide, data entry is a menial, but very crucial part of their back-end operations. Whichever industry this may be in, whether, in real estate businesses, insurance companies, healthcare centers, or Product manufacturers and sellers, all businesses need some form of data entry to be done for various reasons.

Data entry is itself a broad term, as it comprises a wide array of tasks performed in different business operations. The major types of Data Entry services that can be outsourced are:

1) List Building Services 2) Document Conversion 3) Product and Catalog Entry

7) Data Scrapping 8) Bulk Bill/Order Processing 9) Copy & Paste Work

10) Document Management 11) Various Form Processing 12) Order Entry & Processing

13) Data Cleansing 14) Data Capture 15) Image Indexing

16) Data Extraction 17) Offline Data Entry 18) CRM Data Management

19) Catalog Management 20) E-Book Conversion 21) Real State Data Entry

22) Insurance Claim Data Entry 23) Legal Documents Data Entry 24) Handwritten Data Entry

25) Mailing List Compilation 26) Accounting Data Entry 27) Receipt/Invoice Indexing

28) Healthcare & Medical Data Entry Services

As you can see, most of these tasks are of a menial, tedious and repetitive nature. Deciding to invest resources in-house for these tasks can be costly and a loss for the business,

because not only do your in-house employee have to be paid higher than what you would otherwise pay to an outsourcing company but also because there may not be any inherent QC system in place in your business to check for errors of such tasks, making the result you get costlier and more error-prone. That's why, it is for the greater​​ benefit of any business that these tedious tasks are outsourced to a data entry service provider like us ( ASL BPO ) that specializes in providing these types of services, in order to reduce the business overhead costs while receiving high-quality end work. This is one of the many reasons why the demand to outsource ​​data entry services is increasing worldwide. ​​

2) How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner For Your Data Entry Needs

So one dilemma when looking to hire a data entry company is that if you search on google, you will find many data entry service providers, so you might of course ponder who to hire. One method to get an easy solution to this is to ask yourself the following questions for the potential candidates whom you found from the preliminary search:

1) Does the data entry company provide the exact service I am looking for?

2) How trustworthy do they seem in terms of completing my project accurately?

3) Do they have a quality control department that will double-check before handing me over the work?

4) What is my budget for the project and which data entry companies seem to be the best within that budget?

5) Do I have a location preference? Like would I prefer to possibly outsource my work to Bangladesh instead of India as it's comparatively cheaper?

6) How stringent is their security to protect my data?

After you have done your primary research and selected a few potential outsourcing companies, discuss with them in detail your needs and see how they will provide you with the solution. After detailed discussion and thorough thinking choose the one that you think will best suit what you are looking for.

3) Some Concerns You May Have (And How To Address Them)

Many businesses are a bit reluctant at first to outsource offshore. Because you are hiring an entity that you are not physically overseeing, you might be pensive about their data security and their ability to do the work correctly in a timely manner.

The best way to address these issues is to always research thoroughly the potential companies on your list for hire and to discuss your concerns with them in detail. An outsourcing firm that is committed to providing its client outstanding service, will acknowledge your concerns and give you a detailed explanation on how they will be solving them in a straightforward manner.


4) Advantages Of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

The benefits of outsourcing these types of data entry services include:

  • Guaranteed Cost Reduction: Because you are hiring an offshore company that specializes in a data entry service, your operational costs will decrease by 30-60%.

  • High-Quality End Result: Because you are hiring experts in the field, it will ensure you that the service you need will be error-free and accurate.

  • Timely Delivery of Service: All expert data entry companies will ensure that you receive the results within the deadline.

  • Reduction in document storage costs because you will be investing less in infrastructure development for these tasks in-house.

  • Reduction in Time Spent on Hiring and Training: Save thousands of man-hours by delegating the tasks to specialized people and avoid having to train them yourself.

  • One-Stop Solutions: Most Data Entry companies provide a large array of services of this category and therefore you can simply hire a reputed company and have all your data entry needs to be taken care of.

  • 24/7 Service: Most BPO Data Entry companies will provide their services 24/7 so you can always have them work at your preferred time.

  • Scale-ability and Flexibility: Most Data Entry Outsourcing companies have the ability to scale up or down their operations depending upon your need. This means you don't have to worry about hiring and downscaling yourself and if will be the responsibility of your outsourcing partner

5) Comparative Analysis of Outsourcing Data Entry Services in India and Philippines vs Bangladesh

Top 10 Countries to Outsource in 2020 as reported by Payoneer in a report
Top 10 Countries to Outsource in 2020

India and the Philippines along with China are the more known hubs for outsourcing companies. Whenever you are looking to outsource, you might be thinking about hiring a BPO firm from these countries right off the bat.

However, hiring a data entry company from India or the Philippines might not always be the most beneficial for your business in comparison to hiring one from alternative hubs such as an outsourcing firm from Bangladesh.

Here is a comparative analysis as to why Bangladesh might work better for your outsourcing needs:

  • Among the Top 10 Freelancing Sites: Bangladesh had been for years among the top sites to hire outsourcing firms and freelancers. Although, the annual revenue growth of the outsourcing industry overall has been more in India and the Philippines, consider that Bangladesh, being relatively new in this industry leads only slightly behind these two giants

  • Exponential Growth of the Industry: Since 2005, Bangladesh has been seeing exponential growth year over year in its relative infant outsourcing industry. This is because more clients are becoming increasingly satisfied with hiring BPO companies from Bangladesh

  • Advantages of hiring startups: Bangladesh is filled with start-up outsourcing firms that are eager to satisfy their clients in order to grow. This means they often give a more personal touch when taking care of the clients and their concerns, something that is often seen absent in large corporate BPO firms in India and the Philippines.

  • Low Cost: Costs of data entry services in Bangladesh are comparatively lower than those of India, China, and the Philippines.

6) Best Data Entry Service Companies in Bangladesh

If you are interested to outsource your data entry needs to Bangladesh, some of the BPO firms that you may want to hire are:

Masud Rana - Back Office Executive in ASL BPO
Masud Rana - Back Office Executive in ASL BPO

ASL BPO is an offshore data entry service company that provides its services to businesses from the USA, France, UK, and China, who hire ASL for their data entry needs. Our expertise in handling data entry services includes tasks for real estate companies, Insurance companies, Healthcare and Medical facilities, eCommerce businesses, wholesale appliance sellers, and much more!

Miko - CEO and Founder of Quantanite
Miko - CEO and Founder of Quantanite

Formerly Taskeater, Quantanite primarily serves countries in Europe as well as South Africa. They provide a number of data labeling & annotation services along with other services to foreign businesses and are one of the top BPO firms in Bangladesh. Through their staffing solutions in Bangladesh, they provide offshore data entry services to their clients.

My Outsourcing LTD
My Outsourcing LTD

My Outsourcing LTD is a leading outsourcing center that has the most experience working with MNC and FMCG companies. They provide Data Management solutions and specialize in offline data entry services, data entry of logistics, copy paste data entry, and another web-related data entry services.

ServiceEngine BPO
ServiceEngine BPO

SEBPO specializes in Digital Marketing and Data Solutions. The company provides affordable data entry services in areas such as Amazon, eBay, and Magneto product data entry, banking data entry services, database management, and other similar services at competitive prices.

Data Path Ltd. is a private limited Outsourcing company that was founded in 2008. A large part of their specialization is in bookkeeping and QuickBooks-related data entry services.


Let our experts take care of your valuable data, organize them and convert them into results-based outcomes. We employ professionals who are obsessed with data accuracy.

With years of experience, ASL BPO is the most client preferred data outsourcing provider company in Bangladesh. You can outsource a portion of your data entry project to us even before you sign the contract as part of our 7-days trial service.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

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