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Front Office vs Back Office : Who to Outsource?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023


Back Office Support: Definition

Back office support is the field of a company that centralizes the processes of the businesses involved and facilitates front office operations without being directly involved with customer services. Traditional back-office support services focused primarily on administrative tasks.

Nowadays, businesses are more concerned about how the back office can impact the operational activities of the front office. Back office functions are thus planned peer-to-peer to avoid unwelcome service interruptions.

Back Office Support: Functions

The back office support involves unlimited functional activities. We’ve divided the functions into three segments. Each segment includes some core functions of the back office for various businesses.


How Back Office Functions Support Front Office

Back-office support helps to systematize, streamline and monitor front-office operations. Each of these functions eventually benefits the tasks of the front office.

Systematizing Front Office Support desks

The back office systematizes front office operations. For example, the front office needs additional technical facilities like toll-free numbers, chat, VOIP, security monitoring, smart devices, and many other tech supports. The back office works to accumulate the facilities and put them into action through the front office. Thus, the front office is able to provide seamless support. If something is required, they always contact back office executives.

Streamlining Front Office operations

The back office wires the communication between the front office and other departments. For example, a customer has an inquiry that requires feedback from the legal department. The front office is often too busy with tasks to leave the desk. The back office streamlines this peer-to-peer communication channel for them.

Monitoring The Front Office and Taking Actions

It is necessary to always check the progress of your front office. The back office conducts audits and monitors the front office's performance in customer support. They indirectly ensure that the customers are served adequately. They act quickly on Accountingcomplaints, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction.

Front Office vs Back Office

Unlike back office support, the front office mainly interacts with the customers directly through various media. Both of these departments are critical to providing an excellent client experience. Some distinguishing features are explained below.

Back office support

Front office support


Management Finance and accounting Human resources IT enabled skills Compliance ERP and reporting skills

​Communication Marketing Sales Public relations Negotiation skills


Front office support functions

Customer-facing functions

​Decision making

​High priority in problem solving and decision making aspect

​Basic priority in decision making


Communicates with internal department

Communicates with customers directly

Back Office Outsourcing

Back-office support is an important part of any business. Some businesses prepare by keeping their back office inbound, and some outsource back office services. Businesses frequently face resource and budget constraints when implementing back offices. Outsourcing helps overcome back-office barriers.

The business process outsourcing market is estimated to reach USD 512.4 billion by 2030, at an 8.9% CAGR, according to GLOBE NEWSWIRE (2022).

The outsourcing industry has dynamic growth potential because most companies have benefited from outsourcing. However, there are minor disadvantages too.

The Pros of Outsourcing Back Office Support

  • The cost of back-office outsourcing is lower than having a dedicated on-site team. It will also reduce the overhead cost of office utilities.

  • The support of the back office is required 24 hours a day. Outsourcing enables round-the-clock back-office services for businesses.

  • You may focus on making more vital decisions, leaving the secondary responsibilities to your outsourcing partner.

  • Master your operations with the help of experts and outsourced assistants.

  • Get access to advanced technologies.

The Cons of Outsourcing Back Office Support

  • You may lose control of your back office if your outsourcing partner is not flexible.

  • Data security is another con of outsourcing. However, you do not have to worry about data security if you outsource to a well-established BPO.

Front Office Outsourcing


People also describe front office outsourcing as customer service outsourcing. It means letting a third party handle your customer services. The main reason companies choose to outsource the front office is to find efficient manpower that meet their expectations.

The Pros of Outsourcing Front Office Support

  • Outsourcing enables you to employ multilingual support for customer services.

  • When you outsource front office, you get omnichannel support ensuring customers get their expected assistance

  • You can receive periodic reports on the quality of service delivered.

  • Get access to latest technologies

The Cons of Outsourcing Front Office

  • If your front-office executives do not have ample experience, they might fail to satisfy the customers.

End Note

Front office vs back office is a common dilemma when you have to decide who to outsource. I hope this article helps you to come to conclusion sooner. Also, you have to be very selective in choosing the provider of your back-office support. At ASL BPO, we have a 7-days free trial for our back-office support service. Contact us to get a free quote.


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